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Mexico My Friend And Strippers Man on Man  

Amcuriousguys 57M
1 posts
9/2/2020 10:11 pm
Mexico My Friend And Strippers Man on Man

Transcript - there will be typos

This was a really odd situation and it happened while in Mexico. I lived in San Diego, California which has a trolley system that goes across to the border into Mexico. I in three of my friends used to go to Mexico all the time for cheap drinks, great food, and shopping. We are always sure to be back on the trolley before dark. I was waiting and waiting for my friends to arrive at the trolley. We went to Mexico every Wednesday afternoon. It was almost time to leave and this really cute guy comes up and says your friends told me they cannot make it today. He continued with the details. Basically parents were in town and I said grab I really wanted to go shopping today. Let's call him Tom says Well, I would go with you. I am the youngest brother of your friends Mark. Mark was my eldest friend so this boy was just 21 and I was only a year or so older. Tom was better looking than we are in Mexico and Tom was really fun. Tom knew where all of this trip rebars were that I had not ever been to. He even knew one of the really hot ones. I asked Tom how he knew about these places, before he answered his trip or friend pulls me out of my seat and he takes me through the room to a wall with a big guy and curtains.

The guy grins and the stripper says in Spanish, no charge him ever. No matter which guy here he wants. He didn't know I could understand Spanish. Why? I wondered if I sat in a chair and the stripper boy was very cute. And he said in English, the rules are I can touch you, but you cannot touch me. I said, Sure, he replied with but honestly, you can touch me all you want. You did not pay. I said cool. What's up with that? He sits across me and puts his arms around my shoulders. Tells me your friend owns this place. Plus, I would fuck Anyway, I said to him as he was playing with my cock, his hands and my pants, I will keep my hands to myself. So what can you do? He smiled hugely and liked my challenge and he took off his t back underwear. Wow, he was smooth all over and trim muscles. his cock was about eight inches long. But then he turns around, I instantly became rock hard. So much it hurts pushing against my pants. his ass was so beautiful. little dimples and firm and rounded and he pulled his butt open and his hole was tiny too. He turned back around and he steps back and says Holy fucking shit. The next thing I knew my pants were down. He swallowed my cockin was fantastic.

I tried to pull him off when I was close. He didn't let go but slowed and was drinking my freak. He noticed I had come back from the brink. And he stepped it up just a bit. Up and down and then faster as he rubbed me all around. With his hands on, my cock was hard and throbbing, and she said to me off, best blow job still to this day too. He drank every drop as I shot over and over. He came off my cock, saying, Oh, I am not done with you yet. He turned around and slipped a condom on my cock and said stand up and ran your hot cocking me. Fucking you like the horror I am. I was a bit put off balanced by that. I am a sled often but if you have read my stories, there is a reason always. Not just for fucking. However, I got into pounding my . He liked it when I would bang him hard and I did and blew my load again. He pulled off my rubber and licked me clean. It was hot. I was covered with sweat and I lost track of time to my friend comes in in smiles. I had just gotten my zipper up as he says, damn, you must really be horny. Did I ask why? You were in here for almost two hours. I said. What really? Your boy was awesome. He smiled and says, he told me that he would remember. I said bullshit. You just messing with me. My friend says that no, that boy only gives up that hole for extremely wealthy men. Maybe two or three times a year. I say no shit. He was a pro at it. I know he did you free? I did not tell him to do that. But what have and that would not have included his ass. No way. Why then did he have me fuckin call him a ? He said you were adorable as a stripper virgin never had a lap dance. And when he turned and saw the look in your eyes and your cock ready to rip through your pants, he wanted you just really bad than when he sucked you. You tasted so good. We are sitting back in the bar and I needed a drink. I was exhausted. Next thing I know two strippers are trying to take me to the back. I said no guys, that is okay. You need to make money.

They smiled and said not to worry. They did fine. My friend was a fair and good boss. My friend says go one, but this time I want to watch it. We are all in the room with one share my friend slide it to the wall and sits down. The strippers knew exactly what they wanted from me. They ripped off my clothing and lick me all over and they sucked me handing my conch back and forth between them and then they started to fight over it a bit and that really turned me on and they looked up at me with those sex Latin eyes with a look begging for more dick. I forgotten my friend was in the room. One guy gets on his hands and knees with his sexy ass facing me. He looks back and says please fuck me, please. The other stripper then just forced me into the floor and rode my dick. He was good to next I feel him pushed off me and both guys now are bent over in front of me. I knew what needed to be done. I put my right hand finger in one and rent my cock into the other. I fucked him. And deep, two fingers, three finger. That second ass was ready now. I pulled out in push the first hold away and grab the second hole through him flat on the floor face down and ran deep. He pushed up and back as I fuck him hard, then slow. Then all that ram deepen over and over. The first hole slid down on top and under me now too as I had stacked, I worked them both over and over as long as I could. They were loving it too. I was about ready to blackout from my efforts. I called my friend over and said, I need five minutes wants to keep these holes warm for me. He smiled and said sure, I sat in the chair and watch these guys. It was hot. my cock never dropped. I caught my breath and I got up and put my cock in one guy and my friend was in the other. I was hot all over again. I pull out in ties my friend on the floor and fuckin he was thrilled. I swapped in between All three now, these guys were good to make it faster to swapping the start at a type of assembly line. They would swap when I pulled out. That was cool. My friend pumped out of line and while I was slowing down but still fucking he whispers in my ear Holy shit. I had no idea you could look like that. I looked at him and said You better have a bed here for me to pass out in. Oh for a really long time to everyone in the room started laughing. We soon finished and I am blacked out. I have no idea how I did what I did. They just had me so hot in my primal drive took over. I wake up to find the stripper I did at the start curled up in my arms and I woke all the way then he said, I hope you do not mind me here. You were sleeping so deep and I wanted to be sure nothing happens to you while you were out. I smiled and said sure thanks. He then started to feel me up. He was so sexy and I got home thinking of it as of his, he felt that we pulled each other's clothes off and rip them to shreds doing it. I knew what he wanted and I was going to give it to him and he was such a good bottom and responded to all my sexual moves.

He shot comas, I fought him twice that he wanted my load. I wondered if I had any left and he sucked me so well and milked was compared to replenished as I slept. He did it over and over till no more would shoot. I felt the climax. my cock still stayed hard. He just kept going. He then kissed me. I was shocked. That's a big No, no for a stripper. He looked me in the eyes, put his finger over his lips and said you did not see that. Then kissed me again deep and hard. My friend and I go back. He was so cool asked me not to let anyone know he owned the place. I agreed. He told me something that made my day. Basically he had never seen his guys respond as They did with me. I said, Well, I never have been that turned in before. He smiled and says, Oh, no, that was more than that. It's You know what? I said? You have a way when fucking not that another guy can not do the same things, but you express your lust and at the same time you can read a bottoms wants, plus fuck man you wore out for guys acids. You got a real sex animal and you It's hot. I said, Well, if I keep doing that will not live to 30. We laughed and went to Mexico together about every two weeks. I had fun again, but only with the first guy. He eventually found a nice guy and settled down. I saw him about six years later on a cruise with his boyfriend. But that's a story for another day.

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