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Lesbian sweet meat  

2Minions 62M/59F  
8 posts
10/3/2021 11:17 am
Lesbian sweet meat

Since Becky, Jan, and I had our first "menage a trois" my wife has been insatiable. She can't get enough of eating or having her pussy eaten. She still loves cock as much as ever but she's a card carrying bisexual. To review from my first story Fucking Lesbians, my wife, Jan, and her lesbian friend Becky were tricked by me into a lesbian relationship. Now we routinely get together for some fuck and suck. It usually culminates with me filling up Becky's lesbian cunt with my cum while she eats out my wife. Becky is getting to the point were she enjoys getting fucked but I can tell she loves pussy even more. With Jan going crazy over woman now I told her I didn't want her fucking them without me being present. She promised and the three of us were all set to go out one weekend when I got called into the office to take care of some problem that had popped up. Becky was already at my house and I told them it would only take an hour or so. As I left Jan asked me to call them when I finished to let them know when to be ready. I didn't think much about it at the time. It took a little longer than I thought and I forgot to call as I rushed home. I arrived and slipped into the side door. When I approached our bedroom I heard the sounds of unfulfilled lust. Peeking through the door I saw my wife on all fours being fucked doggie by Becky who was wearing a strap on. Jan's hands were tied and connected to the headboard. My wife has a small fetish about being restrained. Once she is, she's complainant with anything you want to do to her. She really gets off to it. I heard Becky yell to her, "You little slut, you love getting fuck by cock, don't you?" "Yes, yes, I love it when you fuck me." she responded. "But you love eating my pussy too, don't you?" Becky asked her. "Yes, yes, I love your sweet pussy too." my wife screamed. Becky was pounding her pretty hard and seemed to be enjoying the position of control she had over Jan. I soon heard my wife moaning louder and knew that she was going to cum. "That's it cum,you little ." Becky yelled. She never used that type of language with my wife when I was around but now Jan was her fuck doll and she slammed her backside all the harder. "Aaahhh!" Jan wailed as she pushed her ass back against Becky as she came. She fell to the mattress as Becky pulled that huge wet dildo out of her cunt. I stepped away from the door and called my wife's cell. I heard Becky say,"Answer it, it could be Jim." I told Jan that I was finishing up and would probably be back home in about 20 minutes and hung up. I heard her tell Becky when I'd be back and as I peered back into the room I saw her taking off the strap on and saying, "Good, that's enough time for you to take care of me." She turned my wife on her back and crawled on top to straddle her face. She ground her cunt into my wife's mouth and said, "Eat me good." After Jan had lathered her cunt up for a few minutes Becky then grabbed the hair on the top of my wife's head and pulled her hard against her cunt. She was riding my wife's face cowboy and squeezing her own erect nipples with her free hand. "I'm close, suck me." she ordered. She was ready to climax and she started humping my wife's face and grunting louder, "Aaahhh, eat me, aahhh, make me cum." She then used both hands to hold my wife's mouth in place and then, "Uuuuggghhh!" Her cunt convulsed against Jan's mouth as she came. She finally finished and rolled off. I went back outside and reentered at the appointed time. The girls were innocently sitting in the living room and we went out with out further ado. My cock was hard for nearly the entire night and it ended with me pouring hot seed into Becky's cunt while she ate out my wife. The next morning Becky had to be somewhere early so I accompanied her to the door. She had her overnight bag which I knew had the strap on that she used to fuck my wife inside of it. I asked her if she ever used a strap on with other woman. She gave me a curious look and she told me hesitantly, "Sometimes." I nonchalantly told her I thought that Jan might like it and asked her if next time she could bring one with her. She said she would. I also asked her if she had other lesbian friends. I explained how Jan seemed to be interested in an all girl party. I told her that I would only participate to the point that the girls would want me to. She really liked that idea and told me she would try to arrange it. She kissed me goodbye and left. I returned to the room pulled some lube from the drawer and laid down next to my sleeping wife. I kissed on her neck and started fingering her wet cunt. She soon woke up and started purring and I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her. She spread her legs wide and pushed me down there. While I was eating her I asked her if she had ever fooled around with Becky when I wasn't there. She paused for a second and said no. I asked her again if she had ever been fucked by Becky when I was