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New to blogs
Hi everyone, i'm new to blogs so just bear with me.
I'm a down to earth person, who loves a god laugh, good food, good wine and great company.
I have zero tolerance for liars and people who have hidden agendas or play mind games.
I speak my mind and always try to do it tactfully, and if you sytill don't get the hint, well i'll do it bluntly.
I'm a BBW and proud of it. I will never be what society demands ( size 8 and a barbie doll), i will always be me, Big boobs, Big Bum, Big freaking deal.

So tell me what you like and don't like.
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Masquarade part 1, 2 and 3
Posted:Jul 17, 2008 5:32 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2021 7:57 pm

Getting dressed for the party was an effort. I never knew how many layers of clothes were involved in costumes for a Masquarade. However, my hair and make up was done, dress on and my boobs were simply busting to get out. The neckline of the dress was low and the bustier part of the dress had squeezed and pushed my full Dcup boobs into the dress beautifully. The nipples were barely covered by a small piece of black lace that framed the neckline. When ever I moved they felt like they were going to fall out yet they never moved.
The dress was long, dark Red, which flowed over my full hips and hidden in the folds of the skirt was a thigh high slit right at the centre front which stopped about 3 inches below my pussy.
I thought I would be daring and bought myself some fishnet thigh hi stockings and a garter belt. I already had some sexy black mesh knickers at home.
So fixing the mask in place, surveying the overall picture in the mirror I turned and slipped on my black high heels, spritzed myself with my favorite perfume and headed down stairs.

The party was at a private retreat and I was staying there over night, so I didn’t have to drive home. The party was organised buy an adult group that I joined. I’m looking to put a bit of spice back into my life after things getting a bit dull and having no partner. In all honesty, I was feeling a little horny just wearing what I was wearing. It seemed naughty, dressing for something that probably wouldn’t happen. This was after all just a meet and greet of the members of the group.
I walked to the door of the main room, gave my name, was greeted warmly and ushered thru to see a sea of costumes. I was quickly shown where to find everything, the bar, ladies room etc.
I was stunned to see so many attractive people, ladies and gents, all dressed up in costumes and looking sexy to boot…particularly some of the gents.
I grabbed a glass of champagne from the bar and perched my self on a stool and surveyed the room. The barman, who was also in costume asked if I was new, I just smiled and said yes. He winked and walked away with smirk on his face. I checked out his buns…….NICE.
Shaking my head and looking around the room, I noticed that there was plenty of lounges that people were chatting on and there was a small dance floor where people were dancing.
A group of ladies came over and introduced themselves to me and I realised that they were some of the regular chatters that I chat to online. We got talking and then we all headed to the dance floor. Once there and dancing I noticed this guy dancing, watching me from a few feet away. He winked and smiled. Oh My God, what a smile. It made my knees go weak and the heart fluttered. He danced his way closer and I could smell his aftershave…. Mmm now that was an intoxicating smell.
The song changed and I dashed off to get a drink, the first of a few I think. I perched my self back on a bar stool and crossed my legs ..not realising that the skirt of my dress had slid apart and showing my fishnet clad legs. Now my legs are solid and i like wearing stockings. Remember the split come to 3 inches below my pussy and sitting down it looked like it went all the way up to my waist. I looked down and realised that I was almost flashing everyone and tried to cover myself when two voices said “stop”.
I looked up and seen the guy from the dance floor and to the side of me was the bartender. My face flushed red, almost matching my dress.
They quickly introduced themselves as Rick, the bartender, and Terry, Mr intoxicating aftershave. Terry was about 6’ 2 and built nice and solid, Smile to die for and black. Rick, as I said earlier, nice buns, broad shoulders, slim and about same height.

