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What happens in Vegas, day 2  

ATrembling 47F
12 posts
2/18/2021 3:19 pm
What happens in Vegas, day 2

So after consoling my friend, we called our group. They were all up and had ate, so I jumped in the shower, grabbed some coffee and we were off. I had only slept 3 hours so I was a little lethargic. It was a shorts day, but still, no panties. They wanted hit the mall, and that was OK with , but I knew I had get alone, so I hit the high end stores, while they looked for the cheaper stores. I told them I would catch them for lunch about 2. So we split up, and I started working on an idea I had been thinking of since I knew we were going. Devious is the word. Yes, I am a deviant.
So I logged into a website, a swinger website. I started searching the forums. I had used it to find some couples at home, and it worked great for that, but I wanted to find a party, yeah, one of those hedonistic ones where I could be getting fucked in holes and sucking a dick at the same time. Yeah, DP feels good, for those that know, it's the real deal. They were always looking for single women at those. The forums were full of them, so Vegas, Friday, easy. So I clicked the link, looked at the rules, signed up, and guess what, the $0 entry fee was waived for single women....wonder why? OK the reason why is a true slut is hard find. Finding one that will admit it is even harder. But once you own it, you will be showered with dick, and pussy, if you work it right. So I had be at 9PM. The plan was go a comedy club, but I was sure I could come up with some stupid excuse.
Well, I hooked back up with my friends and shopped, then ate, then shopped some more. The whole time my pussy was just throbbing, knowing what it was in for later just made it almost like it had it's own brain, and I couldn't think of anything else. So I bought some thigh highs, and a garter. No need for panties, or a bra, I wasn't planning on wearing those. By the time we hit dinner, I swear I had been the bathroom 5 times, just dry my wet pussy. I felt like I was in Florida, but only between my legs. I tried stay up with the conversations, but kept daydreaming. We finally hit dinner, and I had no appetite for food. I had a couple of drinks, then we went back change. When we got back, my roomie got ready, and i said I was tired i was just going skip the comedy and watch TV. She gave me a strange look, but said OK and left.
So I got ready, shower, shave, lotion, makeup, hair, stockings, garter, , then the dress, black, form fitting, yeah, I knew I looked good. Walking the taxi, I knew it even more. I am sure I looked a little like an , well, that's fine, I was on my way make someone's night better, and mine....
So I got the location, and it looked a little like a strip club outside, red felt on the stairs outside, black walls, no signs, kind of hot. So I walked in, dimly lit, clean, the lady at the entry was HOT! I was excited!. I checked in, and she said "ah, you are new, let give you a quick tour." I followed her as she showed around, the bar, the dance floor, the playroom, the halls private rooms. The furniture looked pretty lavish, upscale, I knew I would be happy here. It was only about PM, but there were already people fucking in the playroom, and looking down the hallway, several doors were shut. She left and I wandered down a hall, the rooms had windows where people could watch, or the people inside could draw the curtains if they wanted privacy. It was fairly quiet, but I could hear the music from the bar area, but not loud like a club, more like an undertone.
So I headed for the bar, but stopped to watch the playroom for a minute, that was hot, several men sitting back betting their dicks sucked, women riding men, bent over getting fucked while they sucked another guys dic But what I noticed is that even though there were more women than men, they seemed be watching, more than joining in. Well, not ! So I went the bar and ordered a drink, I wanted NO inhibitions, so about 3 drinks is perfect. I was approached by another woman fairly soon. She was within 3 or 4 of my age, but I look younger, so I am sure she guessed I was late 20's. Her "date" husband? came over a few minutes later, and we chatted...job, status, etc. They asked what I was there for. Another guy kept walking past and eying me, like he was impatient. Well, this woman I was talking was pretty sexy, so we ended up kissing at the bar, and they asked if i would like go a private room. I asked if they were OK in the playroom. They looked a little shocked, but agreed, so we went in. We sat down and I continued making out with her, and then I was rubbing her pussy. Her husband was kissing my neck, grabbing my tits, then rubbing my dripping pussy, putting his wet fingers in my mouth, in his wife's mouth, tasting my salty wetness. Then he was fingering , while I was fingering her. Then her legs were spread and I was kneeling on the bench, her tits in my mouth, then down her clit, then tongue in her pussy, her hands in my hair pulling in harder, wiggling, and I feel her husbands cock slide in from behind. Concentrating on eating pussy while you are getting fucked is not as easy as it looks in porn. But all I had do was lick, she had my hair in both hands, guiding my tongue to make her cum. Then she relaxed a bit, but I wanted more, so I kept licking her pussy.
I felt her husband pull out. He had a maybe average dick, so not a huge loss, but he was still rubbing my pussy, and ass, it felt good, I was dripping. Then I felt it entering again, and this time it was like he had put his hand and arm in me. I looked up, and there was her husband with his average dick in his wife's mouth, so I looked behind me, there was what looked like a chippendale dancer fucking me. Huge coc I had put my hand behind so he didn't go so deep. I felt like he was at least a foot in. It wasn't that big, maybe inches once I got it into my mouth, but thick as hell, like a dic He couldn't have been a day over 21, was he even enough drink? I didn't care, I just moaned as my eyes rolled back in my head and fell face forward into her pussy as I came all over that dic I could vaguely hear the sloshing sound and realized I was squirting, but his cock was so huge it was having a hard time squeezing past it escape my sloppy cunt. When he stopped, and I caught my breath, I realized that my thigh highs were soaked, and my knees were wet. My "friend" moved and spread her legs so dick could make her cum like he did . Her husband came over and started licking my pussy, but I honestly couldn't feel a thing. I felt like my pussy had been removed. The beautiful thig about a pussy is it recovers. So I sat him down and sat on his dick and started riding. But it felt so small now. I knew dick had stretched out, but this guy did not have a huge dick, but he enjoyed it. Looking at his wife, her dress around her waist, on her back on the bench, crumpled, not moaning, more screaming, eyes closed, as dick fucked her senseless. I could tell she was cumming by her leg shaking, but it looked like only seconds would go by from one orgasm the next. She looked like a rag doll, but I knew she was enjoying it. I got up off her husbands average "now mini" cock, and slid it into my wet asshole. It slid right in. I noticed impatient guy from earlier watching, and gave him the "you are next" loo He raised his eyebrows in agreement.