not around and again she denied it. I then flipped her on her back and told her that I had watched Becky fuck her with a strap on last night when I had arrived home early. She began to tell me that Becky had forced her after tying her up. She told me she couldn't do anything about it. I held her hands behind her back and spread lube on her ass. I told her I suppose you didn't enjoy the fucking that Becky had given her last night. Again she came back with the lame excuse that there wasn't anything she could do. "Well I'm going to fuck you just like Becky did except up your ass." I informed her. "Please baby please. " she protested. One of my hands held both her wrists down on her back and I rubbed my 8 1/2 inch thick cock against her asshole. I pressed my cock's head against her tightest whole and shoved it in. "Aarrgghh!" she gasped. I didn't give her anytime to adjust and kept inching my thick cock into her butt. "Please! I won't do it again," she cried. When I had almost all of it in I pulled back out and started pumping her tight ass with smooth regular strokes. I told her what a lying lesbian she was and that she couldn't stay away from pussy. I told her I bet she could eat 3 or 4 girls at one time and I told her that I had asked Becky to arranged an all girl lesbian fuck fest. I could feel how excited her body was getting and could tell she was getting hot just thinking about it and she asked me to release one of her hands. She immediately started frigging herself. I could feel her finger fucking herself through the thin membrane separating her cunt and ass. I told her that I wanted to watch her eat new lesbian pussy and she started moaning. I told her again that she could only fuck them in front of me. As I fucked her ass I said, "You ARE going to bring lesbians home and I'm going to fuck them as they eat your sweet pussy." "Yes, yes." she moaned. "You just can't get enough of women eating your cunt can you?" I told her. "No, I can't. I love eating pussy but I love getting fucked by cock too." she yelled. She was close as she fucked herself faster. She was getting off to the idea of fucking new lesbians and she came hard. I felt her sphincter spasm around the base of my shaft as she climaxed, " Aaaaahhhhh!" That set me off too and I fired off my first stream of man goo. "Milk me with your ass, squeeze my cock," I screamed as I flooded her ass with semen. I felt a feeble attempted of her ass ring clamping down on my thick cock but it was enough as I continued to pump cum into my wife's butt. When we both finished cumming I left my cock embedded in her ass and pulled her on her side. I asked her what she thought about bringing other lesbian/bisexual woman home for both of us to fuck. She squeezed my cock with her sphincter and told me she liked the idea. Between her and Becky I was sure I was going to be getting into some new lesbian pussy very soon.

That weekend Becky was going to take Jan to the lesbian club downtown. No men allowed and my wife was so excited. She had purchased a new red thong to go with her new outfit. I call the dress she got a Latino pull up. It's one of those strapless dresses that are held up by ones' tits and are only mid thigh long. They're great for pulling up or down for some quick exposure. About 1:00 Becky calls me up saying Jan's had to much to drink and I needed to pick her up. She met me out front and was holding Jan up. After she put her in the front seat and apologized for letting her get so drunk she shut the door. As I circled back around I saw a strikingly tall blonde walking next to Becky with her hand on her ass. Becky and Jan are both about 5'5" but this girl had to be all of 5'10". She was wearing high heels and it made her long legs look extremely hot. I so wanted to see how her long legs connected to her naked ass. Her blonde hair was cut short and she resembled Bridget Nielsen. I was pissed at the missed opportunity. On the way home Jan had slumped down in her seat. Her legs were spread open and her skirt had hiked itself up to around her pussy and it didn't look like she had her thong on. I reached over and I was right, she wasn't wearing anything. I slipped my middle finger into her cunt and she was really wet, just fucked wet. She went straight to the bathroom to pee as soon as she got home and when she came out she fell onto the bed. I asked her if she was OK and what happened at the club. She told me that Becky's friend had been buying shots all night and she had just had too many. I then asked her if anything else happened at the club and she told me not really. Then I asked her, "So where is your thong?" She glanced around the room and lied to me again as she said she took them off as she just finished peeing. I told her she was lying and shoved two fingers into her slick wet cunt. I told that they weren't on when she got into the car and her pussy felt just fucked slick. She broke down and then begged me to understand there wasn't anything she could do. I calmed her down and told her to tell me everything that happened. This is what she told me in her own words.