Terry, Mr Intoxicating, says” No need to be embarrassed, you are beautiful and damned sexy, yr eyes are especially to die for, so blue and dreamy” this just made me blush even more. I was not used to being told I was beautiful and sexy. Rick, eagerly nodded his agreement while serving another party guest.
Sipping my champagne, I listen to the music and chatted to Rick and Terry, about anything and everything. Terry then asked me if I would like to dance and well yes I like the latin flavour of music they were playing, so I said yes and we walked to the dance floor.
The dj was playing a slow Rhumba number, slow, sexy, and hot and boy, being this close to Terry, smelling his aftershave, looking into his eyes and being blown away by his gorgeous smile, the whole package was nearly overwhelming.
Holding me close, our hips matching the rocking rhythm of the music, terry was whispering in my ear how he would love to get to know me much better, in and out of my clothes. My heart started pounding and he pulled me closer to him. I could feel every muscle in his body, including one that I was now very curious about. Moving my hands down his body feeling him thru his costume. Mmmmmmm hard was the word that came to mind, rock hard. This guy was tall and solid and built like a rock.
Terry then started nibbling on my neck. Oh My God, I almost collapsed in a heap there and then. Terry had found my most erogenous spot without even trying too. My heart now leaping out of my chest I turned my head and kissed him full on the lips, holding on to his for dear life. I did not trust my legs at this very moment. His tongue delved into my mouth and danced with mine, while one of his hands found the top of the split of my dress and immediately found my very wet knickers. His other hand still holding me close. “ Mmmm you are so wet” stated Terry against my lips. Tearing my lips away from his I could only nod breathlessly. Not realising that Terry had actually danced us back to the bar he lifted me up onto the bar stool. This gave a me a quick glimpse of the noticeable bulge in his tights(remember it’s a costume party). Terry looked down and said “ yes I’m turned on by you, you sexy thing and I would like to take you up stairs and continue this dance” I then noticed Rick standing right behind me and he handed me another glass of champagne, which I downed in two gulps, asked for another, winked at Rick, grabbed Terry’s hand and said “lets go”.
By this time the party was in full swing and I doubt anyone noticed us leaving.
We headed for the lift and waited impatiently. The lift came, we stepped inside and Terry pressed the button for the top floor. Top floor , the penthouses are up there, I thought….niceeeeeeeeee.
Then before I knew what had happened, Terry had me pressed up against the wall of the lift, kissing me and pushing his leg between my legs. I grabbed at his shoulders, holding him to me, or more like holding myself up.
The lift doors opened and we pulled apart enough to walk to his door. He slid the card in the slot and pushed the door open, pulled me inside, kicked it closed and pushed me back against the door. His lips back on my neck…his hands immediately go straight to my skirt, find the split, then my wet knickers, which he then pulls down my legs and off. He stays on his knees and kisses his way back up my fishnet clad legs to the top of my thighs. He stops right at the middle and just breathes, I can feel his breath on my shaved pussy. My chest heaving, trying to get some air.
Terry then leans backward, lifts my left leg and hooks my knee over his shoulder. He leans forward and kisses my bald pussy before darting his tongue between my pussy lips and zeros in on my clit straight away. My right leg almost gives way, as I groan out loud, his tongue playing with my clit almost makes me cum there and then but Terry has his hands on my arse kind of holding me. Thank god for that. I hear him moan and the vibrations from his voice go right thru me from my pussy upwards. I grab the door handle for some stability as Terry continues licking my clit, my orgasm so close I feel like I’m going to faint.
I grip the door handle, as the small waves start rolling inside me. “Oh god I’m going to cum” I yell., Terry attack my clit with gusto and I feel him insert his thumb inside me…….that’s it, I’m gone. My body quivers and shakes, my toes curl as my orgasm rocks my body. My pussy covering Terry in juices. Terry lapping them up furiously, prolonging the orgasm.
My body covered in a sheen of sweat, as I slowly come down from the orgasm. Terry, still ever so slowly licking me.
He leans back, lick his lips “Are you ok beautiful, that was magic”. “yes, but a drink would be good right now” I replied. I lift my leg tenaciously from his shoulder and stand on my own two feet. Wow, I think I need new legs. Terry stands and goes to the bar and gets a soda from the fridge, fills a glass and hands it to me. My throat parched, I drink eaglerly. My pulse still beating a rapid dance, Terry walks toward the sliding glass doors that go the length of the penthouse, opens them and lets in the breeze……… to be continued
The Dream Date
Posted:Jul 17, 2008 5:26 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2021 7:58 pm

( This is a very different story for me to write, as a friend asked me to verbalise his fantasy. To each their own. )