I felt her husband getting close and got off of his cock, led him his semi-conscious wife, and stopped dick form impaling her. I didn't want him to cum, not yet. I helped her get her mouth on her husbands dick that was just in my ass and she seemed to perk up. Then I had dick lay down on the bench sucked his wet dic Well, sort of. I got the head in my mouth. It literally looked like it was the size of a small fist, and the shaft was as big as my forearm, maybe bigger. Only in Vegas. Well i devoured his balls, and licked his ass. He seemed like that. This fucker was cumming in my pussy, no one else's. I wanted see how much cum a cock that size with balls the size of golf balls could hold. So impatient guy was stroking his cock next my head, so I sucked that while I stroked the dic Then I stood up and straddled him, and slid down that huge fucking shaft. I knew I was about to cum after that first slide, so I moved slow. I could only get about 2/3 of it in before I was hitting my uterus. But it was so fucking thick I could feel it in my hip joints. Yes, it was fucking awesome. He was latin, I could see that, and I thought maybe learning spanish and touring Mexico and South America may be a good idea. I started to ride it, and I came. My ass was quivering, I couldn't even see mr impatients dick next to my face anymore, and I definitely couldn't suck it. I would have bit it in half. so I pushed him towards my ass.I thought "all in, this is it, either I am going to have the best fuck ever, or I am going to die on this dick", I held still, but mu pussy was throbbing anyway, filled to the max, almost exploding. Mr impatient spit on my asshole, then as soon as I felt his cock start to go in, I came again. He used the shaking as an opportunity to slide it all the way in. I couldn't breathe. I felt full. I started riding, he was trusting, and I came. These were body shaking orgasms. I laid on dicks chest and went limp, feeling both of them start fucking me.
I could feel the sweat on my body, almost instantly, like adrenaline sweat. Feeling them fucking me, cumming, over and over, and then Mr impatient pulled out of my ass and came to my face. I vaguely remember sucking the dick that just came out of my ass, and a load of cum on my mouth, on my lips. I licked them and swallowed, then sat up and started riding that fucking dick, hard. I wanted that cum, I earned it. He was grabbing my hips, I was moaning, and riding, all the way to the end, then feeling my hips spread with every thrust. Cumming, squirting, but i didn't quit. I knew he was getting close because he was biting his lip and closing his eyes. I told him to look at me. Then I said "cum you fucker!" He asked if he should pull out. I told him no, I wanted that load. He grabbed me and fucked me while I fucked him, the whole length going in, pounding my uterus, those huge balls smacking my ass. One more orgasm, my juices covering his balls, more orgasms. I moaned "hurry, I can't last much..." then I felt it, it was like a huge pulse or rippling muscle moving up his shaft and I came again, and felt his warm load, squirt, squirt, squirt. Jizz after jizz. he must have pulsed 9 or times. I must have came twice while he came. I gave him a little extra ride make sure he was good and done. (And came once more) I didn't move until his hands came off my hips.
I climbed, well more fell off of his cock, then it looked so sexy, slowly lowering, I sucked it. tasting his cum mixed with my cum. Up and down, savoring every drop. Then after I swallowed, and wiped off my mouth, I kissed him, rubbing his coc He held on , and pulled closer, grabbing my ass. My pussy felt amazing, satisfied, like it didn't need any more dic That's rare. I asked him if he worked there, he said he didn't but had a "special invite" parties. I told him I bet he did. I sat up and went to stand, but I was missing a shoe. My "friend" brought it to , looking a little jealous. I started pull up my dress, but he stopped , and I laid back on him and relaxed. He rubbed my tits, and asked if I was O I told him I felt perfect. I asked him his name, he told me. He asked if I lived in Vegas, i said no. then he asked if I was married. He chuckled when I said yes. I asked why that was funny, he just said "they all are". I chuckled at that, wondering how many miserable wives he had made happy for a night. He asked how long I was in town, so I told him one more night. So he asked wat I was doing tomorrow, well today now, it was about 2:30AM. I had been fucking since about :30. That's not sex and break, that is straight fucking for about 4 hours. Awesome! He said, well i don't work Saturdays, would you like the locals tour of Vegas? I said "absolutely" and gave him my number. I made him call my phone so I knew it worked. He gave me a ride to my hotel, then said he would pick me up at :30.
I went back my room, My roomie was there, her friend was there, again, so much for guilt, so I hit the sweats, and about AM I heard him trying sneak out, again. He apologized. I looked at the clock, and jumped up, "holy shit, I have a date" I thanked him for waking up, and ran, well, more waddled, my hips, ass, lower back, abs, thighs, were SORE!!! I was gonna need ibuphrophrine today. As I came out of the shower, my friend asked how my night was, I said "great, I just wandered around". I told her I had bumped into some old friends and was going to hang out with them. Pretty sure she didn't believe me, but I had just seen her sport fuck leave, so she had suspicion, I had proof. I said, "I saw ...... leaving. Did you get over the guilt?" She said, "no, but I already have the guilt, may as well make it worth it." I just laughed and said, "atta girl."............ More to cum!

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