We met Becky's friend at the club, her name was Brit. Between our regular drinks Brit would buy rounds of Patron from time to time. We all danced together. As the night progressed Brit would wrap her legs around my thigh and grind very seductively on the dance floor. Brit was very aggressive. She wasn't wearing any panties and soon my thigh was covered with her juices. We ended up in the restroom. These restrooms had sort of a parlor inside them with sofas and such. The driving beat of the music was loud even in here and the three of us set down on one of the sofas. My head was swimming from all the alcohol and the temperature seemed very warm inside the restroom. Becky and Brit started kissing my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. I looked around and there was other women making out on the other sofas. Brit put her hand underneath my dress and started rubbing my pussy. I was starting to give into the pleasure when I told them I couldn't. I told them that I couldn't unless my husband was present. I broke away and stood up and went into a stall to pee. The stalls were roomier than normal and the commodes were like the ones at the airport. They didn't have tops on them and the sides of the stalls were stainless steel. When I finished I opened the door and there stood Becky and Brit. Their eyes looked like those of wild animals and they pushed me back into the stall. Brit pushed me up against the side wall and kissed me deeply. I heard the latch being locked and then Becky came over and pulled my top down and start sucking on my nipples. I was melting from the attentions they both were giving me. Brit squatted down in front of me and pulled my thong down to my ankles. She hiked up my dress and started kissing all around my vaginal area. She eventually plunged her tongue into my pussy and I let out a little squeal. Her tongue probed deep into my cunt and Brit started humming as she ate me. "I told you her pussy was sweet," Becky said to her. "Very sweet," Brit replied. Brit began to suck on my clit as Becky continue sucking my tits. Above us, the beat of the music filled the air and the stainless steel felt cool on my backside. The atmosphere was intoxicating and soon I heard someone wailing in the background and I realized it was me. "Look at her go, she loves it," I heard Becky tell Brit. My juices were flowing freely as Brit's expert tongue darted into and around my pussy. She was driving me wild and soon I was filled with desire. My pussy was on fire and I soon came like never before. I wailed like a banshee, "Aaaaaahhhhhh!" My knees buckled and I slumped down against the stall as wave after wave of bliss washed over my body. I don't know how long it was until I came to my senses but I saw Brit kissing Becky up against the back wall of the stall. Becky had her back to the wall and both of them had their fingers in the others' pussy. I stood up and embraced Brit from behind and squeezed her soft but firm breasts. Brit turned her head to me and we Frenched kissed deeply and she told me to eat her. I looked into Becky's sex crazed eyes and she also told me to eat Brit. I squatted down behind her as she shoved her butt out for better access. I spread her ass cheeks apart and stuck my tongue into her slit. It was wet and sweet and I savored the taste. I could scarcely believe the act I was performing but her nectar was overwhelming my senses. I lapped at her fountain as the smell of wanton sex filled the air. I couldn't get to her clit from this position but it wouldn't have mattered as Becky fingers were covering it as she rubbed Brit's engorged button. I concentrated on eating her cunt. I felt Brit grab my head and forced my face tight against her backside. I nose was practically embedded in her ass as she ordered me, "That's it, eat me good." Here I was squatting in a public bathroom stall with my face being held against Brit's ass, eating out her pussy. It was perverse, it was nasty, and I LOVED it. I sucked and sucked then I heard her scream, "I'm going to