The note said to meet at the Restaurant by 8pm sharp, for some drinks, but to be dressed in something sexy and be prepared for a very naughty night.
So here I am waiting for the Maitre’d to take me to our table. I am wearing a sexy black dress with sheer black stockings attached to suspenders, No knickers, a freshly shaven pussy, a black corset which only covers the underside of my breasts, the tops are totally exposed and black high heels. My nipples however, have small chains with jewels attached to them which are keeping them hard.
The Maitre’d takes me to our table and your already there waiting with a glass of wine for me. You stand up and kiss me on the cheek and while I’m leaning forward, you get a good glimpse of my ample cleavage. I sit down and you tell me I look great and whisper in my ear, that "just knowing what we will be doing later is making you hard". My heart beats faster in anticipation.
I place my hand on your thigh and rub your leg, slowly getting higher and higher under the table. I can hear you breathe and your breaths are getting faster. You suggest we dance. I smile and follow you to the dance floor. It is a slow tune and you hold me close so I can feel your hard on, but in turn you can feel how hard my nipples are through the thin material of my dress. I think to my self that you haven’t seen these nipple chains before as I only bought them today. You will be in for a surprise.
I move slowly to the rhythm of the music and at the same time rub my nipples against you, turning not only you on but me also.
You tell me that we will need to leave soon, so we go back to the table and have another drink.
While waiting for our drinks your hand finds it’s way to my thigh and you gradually work your hand under my dress, higher and higher till you reach my bare pussy. You gasp in delight that I’m wearing no knickers and that I’m nice and smooth for you. You lean over and kiss my neck, I close my eyes as you sneakily wriggle a finger between my pussy lips and find the magic button.
I am already so wet.
You take your hand away, pull out your wallet and leave some money on the table for our drinks, grab my hand, leave the restaurant and take the short 5 minute walk to your apartment.
You open the door and I step inside. You stand behind me and slide your hands over my breasts, feeling my rock hard nipples. Your hands slide down to my waist where you hold me to you and we just rock to imaginary music. I turn around and kiss you softly, then long and hard. I can’t seem to get enough of your kisses. Your Hands reach for the zipper of my dress and slowly pull it down. Then you slide it off my shoulders. It falls in a puddle at my feet. You step back and take in the whole picture. Your breathing is getting faster and faster. You step forward and your hands reach my breasts and you give the nipple chains a slight pull. I gasp at the gentle tug on my nipples, then your hand continues to my waist. I stop you and start to undress you. You get impatient and quickly shed your clothes. You are naked, while I am still partially dressed. You turn me around and run your hands down to my thighs and gently slide them around to the front to feel my bare pussy. Rubbing the ever so smooth skin with your hands, spreading the lips so you can feel how wet I am. Then without warning you give it a slap. I stand up and you walk to a chair and sit down, and you ask me to come and stand in front of you. With my pussy still stinging from that slap, I stand in front of you. Then you lean forward and softly kiss where it’s stinging, then you delve your tongue between my pussy lips to find my clit. OH my god, my knees have just turned to jelly. I move my legs apart for you to get better access.
I look down and can clearly see your hard cock, just waiting to be inside my tight and wet pussy. Your tongue has now found my clit and is tormenting me. My hands that were resting on your shoulders are now gripping them hard so I don’t fall over. You stop and lean back in the chair and pull me to sit astride you. I lick my lips, knowing that I will now be able to get your cock in side me.
As I lower myself down you stop me part way so you can rub the head of your cock over and around my clit. My juices all over the head, you position your cock at my entrance. I start to lower my self. Oh yes, your cock feels so good and hard. I lower myself all the way. You fill me completely.
We are now face to face again and we kiss, our tongues entwining. I can taste myself on your tongue. Your hands in the mean time are rubbing my extremely hard nipples. My breathing is getting very fast, as you know I love my nipples being played with.
You break the kiss and start to suck on my nipples while pulling on the chains. I pull your head to my breast to keep you there.
Using my legs I begin to rise and lower myself on your cock while you are sucking my nipples. MMMMMMMMMMMMmm yes this is sooooooooo good.
Your hands reach around and grab my arse cheeks, squeezing them, then you slap me again on one side then on the other side only a little harder this time. My arse is stinging, my pussy is quivering and my nipples are so hard, and I love the feeling.
I can feel and orgasm building up quickly. You tell me you are going to cum soon. You then bite my nipple and slap my arse some more, harder than before, while I impale myself on your steel like cock. Oh yes I’m cumming too. You grab my arse cheeks and squeeze them tight, while I ground my pussy to you. My nipple still in between your teeth as we cum together. My whole body is shaking in ecstasy as you unload inside me.
I relax and we just sit like that for a few minutes in each others arms. WE kiss tenderly and you tell me that we aren’t finished yet.
I slowly stand up and ease myself off you and as I look down you are still quite hard. I lick my lips and as you stand up I kneel and take your cock in my mouth. I can taste you and me, all mixed together. You rest your hands on my head while I clean your cock of every little bit of cum. My tongue swirling around the head , the down one side then up the other, then taking all of you in my mouth, right down to the base. I hear you moan and feel you grip my head tighter. I use my hands to massage your balls and to rub your puckered arsehole. Your legs begin to shake.
You ask me to stop and stand up.
