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JPL - October 29, 2021  

CL_Love 51M/50F
193 posts
11/3/2021 7:42 am
JPL - October 29, 2021

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CleavageFan4U 67M
69374 posts
11/3/2021 8:20 am

It seems you and hubby have a great recipe for keeping you satisfied and things hot between you two.

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jc_powerman 63M
254 posts
11/3/2021 3:17 pm

Thanks for post you current blog. I do enjoy the unpolished version. It reminds me I am not the only on that has to rewrite the blog to polish. Keep writing !!! 👌

366Pete 57M

11/3/2021 6:21 pm

Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I’ enjoyed

SmokeyHeaders 68M/58F

11/3/2021 6:30 pm


CL_Love 51M/50F
425 posts
11/4/2021 7:08 am why in the world do the a f f bots delete every "k" that is followed by a period and every usage of the word "was"? WTF!? I mean I sorta get why they delete "10" because god forbid someone be passing numbers via their blog. I'll go back and edit my "10 minutes away" to "ten minutes away" and see if that works. But UGH...I hate this site and it's random deletions. I'll try to post the fixed version to the comments.

CL_Love 51M/50F
425 posts
11/4/2021 7:18 am

JPL 10-29-21

I was a bit horny after a long ass week at work. Hubs and son were going to the farm with some friends to have a cookout and drink beer and generally hang out. Daughter made plans with a friend that was in from out of town so I was alone. I texted JPL and asked what he was up to. He was having some beers after work with friends. I told him to text me later if he wanted to fuck. He said "Will do". I ran a couple loads of laundry and settled in with Netflix. Later I hit up a few other friends. Only Dan really texted me back and flirted a bunch, but never really invited me to come play and I didn't feel like throwing myself at him. Finally, JPL asked how late would be too late. I told him I could come as late as ten. He said he could see me about 9:30...then later said 9:20. I left the house about 8:45 (after letting hubs know my plans). In the meantime, Dan had asked me to come give him a BJ, but didn't really have time to do it on the way, so I told him maybe next time.

When I was about 10 min out, JPL asked me where I was and I told him. He had originally told me to tell him when I hit the city limits, but I figured since he'd know I was about 10 min away, I didn't need to text again like 6 min later. Anyway, I rolled up to his house and it was dark. I asked if he was there, he said he was 5 min away. No biggie. I texted hubs and looked at FB. He showed up about 15-20 min later. He'd been drinking (he really drinks too much I think, but whatever). We chatted a bit and caught up while he turned on a few lights and continued drinking a peach white claw he had when he pulled up. He started giving me shit about my daughter's volleyball team losing (when they had been up 2 sets) to his high school team (bitter rivals). I pulled off my shirt and told him maybe if he was sucking on my tits he would shut up about volleyball. LOL

He did indeed shut up with a boob or two in his mouth and also when he kissed me. Funny, I don't like white claws, but I liked the peachy aftertaste on his breath. I proceeded to take off the rest of my clothes and not waste a bunch of time. I didn't want to be driving home in the rain super late and I was trying to beat my daughter home (she'd been given 12:30 curfew). We went upstairs and got on the bed. He pulled a blanket up over us that was soft and fuzzy. We curled up together and cuddled and snuggled a bit. He said that we don't usually do that. I love cuddling, but I guess he's right. I usually just assume he wants to get right to the sexy fun stuff. So we kissed and cuddled for a little bit before moving on.

He worked his way down my body and licked my pussy a fair bit. He had his hand gripping my thigh in a way that his thumb was digging into me so I reached down and held his hand to pry it off. I need to tell him to put his fingers in me when he licks me. I don't know why I am better at giving some men direction than others. Still building the comfort level I guess. Anyway, he came up and kissed me some more and I enjoyed the light taste of me and the peach white claw on his tongue.

He tried to put his vibrating cock ring on my clit, but it wasn't charged and turned on only for a second before turning off. LOL Good thing I brought my own vibe (which I prefer anyway). But he got up and tried to plug it in and then went downstairs to find a usb/wall converter and I was like...umm...really this can wait. It was kinda funny, but he got that plugged in and we went back to kissing briefly. Then I sucked his cock for just a bit. He asked if I wanted a picture and I told him I left my phone downstairs. So he got up to get it for me and I started playing with myself with my vibe.