cum!" I was surprised when she pushed my face away and squatted closer to the toilet and came. As she was cumming she let out a powerful squirt of pee. It splashed hard inside the toilet. I saw her ass cheeks clinch and again another squirt of pee. She did this 2 more times although each squirt was diminished in intensity from the one before it. I had never seen a woman cum so hard that it cause her to pee at the same time. She turned around and kissed me and told me what a good job I had done. I noticed Becky sitting down on the very front of the toilet seat with her legs spread wide open. "Now it's my turn," she said. Brit pushed me toward her pussy and forced my mouth against it. "Now eat her good." Brit ordered. My legs were aching from squatting for so long and I got down on my knees. As I ate Becky's pussy I felt Brit move behind me and remove my thong from around my ankles. Becky said something about a trophy to Brit and they both laughed. Becky pulled me tight against her clit and ordered me to suck it. I felt Brit shove three fingers into my cunt and start fucking my pussy hard. They were both using me like their own personal fuck toy but I couldn't stop eating their sweet cunts. I started moaning again as Brit slammed her fingers into me. "Look at her go, I think the little is going to cum again," Brit stated. "Not before me, slow it down," cried Becky. Brit relented on my pussy and Becky caught up rather quickly. "OK, I'm close," Becky informed her. Brit picked up the pace as she started finger fucking me hard again. Becky humped my face faster as she too came in the stall. I tasted her sweet dew and felt her entire body shudder as she screamed, "Aaaahhhhh!" I tried to yell with my face covered by her cunt, "Fuck me harder!" My inner thighs were slick with my sex and Brit pounded me until I came for the second time tonight. After wards I vaguely remember sitting at a booth having another shot and the two of them talking about how hot our session was. They told me to keep my mouth shut and not to say anything to you about it. I was exhausted and my head was swimming again and I guess that's when they called you. When my wife finished telling me her story, my cock was rock hard and I swear her cunt felt like it had become wetter. I had my fingers in her pussy during the entire story. These two lesbians had turned my wife into a nympho gutter slut and fucked her in a public bathroom stall. And she LOVED it. I just wanted to<b> forgive </font></b>my wife so badly and tell her it was OK but I knew I could use this to my advantage in the future. "You little ," I yelled as I spread her legs apart and drove my cock up to the hilt. As wet as she was even my huge dick went in easily. As I pounded her hard she started moaning immediately. Damn my wife can't get enough. The little slut must have been just as excited by retelling the story as I was from hearing it. "You probably don't enjoy cock now that you've had a taste of pussy," I yelled. "Oh baby, I do love being fucked by you but I love pussy now too." she replied. "So are you going to bring pussy home for me to fuck?" I asked. "Yes, yes, I'll eat them and then you can fuck them," she cried out. We were both close but I pulled my cock out and told her to show me how lesbians get off without cock. She started masturbating her cunt vigorously and gave me quite a show as she brought herself to orgasm. "Uuhhh, uuhhh, aaaahhh." she wailed as her body jerked uncontrollable against the mattress. She lay there gasping to catch her breath as I shoved my cock back into her. I was real close as she said to me, "Come on baby, fill me with your hot cum." When I got close I pulled out again and climbed on top of her and ordered, "I want you to suck me like you do your lesbian girlfriends." She grabbed my dick and covered it with her mouth and sucked me like a pro. I grunted and came,"Uuugghh!" I shot about a pint of hot cum into my bisexual 's mouth and she swallowed every drop. We both soon were fast asleep but I had a plan in mind.

