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A Memory From My Private Journal :)  

AlyTal 36M/33F
286 posts
7/29/2021 10:27 am
A Memory From My Private Journal :)

I have kept a private journal since I was a young . is very private, and passworded, and buried in the floor. LOL My hubby loves read when I allow him do that, and last week end he brought one of the entries me remind me of something he really enjoyed reading. He suggested I blog this one, and so... see below // Tallie

Tallie's Private Journal
Nov. 22, 20 (four days after my 18th birthday)
cc: Sections:  Life, Sexual, U of H Junior Year
This morning I am walking funny because I am sore from the last three days on the Big Island.  I just got back late last night.  The reason is as follows. 
I graduated high school a couple of years earlier than the average student because over the first years of school they allowed me skip a couple of grades, one in junior high, and my junior year in high school.  Because of that I was not quite 18 beginning my junior year of college. During the first couple of years, my freshman and sophomore years, I had lived in a dormitory with my best friend Shalayo, but beginning our junior year we were not able to live in the dorm anymore because they needed the space for new students. That forced Shalayo and I to move around to get acquainted with some other girls in order to spread the rental cost of a college age type house. Amongst four of us none of us had any transportation except for the public metro type busses, and bicycles.  We had no car, and THAT was not going to work very well.  In order to get a house we could afford we had to live a distance from school, and it was still a long ways even if we rode bicycles.  We did it for a couple of months, bicycling, hitching, whatever we could do to get to class on time, and it just wasn't working. So....
Because my Dad was deployed for several more months, and my mother was very nervous about me driving all the way from the mountain in the horrendous traffic of Honolulu, I approached my Uncle Lander, our CEO of the family corporation had been known help family members in dire need. He had been our CEO for many years since the beginning of the corporation, and he often helped family members in dire stress, and that was the situation with me, very dire, no wheels.  haha  I called my Uncle Lander and told him I wanted to come into the office and talk to him about something.  He asked me... "What about?"  I didn't want to tip my hand and I answered saying... "Business."  He said, "Very well young lady.  Shine your shoes and be here first thing in the morning.  I get here at six."  Sheesh!!! &^%$ #
I explained my uncle that I had a little savings, not much, but it was about half of the down payment I had make on a used car.  I explained the situation and how the transportation factor was making it difficult for me to get where I  needed to be on time and in good order.  I told him I had a little revenue stream from my allowance, and also from the other girls because they would me a little something for taking them school, etc., and that I was going ask my Uncle Andre' for a part time job at the big corporate owned department store.  I told him I thought I could him back the $1500 I needed in six months, and I was willing sign an agreement that effect, interest, whatever.  Uncle Lander said, "You really need a car now, don't you?"  I said, "Yes sir."  His final comment was, "Let me have a couple of days think about .  I might have an idea."  He asked, "Do you need a ride school this morning?"  "Yes sir."  He picked up the phone and talked Nino, the corporate van driver, and that was the first time I rode in the corporate van that runs errands and delivers things, etc. I was able talk Nino into going a certain route, and along the way we picked up the other girls and put their bicycles in the van. To our total surprise Nino was with the van in the afternoon take us home, and he was every day until the week end. My Uncle Lander was our hero.
The next Friday evening Uncle Lander called me and told me he would be picking me up on Saturday morning about .  "Be ready," he said.  "Yes sir."  "Wear something pretty," he added.  "Yes sir."  Hmmm.
The next morning I saw Uncle Lander's car pull up in the drive way right on time.  I bounded out the door running not keep him waiting.  When I opened the door get in the car I was so surprised because my three Oahu Uncles were in the car.  Uncle Lander, Uncle Andre', and Uncle Lapi.  A haole American, a haole Frenchman born on Bora Bora, and a Hawaiian man, in that order.  "Here , get in," Uncle Lapi instructed, and I crawled in on his lap in the front passenger seat.  "What is this about?  Where are we going?" I asked immediately.  Uncle Lander said, "We have something we want show you," and that is all he said.  I had worn a 13 inch mini, and a colorful flower print tank top with bare feet in my sandals.  All the way to our destination I smiled at their continuous glances at my legs and braless breasts.  I very seldom wore a bra back then because I never went anywhere where I had to be careful.  I wiggled and squirmed and shifted several times trying to get Uncle Lapi's boner out of the crack of my ass, which was nothing new with him, haha, and I whispered very quietly directly into his ear, "Shame on you."  He squeezed my shoulder and flexed his bone harder into my butt, and I couldn't help but laugh.  I didn't know what they were up to, but I started to get suspicious when we pulled into the Ford dealership.
As soon as the Ford salesman saw us walk in the big glass door he said, "Follow me," and we trailed along behind him down a long hallway that opened into a big concrete floor room behind the offices.  were a half dozen cars in the process of getting prepped for the new owners come and pick them up.  were all types of cars, sedans, coupes, vans, what have you, and one very bright yellow Mustang convertible with a black top, and the top was down. "What do you think?" Uncle Lander asked.  "Well, ummmm, I don't know.  What are we talking about here?"  The salesman stepped over to the convertible and leaned over the door and pulled the keys, and then he turned, stepped forward, and he handed the keys to me.  The salesman said, "Congratulations sweetie.  Have fun."  I never inhaled so deeply in my life as I did at that moment.  I turned to face my uncles were just standing grinning.  Uncle Lander said, "'s all yours , now you have wheels."  was no way I could stop the sobbing that began immediately.  I went to pieces and was crying like a when I stepped forward each of my uncles in turn  hug them as hard as I could with my arms around their waists.  "Don't cry honey, be happy," Uncle Andre' said.  "I am!" I wailed, and they all laughed including the salesman.  It took about 15 minutes for me to calm down, but I was still sobbing when I opened the door and sat down in the drivers seat.  The salesman quickly spoke up and said, "Ah, would you like for me to drive it out into the parking lot for you?"  "Okayyyyyyyy," I cried, and everybody laughed again.  haha 