You take my hand & lead me to the bedroom, where once in side you blindfold me with a satin mask. Then you lead me to the bed. You ask me to kneel on my hands and knees on the bed. I can hear you open a drawer & close it again. You return & once again run your hands over my thighs and slowly up between my legs to where my pussy is so wet. I feel you slide your fingers between my lips & brush my clit. My whole body jumps. You rub my clit & then insert a finger in my pussy. I arch my back & wriggle a bit against his hand. You take out your finger & slide the wet finger up to my arse hole. I hear you kneel on the floor beside the bed. I can feel your breath on my arse as you lower your head & lick my hole but continue down to my pussy & bury your tongue in me. Oh my god I gasp . Your tongue, flickering in & out of me, over my clit, then back to my arse hole.
When my arse hole is slippery enough, I feel you slide a finger in my arse. MMmmmmmmmmmm it feels sooooooo damn good. I push back on your finger. You pull it out. Then I feel you pushing a finger, no something bigger, what is it I ask. A butt plug you reply. Into my arse, you push it slowly & gently. My arse slowly relaxing to the larger invading object. The fine line between pleasure and pain is slowly subsiding. Finally it is all the way in. I feel so damn full and I have no idea how big it is as I am still blindfolded.
Then I feel your hands probing my pussy again. So wet it is almost running down my legs. Your fingers searching for my clit & finding it, I almost cum right there on the spot. Then I feel the tip of Your cock probing the entrance of my pussy. I push back and feel you slide in. You pull out & quickly thrust back in. I gasp in sheer pleasure. You continue to thrust in and out for what seems like hours. Each time you do, your body pushes on the butt plug, ohhhhhhhhhh yeah that feels so good. Having both holes filled at the same time, . I tell you that I’m close to cumming. You lean forward & asks me if I’m ready to explode…….I yell God yes.
Then all of a sudden I feel a vibration in my arse. My legs start quivering, my pussy throbbing, my whole body shaking with the vibrations. I hear you yell that you are going to cum also. The vibrating intensifies, you slap my still red arse again and again. I scream out as my orgasm hit me hard. You pound away at my pussy with an urgency I have never known before, then thrust into me one last time, hold still & you cum. Our bodies shaking uncontrollably, my arms & legs collapse & I lay on the bed with you still inside me. The vibrating slows down & eventually stops. Never, have I ever cum like that before.
Gasping for air, you roll off me & on to your back. Amazingly your cock is still semi hard. So, think to myself that seeing as this is supposed to be the night of our lives. I take the initiative and lick your cock back to full hardness, again.
It does not take long to get you hard again. I remove my satin blindfold and place it over your eyes. You know what we are about to do. We have talked about it.
You tell me to go to the bottom draw in the wardrobe. I go to the draw and pull out what I need.
I come back to you & you are now on your hands & knees on the bed. I step into the harness and buckle it up. I now wear the dick & I’m going to fuck you.
I kneel on the floor and gently lick your cock, running my tongue up your shaft till I reach your balls. I feel them tighten.
I then take a butt plug that is small at one end and thickens at the base, cover it in lube and place some on your puckered hole. Slowly I work the butt plug in. In and out, in and out, a little more each time, until the whole thing is in your arse. Your moans tell me that you like it. I go back & suck your cock some more. Your cock is rock hard, harder than I think it has ever been. You are begging me to fuck you with the butt plug & I tell you NO. I will fuck you with my cock.
I get up and slowly kiss my way to your arse. Ever SO slowly I pull the butt plug out of your arse. You are begging me to put it back in.
I pull it out and pick up the tube of lube put some more on your now stretched arse. I stand up. With my heels still on I am the perfect height for your arse. I move behind him and line up the rubber cock with your hole. Slowly & gently pushing, just so the tip goes in, then I slap your arse as you had done to me. You moan loudly that you want more, so I slap the other side, leaving nice red marks that would be stinging quite a bit. You are so horny now that you start to push back against me. I pull back, you beg me not to tease you.
This time I push so that the rubber cock is half way in. Your arms are shaking & your legs are quivering. Your cock is so hard it looks like it will burst.
With a quick thrust I push the last of the cock into your arse & you yell out with sheer pleasure. You beg me again to fuck you & to fuck you hard. I begin to thrust in & out of your arse. Occasionally slapping your arse too. Then I feel the vibrations in my arse again & realise that I still have my butt plug in also & you have just turned the remote back on. The vibrations are getting faster and stronger. Oh my god, this is so intense. I feel my pussy. It is so wet. The faster the vibrations go the faster I am thrusting in to you. I am going to cum in a matter of moments, I tell him. You are also at the verge of cumming yourself, so I just let myself go with the feeling fuck him hard. The vibrating is so fast, my hips are trying to keep up. You yell that your going to cum now, so I take one last hard thrust and hold your hips to my cock & slap you a few more times. As I do this, my own orgasm hits me with such an incredible force that I dig my nails into your skin as I hold onto you for dear life.
We collapse in a heap on the bed still connected and just try and get our breath back. The vibrating is slowing down again and it stops. You throw the remote for the butt plug on the floor.
Slowly I pull the rubber cock out of your arse. I walk to the bathroom, take it off and wash it. I also take the butt plug from my own arse and wash that too. I feel so empty now.
I walk back to bedroom & see you laying on the bed, blindfold off & with a huge smile on your face.
He kisses me gently as we snuggle up on the bed together and says thank you and that we must do this more often. I kiss you back and say yes, we will.
In the Darkness
Posted:Jul 17, 2008 5:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2024 4:19 pm