The next day I told Jan that I didn't think Brit had peed when she came. I told her she probably was a gusher. I had seen it before on some porn tape and told her some woman can gush out a watery female ejaculate when they orgasm. I told her I had a plan for some payback for Becky and Brit and had her invite them out this weekend. They agreed and during the week I went to the sex shop for some items. I got a strap on with a huge 10 inch black cock and some restraints. These were the belt type that had loops by the side which held your wrists in them. They had a chain linked to the back which I could hook up to the headboard. Friday couldn't get here fast enough. The girls came over and we all took my car to a normal dance club. Brit was even more striking in person. She wore high heels again and she was all legs. I slipped the bartender a 50 and told him to pour water into Jan and my shot glasses whenever we ordered a round. Brit would also buy rounds of Patron from time to time but by the end of the evening my wife and I were way ahead of the game. Brit acted just like a dancer out on the dance floor with her bump and grind dancing. It was all very sexual and on the way home the girls all piled into the backseat and played as I drove. It was difficult looking in the rear mirror and watching the road on the way home. I caught glimpses of tongues touching other tongues, nipples being sucked on and hands inside of dresses probing wet gashes. At home they immediately headed for the bedroom and I followed the trail of discarded clothing.. By the time I got back there they all had their clothes off and both of them were tag teaming my wife. Jan was melting under the assault of hands and lips caressing her body. Eventually Becky ended up straddling my wife's face while Brit was laying in front of my wife's cunt with her face buried in Jan's crouch. I took my clothes off and went down to the end of the bed behind Brit. I looked over her long legs as they ran forever before ending at her tight ass. The sight of her naked ass was one of the most incredibly sexy things I had ever viewed. She sensed me behind her and got up on her knees to increase her distance from me at the end of the bed. But it only gave me a better view of her backside. Her vaginal lips were clean shaven except for a small blonde patch just above her clit. Her slit was already glistening with her dew as she devoured my wife's pussy. Becky had her cunt mere centimeters from my wife's mouth. I could see Jan's extended tongue licking up and down Becky's wet gash. Soon my wife's lappings got the better of this hot lesbian nymph. She leaned forward and put her hands on the headboard and started humping her cunt down on my wife's mouth. Becky started bucking like a bronco as she was acting like a bitch in heat. She came soon after. "Yes!, yesss!," she cried. Her ass convulsed over and over. When she was done she fell off to one side. Jan's face was covered with slick sex. I got the belt and approached Becky and told her Jan wanted her to put them on. She complied and I hooked her up and left her connected to the headboard where she could watch everything but couldn't do anything. I return behind Brit and crawled onto the bed. She pulled her head from Jan's cunt and told me that she wasn't into being fucked by men. Oh how I was going to enjoy fucking this lesbian bitch. I reassured her that I just wanted to warm her up with my mouth and she returned to my wife's pussy. I begin to lick her inner thighs and outer folds of her vaginal lips and she spread her legs a little wider for me. I continued licking between her inner and outer pussy lips and she started purring. My wife was moaning deliriously by this time as she was going to cum very soon. I slipped my tongue into this lesbian's cunt and her juices were over flowing. Her moans grew louder as I lapped up her sweet tasting sex. I couldn't see but I could hear Jan shriek out as she climaxed,"Aaaarrghhh!" Brit lifted her head up and reached back and pulled my head tight against her ass. "Yeah, eat me, suck me good," she yelled. Apparently eating pussy wasn't just a girl thing. I ate her out as best as I could with my face up her ass. I had never eaten my wife out this way before and now I was being held by this lesbian pressing my nose up against her ass as my mouth worked over her sweet cunt. It was perverse and nasty and I LOVED it. She was grinding her ass back and forth and screaming for me to make her cum. I pulled my head away and she whined for me not to stop. I then asked her, "Am I doing as good as Jan did in the bathroom stall?" The room went silent and both Becky and Brit looked at me wide eyed. They then knew that my wife had told me the whole story. I grabbed Brit's ankle and pulled her down and to the edge of the bed. When her feet reached the floor I forced her legs apart and got between them. "Please, please," she begged as I placed my