Out in the parking lot I pushed all the buttons, turned on the radio loud, raised and lowered the top about six times, kicked one of the tires once, "Owwwwww!" and everybody was laughing again, but now I was laughing too.  After a few minutes of continuing disbelief I said, "Can we... ah... ?"  Uncle Lander quickly said, "Take us for a ride sweetie," and he turned to shake the hand of the salesman and thanked him for his help, and we piled in without opening the door and with me behind the wheel.  Uncle Lapi urged, "When you pull out of the drive way onto the street... give her the gun ," and I did, and we squealed onto the street with a loud screetch.  "Woowee, go go!" Uncle Lapi yelped.  Uncle Andre' in the back seat demanded, "Slow down for god's sakes!!!"  haha  I drove up the highway eastward from Waikiki over Diamond Back and then I turned around and went back.  Uncle Lander sitting in the passenger seat beside me was staring at me.  "What?" I asked.  He replied boldly, "Your tan legs and this yellow car match perfectly."  Both of my uncles in the back seat learned forward quickly see what Uncle Lander was talking about, and they agreed with him.  I said, "Everything I have matches this car perfectly," and we all laughed together.  All three of them were looking at me so intensely, and I didn't care.  The three of them had gone together to buy me a brand new car, a convertible that I loved, and I intentionally made no attempt to pull my skirt down that had ridden up to the V patch allowing them to see the dark V of my thong between my legs.  Each of them were grinning at me with such evil eyes, and I smiled back at them boldly allowing them to know that I knew how they were looking at me, and my smile allowed them to know I was inviting them to look all they wanted.  
Where shall we go now? I asked as I continued driving back into Waikiki.  "Lets get some lunch," Uncle Lander said quickly.  "Head for the hotel honey," and my Uncle Lapi said, "Full speed ahead, I'm hungry," and Uncle Andre's said loudly, "'s a fricking stop light ahead!"  haha  
After pulling into the drive way of the Hilton I was very reluctant to give the key to the valet guy, but I did on Uncle Lander's urging.  "'s my ," I said with a sad as best I could make one.  Uncle Lander said, "'s a Ford sweetie," and I gave him the biggest frown I could.  We all laughed together again.  Everybody was happy and jovial, and I was on cloud nine.  
At the lunch table my uncles ate their lunch fairly fast while I was picking at my salad because I was still to excited to eat.  I looked up at them from my salad bowl and they almost appeared to be praying, and then I caught on and started laughing again.  The lounge tables where we were having lunch was glass, and no table cloth.  My uncles appeared to be looking down and praying because they were staring at my V patch through the glass of the table.  When I caught on to what they were doing I crossed my legs to hide the V patch, but it didn't work because they liked the motion of my legs.  I thought, oh hell what the heck, and I crossed my legs again.  A couple of them looked up at my face and caught on that I was teasing them.  Uncle Lapi continued staring down through the glass table.  haha 
"Well gentlemen, what shall we do now?" I asked.  Uncle Lander looked at me very directly, and he said, "Are you ready to go upstairs now ?"  I was not stupid, and I understood exactly what he was asking.  "Do you have a place?" I asked him.  He answered, "Yes, for this occasion... I have one of the larger suites comped."  Uncle Lapi had stopped looking at my satin covered pussy and he was paying attention now.  haha  I said rather quietly, "You have done so much for me, and I am very, very, very appreciative, and I want to thank each one of you in the best way that I can."  Without another word we each pushed back our chairs and stood up.  Uncle Lander took my hand and I quite willingly allowed him to guide me out of the lounge, across the lobby, and into the elevator with my other two uncles following behind us.  As the elevator rose to the highest floor I reached out and pulled each of my uncles close to me.  They were so tall and I was shorter than I am now, so I urged them on each side of me to lift me up, and with my face at an equal height to theirs I kissed each of them on the mouth.  They squeezed me between them, hands on my breasts, hands on my ass, hands under my skirt, and my lips on theirs.  It rather felt like they were eating me alive. Before the elevator stopped someone had a long finger in my pussy, but I didn't know was, and didn't matter and I squeezed my legs together on whose ever hand was.  Within ten seconds after we entered  the suite my blouse suddenly went up over my head and was gone.  Uncle Lapi picked me up and delivered me the little platform with the stripper pole in the middle of the room.  It was pretty obvious what they wanted next.  I was the talented, trained Latin dancer that was currently winning the local DanceSport contests.  They just stood looking at me topless in my tiny little skirt, barefoot, I had lost my sandals, and I had to almost my fingers at them break their concentration, and I said... "Gentlemen, would someone please turn on the music, and... turn up.  Turn up loud." 
We spent four hours in the suite with each of them taking turns with me.  Uncle Lapi and Uncle Andre' tried DP me, but at that time when I was so young I couldn't do because my ass was small, I guess.  Late in the afternoon the four of us decided we were having so much fun and we were not ready stop, and Uncle Lander had an idea.  He called the company pilot, and told him to go to the airport, we are leaving shortly. 