Working late at the office one night, busily preparing reports for my manager, I suddenly get the feeling I am being watched. I look around the office and see no-one. I can only hear the buzz of the air conditioner. I knew that if someone were here that is unauthorised, security would let me know. But I couldn�t shake that feeling, like when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
I had almost finished my last report, and I needed to go to the file room to return the previous months report. I had just put the report back in it�s appropriate file when the lights flickered and went out. My heart in my mouth, I counted to ten and waited for the emergency lights to kick in. I am very wary of dark places ever since I was a .
The emergency lights kick in and they emit and eerie red glow to the room. I carefully make my way to the door of the file room when I hear a noise. I stop and look around, but see nothing.
I make my way back to my desk, pick up my mobile phone and ring my husband to let him know I will be stuck for a while seeing as the lifts are not working either. I had just put my phone back in my handbag when someone grabs me from behind, puts a blindfold over my eyes, a gag in my mouth and ties my hands behind my back.
I am pulled to my feet and marched away from my desk, to god knows where. We didn�t walk far when I heard a door close behind me. I was told to stand still and listen to everything around me.
I could sense someone standing behind me, I could hear them breathing close to my ear. The person then began whispering to me, telling me how he had watched me from a distance for quite while, always wondering that if the conservative clothes I wore, which mainly consisted of suits, hid the real side of me. The wild wanton slut and he was sure that my husband would love to see me being fucked by someone other than him.
I have never considered my self wanton, although I enjoy sex, I had never had a night of wild abandonment. I shivered and my skin got goose bumps. This man couldn�t know that I like nice sexy underwear.
This man, went on to tell me that I was going to prove to him how much of a slut I am. My mind was reeling with fear, I had no idea at what this person was going to do.
I sense movement in front of me and realise that there is someone else in the room. Now I am really worried.
The person in front of me is wearing aftershave, and moves towards me, the scent is very familiar, but I can�t think where I have smelt it before. I feel the buttons on my suit jacket being undone and the jacket is pushed off my shoulders. It doesn�t fall to the floor as my hands are still tied behind my back. The sheer white blouse I am wearing is being undone, revealing my 40D breasts encased in a lacy bra and because my hands are behind my back, my breasts are thrust forward. Both guys whisper that they look stunning and that they will be sucked and licked till I cum, and begging for more. My breath coming in short gasps now, their talk is exciting me. My heart is racing in anticipation of what is to come. My hands were untied long enough to get rid of my jacket and blouse, then retied behind my back again.
The man in front of me kneels down and slowly runs his hands up my stocking clad legs. I am wearing a matching lace thong, which was so small, it barely covered my landing strip at the top of my pussy and white suspenders.
The man in front of me with the aftershave tells his friend that I must be aroused as he can smell me. The man behind me, tells his friend to go ahead and help himself to the goods, while he reaches around me and rubs my breasts, my nipples getting harder and harder as he does so. Up and up the hand of the guy in front goes, till he reaches the side of my thong. He hooks his thumbs under neath and pulls it ever so slowly down my thighs, calves and finally to my ankles where he lifts each foot to discard the thong. The guy behind me then undoes the zipper on my skirt and lets it drop to the floor. Both men whistle through their teeth. The one in front says that he was right about me being hot to trot. He did not realise that he said the other guy's name, Ben. So Ben was behind me. Ben exclaimed that no ice maiden wears underwear like that. The guy in front of me then rubs his finger along my pussy and gently inserts a finger, feeling my wetness. My legs go all wobbly and Ben grabs my arms to hold me up. My heart is beating so fast, it feels like it is about to jump out of my chest.
I hear Ben undo his trousers and he pulls me against him so I can feel his hard on. It feels huge, I�m sure bigger than my husband's. He places it between my arse cheeks and starts to thrust in and out. It feels like it is a steel pole between my legs.
I hear the guy in front of me move forward and I feel his tongue at my pussy. He moves my feet further apart so he can get at my clit better. He sucks on my clit hard and I moan. They both stop what they are doing and I feel one slide between my legs on the floor. Ben then instructs me to squat down. I do as I�m told and I feel a cock probing at my opening, I stop. Ben tells me that he knows I want it, I shake my head seeing as I still had the gag in my mouth. Ben says I don�t have an option and proceeds to push down on my shoulders. My legs collapsed and I impaled myself on this cock that feels not very long, but thick as I can feel it stretching my pussy. My pussy muscles twitching I hear Ben move to stand in front of me. He bends down to release my hands from their ties and remove the gag. He then orders me to suck his cock.
As I cannot see, I run my hand up his legs which are now bare until I bump into his cock with my nose. The guy underneath me has yet to move except to hold my hips.
I bring my hand up to hold his cock and I can�t even hold it in one hand�it is that thick and long. Ben thrusts forward towards my mouth. I open my lips and using the tip of my tongue, I lick the head of his cock. Circling around and down the underside then back to the top before putting the head in my mouth. I am barely able to get my mouth around him. I lower my head and swirl my tongue around his cock. While I am doing this the other guy underneath me is thrusting into my very wet pussy. Gradually I am getting more cock into my mouth, but I cannot take it all.
Ben suddenly takes two steps forward and this forces me to lean backwards, thus exposing my clit to the guy on the floor. Ben tells his friend, who I now know is Craig to play with my clit and make me cum. My body has already betrayed me and is letting me enjoy this. Craig furiously rubs his thumb on my clit which instantly makes my body quiver and I can feel and orgasm building quickly. Faster and faster Craig thrusts. With a few final rubs on my clit, I cum hard , moaning as best I can with Ben�s cock in my mouth.
Suddenly Ben grabs me and throws me on the floor and pulls my legs up over his arms and probes my pussy with the head of his cock. Just pushing the head in, then taking it out. In and out. He keeps this up for what seemed like ages, until I was begging him to put his whole cock in my pussy. When he did, I screamed. It was huge and did not get in very far. He was definitely bigger than Craig. Bigger and longer. Ben told me that I will take it all, just like a good slut does, and with that he began pumping my pussy. Craig was now at the side of my head waiting for me to suck his cock. I opened my mouth take him in, while trying to concentrate on what I was doing.
Ben was pumping away at my pussy getting more and more of his cock in me, and I was enjoying it, loving the feel actually. I told him I wanted him to fuck me from behind. He let out a whoop of joy and told Craig to let me get on my hands and knees. I had no sooner got into position when Ben slammed his cock back into me. The force of his thrust almost knocked me over, but he grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me back on to him. "I am going to fuck this slut silly, no more ice maiden for her", Ben growls.
Craig had positioned himself in front of me and he held his hands on my head while I sucked his cock with all that I could. Craig was soon yelling that he was going to cum, so I sucked harder, and when I did, he came in the back of my throat. Great big spurts filled my throat, so much, that it was running out my mouth. He pulled out of my mouth and licked my chin.
Meanwhile, my pussy was throbbing from the workout it was getting from Ben, I started to wiggle my arse as Ben thrust into my pussy so to try and keep me still he thrust two fingers in my arse. I screamed once more at the painful intrusion, but then the pain went away and I began moving against his hand. Having his fingers in my arse was turning me on so much that I thought that I would help my self to an orgasm, so I began rubbing my clit with my fingers. The orgasm was building quickly again. I was bucking and thrusting back on Ben so much that he soon yelled that he was cumming. He fucked my pussy with his cock as hard as he could while fucking my arse with his hand. My hand was busily working on my clit. My body started to shake uncontrollably, just as Ben let his load go. Filling my pussy to the brim. The sweat ran from my forehead, Ben slumped against my back and I collapsed on the floor with Ben still inside me.
Ben pulled out and said to Craig that he knew I would be a good fuck. While they gathered their clothes, Craig mentioned that they had to get back to the security cameras before the boss got back. In my exhaustion it clicked that Ben and Craig were the security guys that looked after our office so they must have been watching me on the cameras. Ben pulled the blindfold off me and while my eyes adjusted, he said that he would look forward to the next time I worked back, cause he wanted to know"what other things a secret slut like me can do." Well, he�ll just have to wait and see.
Posted:Jul 17, 2008 5:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2024 4:19 pm