rock hard thick cock at the entrance to lesbian heaven. "You heard her say please," I mocked and then shoved my dick into her. "Uuughh!" she yelled. Damn her cunt was tight maybe she didn't like male cock because she couldn't get it into her tight pussy. I shoved again,"Uugghh, I meant...," she groaned. I still hadn't gotten all of my big boy so I shoved again. "Uugghh... please no, uugghh." she groaned as I tried to get all 8 1/2 inches into her tight wet cunt. I told my wife to get on all fours and motioned her to come down to the both of us. She scooted her butt down the bed until she had her ass in front of Brit's mouth. She pulled Brit's head against her cunt and yelled, "Now you're going to eat me while my husband fucks you." I couldn't believe my wife said that and I finally got all of my cock into this lesbian's cunt. I started a nice slow pace. As I withdrew her inner vaginal lips were tightly wrapped around the shaft of my thick cock. I watched in amazement as I fucked the tightest little twat ever. It was hard not to pound her cunt hard as excited as I was. This long legged hottie had her face up the crack of my wife's ass and my thick cock was embedded inside her tight lesbian cunt. With each stroke her face was pushed up against my wife's backside. I didn't want to slam her right off the bat and soon my patience paid off. Brit began a very quiet moaning. She may have been a lesbian but her cunt was reacting to a man's cock. Her moaning increased in intensity as I continued stroking my big boy in and out of her pussy. Jan looked at me and smiled, "I think she beginning to like it." This lesbian was enjoying the thick cock inside of her and she lifted her head off my wife and said, "Please, faster." I increased the pace and depth of my stroke. I shoved her head back against my wife's pussy. "Keep eating my wife," I ordered. She did but you could still hear her muffled moans as she sucked Jan's pussy. Damn her pussy was tight. Jan was in bliss as my pumping of Brit cunt was forcing her mouth and tongue deeper and deeper into Jan's cunt. "I'm going to cum, baby," Jan screeched. Her moans told me she was cumming into Brit's mouth as I was trying to cum into her lesbian cunt. When Jan finally stopped cumming I started pounding Brit's tight little pussy faster. The sounds of skin slapping echoed in our bedroom. And soon her groans grew louder and she was trying to fuck me back. I knew she would cum soon. "Aaaaahhh!" she screamed and I saw her ass cheeks tense up and then I felt it. My entire cock was immersed in a warm bath of female gush. It ran down my shaft onto my balls and splattered onto the carpet. "Oh baby, she gushing." I said to my wife. Each time she clinched her ass another wave of warmth pour onto me. I saw her ass cheeks finally relax after her third squirt. I had stopped fucking her as she gushed but now I began pounding her hard. I felt that familiar sensation building in my loins and I told her I was going to cum and asked her did she want me to pull out. She told me no that she wanted to feel it. Oh baby, was she going to feel it. I was going to hose down her lesbian cunt like never before. "Uuuugghhh!" I grunted. I slammed her one last time so hard I shoved her up on her toes and let loose my first jet of man seed. "Oh, I feel it, it's so warm," she cooed. I continued to squirt more and more hot cum into the depths of her womb. I just love flooding lesbian cunt and pour everything I had into her. It was one of the biggest loads I could ever recall. I collapsed on top of her and we both lay there gasping for air. I heard my wife state,"Baby, I think she liked it." When I pulled my semi-hard cock out of her cunt globs of white cum poured out of her pussy and dropped onto the wet spot of gush Brit had deposited earlier. Some of it slid down her inner thighs as the massive amount of cum I deposited continued to ooze out of her cunt as she crawled up onto the end of the bed. She collapsed exhausted from the first cock fucking she had just had in a long time. I looked to Becky still chained to the headboard and her mouth hung open. I unhooked her from the headboard and forced her to her knees and told her to clean me up. She sucked my cum covered cock with her pussy eating mouth. She looked up at me while my dick was buried in her mouth and her eyes showed no idea what I had in store for her. She was doing a pretty good job for a lesbian and soon I was back to being rock hard. Jan had used this break to put on the strap on. I had her lay on her back and she poured lube over the giant black phallus. When I lifted Becky up she saw my wife and looked at me apprehensively. "Jan's going to fuck you now." I told Becky. I helped her keep her balance as she squatted above my wife being that her hands were still restrained at her side. Jan held the massive dildo with both hands as Becky lowered her cunt down onto it. She got about half of it into her