  is a 45 minute flight over Hilo on the Big Island.  After we landed we picked up food and drink and booze from the take out places, and we drove out of Hilo the big house that Uncle Lander calls his Cabin about 30 minutes outside Hilo.  Counting that day, Saturday, and Sunday and Monday, the four of us were naked, nude, bare assed, balls out with dripping wet ready pussy the entire time, and over those three days my three uncles fucked me so many times all over the cabin I couldn't even count them. They filled me with uncle cock, and also certain utensils.  They creamed me so much I finally was able take the DP.  They shot me full of cum in my pussy, in and on my mouth and face, my tits, my belly, my ass, and my French uncle even wrapped my hair around his cock and came in my hair.  They did it me with finesse, and they did it me dirty with two of them effing me verbally in each ear with the third one's tongue in my pussy as I bucked my hips to get as much of his tongue as I could.  were  three of them, but the way we did , was like an uncle-niece party chain with me being for each of them over and over again during the time in whatever way they wanted me.  My Uncle Andre' said more than once, "Mon Cherie, you are like six women," which in the situation I felt was a quite nice compliment. 
When the three of them couldn't anymore even with a longer rest period, I showered, I swam in the pool, and I showered again, and I went back tell them I could go a little longer if they wanted too, but they were satiated, and happy enough.  I told them then... I am not done paying you back for the fantastic thing you did for me.  I told them that... over the next year I want to come and visit each one of you at least once a month, and if the three of you want to do something like this again we can do it at the family luaus, and the four of us can skip out and go somewhere to party.  I love each one of you, and I hope you on me any time I can do something help you in some way.  I told them... I have to live my own life, and I have a lot of my own things to do with school and dancing, etc., but the three of you are a bigger part of my life now, and I always want us to be close.  Aloha wau ai oe.  I hugged them and kissed them like a dutiful niece, and we packed up and went back to Oahu and our respective homes, and I haven't hardly been able to walk since I got back to the house last night. Shalayo has been so kind to bring me warm compresses all day, thank goodness.