OK this story and the next few have already been posted on the site but i wanted to place them here for easier reading.

I was on my way to a party at a friend's house, and as I always turn up late to things, this time I was determined to be early. I left home and planned to arrive 40 mins early at my friend's house, so I could help them finish setting up.
Everything was going great, until I broke down. Damn, I thought ……just my luck. So I got out of the car and looked around hopefully that someone was about that could help me. I saw a guy in overalls walk in to his garage, where I could see a black corvette with the hood up. I thought, I’ll go and ask him if I can use his phone to call for help, or if I’m real lucky, he may be able to help me.
I got out of the car and pulled my skirt down as it had ridden to the top of my thighs in the car. I was wearing my favourite short black skirt which had a 3 inch split on one thigh at the front, a black lace short sleeved shirt over a black lace half cup bra, with strappy 3 inch black heels. Taking a deep breath I walked up the driveway to the garage. I called out "hello" and a deep husky voice answered " Just a sec". I looked around to see where the voice came from and I could see a pair of legs sticking out from under the car. Mmmmmmmm I thought…. nice long legs.
The guy slid out from under the car on one of those low trolleys with tiny wheels. He looked up, smiled and said "well what have we got here", licking his lips. I was a bit taken aback by what he said, but I got my first good look at him. 6ft tall, wide muscular shoulders, nice firm stomach and a smile to make you go weak at the knees, which I did. Was it suddenly getting warm in here, I wondered. I explained that I had broken down and on my way to a party at a friend's house near here. "No problems " he said, " I'll just finish up here, give you a lift and then come back and have a look at yr car". "Ok thank you" I replied. Wow, such a nice man I thought, where has he been all my life, and it would be just my luck that he was already taken. I have no luck with men at all and sometimes think I have "losers welcome" tattooed on my forehead.
He introduced himself as Mike, and mine was Jules.
Mike told me to go and sit on the chair over on the other side of the garage. For the first time, I had a good look around and noticed that Mike's garage was immaculately clean. Everything is clean and polished, including the workbench, which was polished stainless steel. Carpet on the floor on this side of the garage, concrete on the other. It didn’t even smell like garage, a faint citrus smell lingered in the air.
So seeing the chair, I decided to sit down and wait for him to finish. I had an excellent view of his rear as he bent over the fender of the vette. The overalls defined his arse nicely mmmmmmmm. I imagined what it would feel like to run my hands over his cheeks and wrap my legs around him ……oh my god, what am I thinking? I’m not here to be thinking things like that. It was then that I noticed, that Mike was looking at me while still bending over the fender. "like what you see?" he said. I blushed with embarrassment at being caught out. Mike chuckled and turned away and went back to working.
I got up out of the chair and decided to keep myself busy. I was looking at his tools hanging up in the cabinets above the workbench. I reached out a hand and ran my fingers along the length of a chrome tension wrench. Cold and hard to the touch, my mind wandered back to the last time I had sex. It was great sex ….. for him, but not for me. He just took what he wanted then left. I came out of that foggy place in my mind thinking, that if the sex was so bad, how come I’m getting wet now.
It was then that I realised that I could feel Mike breathing on the back of my neck and his large hands on my hips. I was feeling pretty good at that moment and thought, hell, I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens.
I leant back against Mike and realised he was shirtless. I started to turn around, but he stopped me. Mike leant forward and pressed a button on the wall next to the cabinet that I am standing in front of. I hear a noise and I realise that the garage door in closing. He whispered in my ear that he didn’t want any interruptions. Mike tells me to place my hands on the workbench and to leave them there. Mike then bends down and moves my feet so they are about 2 foot apart and runs his hands up the insides of my legs. By this time, my skirt has risen back up to the tops of my thighs, and is showing a portion of my tanned arse. Mikes hands reach the top of my thighs and rubs his hands over my g-string. Then he moves it aside and ever so slowly dips his finger between my very wet pussy lips. I gasp as he does this. My legs are like jelly at the moment. He removes my g-string and puts it in his pocket.
Mike stands up and from behind me slowly unbuttons my lace blouse. He rubs my breasts and feels for my nipples which if were lights… .would be on high beam. One hand leaves a nipple and moves lower, down the front of my skirt.
As Mike is quite a bit taller than myself, has pressed himself against me and I can feel what seems like a steel bar, pressed to the cheeks of my arse. Mmmmm I think. Mikes hand reaches its target and my legs almost let me down. He has barely touched me and already I’m on the verge of having an orgasm. Mike starts rolling my left nipple between his finger and thumb, while rubbing my clit with the fingers of his other hand. I am moaning and circling my hips, trying to make this last a little longer. I can feel my pussy muscles beginning to tighten. Mike slides his right hand lower to my pussy opening and inserts one finger. That’s it, I moan that I’m cumming and he pushes his finger in my pussy as far as he can from his position. My pussy is quivering and he takes his had away and it is covered in my juices. I hear mike licking his fingers. I have collapsed on the workbench trying to catch my breath.
I turn and start to straighten my clothes and Mike stops me saying "we haven’t finished yet".