He came back with my phone and handed it to me. I had planned on sucking him some more, but while i was fiddling with my phone he started rolling on a condom. no more foreplay? Hmm...ok. He climbed on top of me and easily slid in to my fairly wet pussy. I was a little concerned I might not be warmed up enough, but the angle was ok and he didn't go too hard and fast so it was fine. No pain. He leaned down and kissed me and told me my pussy felt SO good! I told him his cock felt good too. Then I reached between us as he raised up a little and started buzzing my clit. Ohhh.....Yessss! That felt REALLY good. He steadily fucked me while I continued the clit buzz until I finally came on him. Then he rolled off me.

The way the tip of the condom was sitting, I thought maybe he'd cum a little, but he said no he was just giving me a break worried it would be too much to keep fucking after I came. I said I was still good to go so he told me to climb on top of him and try to cum again. We shifted on the bed and I started riding him. It felt nice, but even with a little vibe assistance, I could tell I was probably not going to be able to cum again. Yet I felt close enough to try for a bit. My knees always start to hurt in that position. I did notice when he'd lift his hips to thrust more up into me, my knees bothered me less so I need to try next time asking him to put a pillow or two under his hips. Anyway, I snapped a pic for hubs and took a short vid. Then I set the phone down and kissed him while continuing to ride his wonderful cock.

When my knees were really over it, we moved to doggie style and he started really going pretty hard. It was hurting a little as I think there had been enough time since I came that my pussy was not as long. So I started buzzing my clit again hoping that would help. But he was still kind of pounding away and probably took my groans to be moans. I kept buzzing and when he paused and slow stroked a bit, it felt more pleasurable, but then he speed up again and it would start to hurt again. So I started telling him he should cum for me, etc. Talked a bit dirty. He cums so quietly that I wasn't really sure if he ever did. But at some point, he seemed done and must have pulled out and thrown the condom to the side (eww - that boy needs a trash can near his bed).

We curled up and cuddled. I pulled the soft cozy blanket back over us. I like that, but it still felt a bit weird. He was on the wrong "side" of the bed (I am always on hubs left). I was curled against his hip. We were both still naked. He had my hand held tightly in his and his breathing evened out and he soon was snoring. I briefly thought about waking him up sucking his cock, but decided against it.

After our last playdate, I had ended up with some irritation in my pussy from the condoms plus I kinda needed to pee so after a while of debating, I extricated myself from his grip and slipped downstairs to the bathroom and to clean up. I came back upstairs and he was still snoring softly so I found my panties and socks and put them on.

I then stood there debating with myself what to do, but finally decided to get dressed and ready to leave. It was 11 PM and I still had a rainy half hour drive home. He had told me earlier in our texts that I should stay the night, but I knew my daughter would ask questions if I wasn't home so I told him I couldn't. Maybe at deer season. Once I was dressed, I still was debating waking him. I decided not to and (after fixing the toilet that was running after I had used it so it wouldn't be running all night) I let myself quietly out of his house and locked the doorknob behind me (after triple checking i had everything).

I panicked when I drove home and my daughter's car was already in the driveway. But the house was dark and her bedroom door was closed and she appeared to be asleep already. She never said anything so I wonder if she didn't realize I wasn't in bed asleep when she got in. I texted JPL a thank you for the O and that I had gotten home safely. He never texted back so hopefully he isn't mad I slipped out without saying goodbye.

The boys stayed the night at the farm and the girl left early the next morning so I hit up a few other friends to see if I could find another round of fun, but no luck so I just did laundry and netflix and waited for hubs to get home early afternoon. He fucked me, but didn't last long as he'd been thinking about the pic I had texted him since the night before. I always like the uptick in his desire for me when I have been with someone else. He fucked me again before church Sunday as well.

Trapper69 67G
2657 posts
11/6/2021 9:49 pm

Thanks for sharing this hot experience with us. It's great that your husband is understanding, and allows you to have the freedom to meet your "special friends" to satisfy your desires and needs. But, it seems like you need to find some guys who more available, and don't drink so much....

I don't know why edits what we write.... It wasn't always like this. Suddenly, a few years ago, they started this dumbass editing.......deleting certain words, letters and numbers, even though they have nothing to do with any illegal activity..... It's very frustrating for those of us who post well written stories about what we've experienced, and then butchers it with their editing. A well written story flows smoothly for the reader, and it's easy for the words to paint a picture in the reader's mind! This dumbass editing destroys the stories. Many people used to have great bogs, but stopped posting due to this foolish editing..... It's the same with the Erotic Stories section.

CL_Love replies on 11/8/2021 11:35 am:
So very very true. Frustrating as hell!

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