DiscreteSlowRide 54M
384 posts
7/29/2021 10:47 am

No way. Is this a true story??

...and a long overdue Helloooo to you!!

AlyTal 36M/33F
134 posts
7/29/2021 4:08 pm

    Quoting DiscreteSlowRide:
    No way. Is this a true story??

    ...and a long overdue Helloooo to you!!

Hi there DiscreeteSlowRide... I was born and raised in the old Culture of Aloha, and we don't expect haoles to know exactly what that means... because the island people learned their lesson a long time ago from the very detrimental missionaries, consequently we don't say shit to outsiders, and especially not to tourists. I am from one of the oldest and largest families in all the islands both north and south. My family is still matriarchal, and will stay that way.

So yes, I am afraid the item in my personal journal is quite true, and I will accept no nonsense from anyone about it. Compared to the "education" of young people in my family... we strongly believe the hypocritically conservative families on the mainland, especially across the southern bubba states, are abusing their children by not teaching them anything. I will put the statistics of my family up against any State statistics, bar none, for teenage pregnancies, teenage disease, teenage marriages, teenage foibles of any kind. The youth of my family learns to take care of themselves, they learn how to prepare themselves for marriage to their life long partner, and in general learn how to be a good partner to their spouse. How many families, and how many young people on the mainland learn some of the most important lessons of their life... rather than simply being turned out by stupid parents to learn any way they can, and the way they often do learn... in the street, or in the backseat of a dark alley, or at the medical clinic or urgent care and emergency room? We love our families in a correct way that does not allow them to be abused in such ways. We believe the so called "do gooders" of the bubba states are the first to discover the hell of their own creation that they inflict on their own families.

Makeucum2022 45M

7/29/2021 4:10 pm

When I can ready some that

AlyTal 36M/33F
134 posts
7/29/2021 4:18 pm

Aw man! This site system just can't resist chopping up an entry by omitting so many words it to often becomes difficult to read. I am sorry about that. I wish it didn't happen.

DiscreteSlowRide 54M
384 posts
7/29/2021 4:28 pm

I know. I always end up re-editing all of my posts at least 3 times. Between omitting words, their systems does not recognize quotations or semicolons...

The word omission makes it quite a puzzle when trying to put it all back together. Love it!! (heavy heavy sarcasm)

Luv24Q2 47M
809 posts
7/29/2021 5:30 pm

"My three Oahu Uncles.' Hmm, the newest primetime sweeps sitcom or Hustler TV's new XXX debut?

Mahalo for the fascinating & scintillating story TabooTally.

forgotforgetting 57M
8134 posts
7/30/2021 12:48 pm

Bravo! You have the best adventures.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

marsandvenus5558 69M/65F  
71 posts
7/30/2021 7:16 pm

That was an amazing story. We loved every word. We both have had our share of family love in the past. You have an amazing family Tallie. Warmest regards. C & R

AlyTal 36M/33F
134 posts
8/1/2021 11:39 am

    Quoting marsandvenus5558:
    That was an amazing story. We loved every word. We both have had our share of family love in the past. You have an amazing family Tallie. Warmest regards. C & R
Thank you for such nice words

Fastjohnyboy1 58M
32 posts
10/3/2021 3:02 pm

Lovely my dear xxx

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