Mike puts his hands on my hips and lifts me onto the workbench and slides me forward till I am sitting on the edge. He pulls over a little stool sits in front of me, parts my legs and hooks them over his wide shoulders so that I am leaning back on my forearms for balance. He trails some little kisses and nibbles up the inside of my thighs till he reaches my pussy, which is now in full view of him and is bare of all hair. He kisses the outer lips lightly and then plunges his tongue in. Straight away he zooms in on my clit.... Oh god this man is sooooooo good, I’m going to have to marry him, I think to myself. Never has any man I have been with paid so much attention and time to me. Licking my clit, round and over, sucking gently and sucking hard at times. My knuckles turning white, I am gripping the edge of the workbench so hard. Mike runs his tongue down to he entrance of my pussy and starts darting his tongue in and out, round and round. This man is driving my crazy. Back up to my clit and then he puts his finger in my pussy, then another…… this man has big hands, his fingers feel so large, filling me already. I hold his head to my clit as he continues to lick and suck on my clit. I can feel another orgasm building up very quickly. He feels me tensing up and sucks even harder on my clit and fucks me with his hand harder and faster. With a rush, I orgasm and cum all over Mike’s face. He continues to lick up every drop, which is only keeping me incredibly horny.
He gets up off his stool and steps out of his overalls, which to my surprise he is naked underneath. I slide off the workbench, and immediately place my hands around the shaft of his cock…. my fingers don’t quite fit around his 8 inch cock. I kneel down and rub the tip across my lips. I ever so slightly touch the tip of my tongue to his tip, then circle the head. I hear his sharp in take of breath as I slide my mouth over his cock and move my head down. I suck gently on him, then release him. Trace my tongue down one side then back up the other, while gentle massaging his balls in my other hand. Mike rests his hands on my shoulders. He mutters "feels so good", I just smile and keep my tongue busy.
I keep up the blow job for a few more minutes before he begs me to stop. Mike leads me over to the chair I was sitting in before. Sort of like an office chair with arm rests. Mike pulls the arm rests off the chair and puts them on the workbench comes back and sits himself down. Then he pulls me on his lap, so I am sitting straddled across his lap. He gently rubs my clit with his cock and makes sure I am wet enough, before raising me above his cock and lowering me very slowly on it. I grimace with a little discomfort as I am being stretched. Slowly lowering me further and further till he is completely inside me. Once there he is completely still, allowing me to adjust to his thickness and length, then he lowers his head to my right nipple and starts to tease it.
This makes me squirm and start to move on his cock. Rising slowly until I am almost off him I begin a faster rhythm and soon he is thrusting hard into my pussy. My back is arched, thrusting my nipple toward him to suck harder. I am feeling Mike’c cock slam in to my pussy and revelling in the feel of his hardness.
Mike then tells me his greatest fantasy is to fuck a beautiful woman from behind while she is bending over the hood of his vette. I tell him to live that fantasy now. I get off Mike’s cock which is now slick with my juices and walk over to the front of his car, close the hood and lean forward on my elbows, leaving my arse in the air for Mike. He stands behind me and lines up his cock with my pussy and with one hard thrust, slams it in my pussy. Oh fuck , I think, he feels even bigger than before. I start to push my hips back to meet his thrusting………. "oh Yes" I say to him. Then he starts circling a finger at my arsehole………..round and round then he inserts the tip, I gasp and my knees go weak as he pushes it the whole way in. In and out his finger and cock goes, increasing my pleasure to a whole new level. I am getting a tingling feeling in the pit of my stomach, an orgasm is slowly building.
I lean now on one arm and snake my hand down my stomach till it reaches my clit. I start to rub. Everything I am feeling at the moment is so intense. I start to moan and grind my hips on Mike. Then he inserts another finger, fuck this is mind blowing. My pussy is being fucked by the biggest cock I have ever had and he is finger fucking my arse, along with me frantically rubbing my clit. I tell him I am so close to cumming and he picks up the pace yet again.
Feeling my orgasm so close I move my hand from my clit and insert two fingers in my pussy with his cock, this has just put me over the edge. "oh Fuck, I’m cumming" I scream, and so is he, if his moans are anything to go by.
My legs stiffen and my body shakes uncontrollably as he roughly thrusts into my pussy, pumping every last drop from his cock into my pussy. I use my pelvic muscles to squeeze his cock. He pulls his fingers out of my arse and collapses on top of me on his car. "Lady, you have just made day, week, month and year, Thank you very much" he said. The same could be said about him.
We got off his car and he said he will go and change, then drop me at my friend house. I looked at my watch and not surprisingly I noticed that I am already 30 mins late for their party. So much for being early. I straighten my clothes and button my shirt and look for my g-string, which is not in sight, forgetting that Mike put it in the pocket of his overall. I look around and see some hand towels hanging on a rail near a sink and decide to wipe my pussy as cum was oozing out of it. I wipe my self and decide to hang it back up as a reminder to Mike.
Mike comes back down dressed in jeans, shirt and boots. He opens the garage door and unlocks the vette. We get in and he drives me to my friends house which is just a few streets away. We both get out of the car and he locks the doors. He walks with me to door of my friends house just as they open the door and with surprised looks on their faces say "I see Jules that you have already met my brother. In shock I turn and Mike winks at me. He whispers in my ear "If you think today was fun, wait till later tonight", I blushed and watched the looks of confusion on my friend faces.
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ok this really gets my goat.
Women who are a size 14 or less and think that they are a BBW( bigger beautiful woman).