pussy before she raised back up and then down again engulfing another couple of inches. When she had about 8 inches embedded in her cunt she dropped down on her knees and Jan started fucking her. I had a good view of the lips of her pink pussy being spread to the limit by the black monstrosity. After a bit they both had a nice rhythm going and Becky was starting to moan as she was enjoying it. The sight of pink pussy sliding over a huge black dick was putting me into fuck lust. I picked up the bottle of lube and pour a large amount on my hard cock. Once again Becky had that puzzled look on her face as I stoked lube over my erect dick. I got on the bed behind her and announced my intentions, "This is what you get when you fuck my wife in a public bathroom." Then she realized what I was going to do to her. "No you can't, I can't take something that big in my ass," she begged. I pushed her down on top of my wife exposing more of her ass to me. I rubbed the thick bulbous head of my cock up and down the crack of her ass over and over. "You better spread you ass," I told her. With her hands restrained by her side she pulled her cheeks apart as best as she could. Her little brown button looked invitingly tight. I kept rubbing my huge cock head up and down the crack of her ass. She had seen and experience my huge cock in her pussy before but I wanted the tension to build. I wanted the anticipation of whether or not her tiny anal orifice was going to be able to accommodate my rock hard thick dick. I finally stopped at her little brown button. Holding my cock with my right hand I press it home. Her anal sphincter was water tight but I felt the tip of my dick starting to ease in. "Uuugghhh!" Becky yelled. Her asshole was definitely tighter than Brit's cunt but I just kept pressing on with my anal assault. The huge head of my cock popped through finally. Becky was squirming her backside around as she tried to escape. The ridge of my bulbous head was locked down inside her anal ring and as she squirmed it tugged on my cock. My bad boy was definitely not coming back out.Her hands were restrained and she had a 10 inch phallus inside of her cunt and my cock in her ass, this lesbian wasn't going anywhere. Only one direction for my cock to go. I spread her ass cheeks further and she continued groaning as I shoved inch after inch into her butt. "Aaaarrgghhh!" she screeched the whole time. When I finally got about 6 inches into her I stopped and told my wife to start fucking her again. Jan pushed her ass off the bed and resumed fucking her cunt. It took awhile but then Becky's pussy started responding to my wife thrustings. I figured her ass was getting use to the foreign male object embedded in it. Only then did I started a gentle slow fucking of her ass which I assumed was virgin. Damn her ass was unbelievably tight and I poured more lube on my exposed shaft. Becky adjusted really quickly and soon we were both DPing this little slut together. Her ass felt so tight as I was now getting pretty much all 8 1/2 inches into her and I could feel Jan's dildo pressing against her vaginal wall. I couldn't decide whether I liked her ass or Brit's tight cunt more. One thing for sure cunt or ass lesbian hole is definitely the best. The sounds of wailing filled the room. It was incredible, this lesbian slut was getting ready to cum again. My wife and I were fucking her good when she cried out, "Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck my cunt and my ass hard!" She came with a loud guttural moan as she was getting slammed by my wife and I, "Uuuuggggaaahhhh!" I felt her ass spasm on my shaft and that was it. I felt the first squirt travel the entire length of my shaft. I let loose a shower of gism into her butt. "FUCK!" I yelled as I unloaded into her tight ass. I filled her butt with all the remaining cum I had for the night. When my cock finally stopped spasming I squeeze the base of my shaft as I withdrew to get every last drop of gism inside her lesbian ass. I finally finished pulling my cock from her ass and stepped away from the bed to survey three naked lesbians and the various holes I had fucked. Becky's ass was gaped, revealing a nice anal creme pie. I wondered if her ass would ever be the same again. My white cum slid down the black exposed shaft that was still inside of her cunt. She eventually rolled off of my wife and lay there panting. Brit was laying at the end of the bed with one leg over the side. Her cunt was slick and still oozing juices onto her inner thighs and her face was slick and wet with my wife's sex. I thought about fucking her virgin asshole but that would have to wait for another session. And my wife laid buck naked in the middle of this lesbian pile with nothing but a strap on and she had a big smile on her face. I've fucked lots of cunt in my time but there is nothing as sweet as lesbian meat.

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