A plus size woman they are NOT.
They can still go and buy all of their clothes off the rack at any store. Most BBW can buy some, if they are lucky, but not all.

I know us gals have our body issues as do guys, and we can all do with loosing a few kilos but be realistic ladies, you are clearly NOT a BBW.

there are many women on this site inparticular who state they are BBW's and after looking at their pics...clearly are not.

Learn to love the body you have and you will be alot more confident too, and in confidence comes sexiness.

ok stepping off my soap box now
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Posted:May 28, 2008 4:40 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2008 11:39 pm

yes i am doing some research..hehee...for some new stories that i'm trying to compose.

So this topic is whether or not you think that by taking away one sense( as in sight hearing taste, touch etc)enhances the others.

I realise that this topic can cross the B&D one..but not necessarily.
Posted:May 28, 2008 4:37 pm
Last Updated:Feb 12, 2016 11:54 pm

OK i'm on a roll today.

What do you consider light B&D.
How far would you take the term "light" or do you consider a little slap and tickle during sex the most you would ever do.
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Posted:May 28, 2008 4:33 pm
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2010 11:00 pm

OK i know this does not appeal to everyone, but it does to a lot of people.
Tell me if you have had one, if you want to have one, what it was like for you, would you do it again and how would you rate it as an experience.
Would you go so far as to increase the number of men or add another female.
Were the two guys strangers or one a partner and/or a friend or just two random guys that you picked up.
Was there any MM action or just strictly giving all the attention to the woman.

Tell me yours then i'll tell you mine
love sounds
Posted:Aug 9, 2007 4:20 pm
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2008 11:24 pm

well people, if you have read my profile you would see that i have an open marriage.
Anyway i was playing recently with two guys, not at the same time..get yr minds out of the gutter..hahaha...altho i have had a mfm once.
Two guys, two different days, anyway, me when having sex i like to moan my pleasure, i'm not a screamer, i do like the guy to know he is pleasing me, but the first guy kept telling me to shush and not say anything. I thought that was strange..he likes silence evidently.
Now the second guy, god bless him, loves the sexy sounds i make, i tell him what i like/love, and what i am feeling. He loves it.

So what is it people, do you like knowing what feels good and being told yr doing something right or do you prefer silence.
Posted:Aug 9, 2007 4:13 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2011 6:14 pm

Now don't get excited, i'm not sitting on the proverbial fence, this girl is strickly dickly..hahaha.

I was chatting with a male friend, (Fuck buddy) who i have know for a bout 3 years, anyway...he has been married for 30 years and he and his wife live totally different lives.
Don't get me wrong , he loves her to pieces, but she has not interest in him, his life or sex with him. She actually considers him a dirty old man for having a wank. Personally i think any guy who says he doesn't do that is liar but that's a different story.
But when it comes down to her playing with her self in the shower and he catches her, that's perfectly fine, altho she berates him for even thinking about watching her.

So what would you do in this situation. Would you as a man just give up on sex, cause you love yr wife or would you seek out a playmate or two.

Guys tell me yr opinion on this.
the most fun
Posted:Jul 30, 2007 4:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 22, 2008 11:41 pm

Ok tell what would think would be the most fun.

I am trying to organise a xmas gettogether for a couple of my interest groups and wanting to make it fancy dress.
So what are you opinions on theme out of the following.
Formal attire: always nice to do once in a while
Ganster and Mole ( chicago style ): lots of fishnets suspenders and stockings
Medieval(knights, wenches and fair ladies):...the naughtiness runs amok, bustiers, boobs and tights..hehehe

let me know you thoughts and why.
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Job hunting
Posted:Jul 15, 2007 3:54 pm
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2007 9:11 pm

OK, this week i'm job hunting with a vengence. I'm not fussy, and will gladly do almost anything.
So i've spent the weekend preparing Cover letters, applications and resumes.
Anyone who says that there is no jobs out there are liars and lazy......there are so many good jobs out there.

Wish me luck, i'm off for some interviews and to rejoin with some recruitment agencies tat i've used in the past.

Woohoo, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to fuind a job i go......hehehehe

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