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Private Dancer  

DaveMassey69 62M
1 posts
10/4/2021 11:51 am
Private Dancer

The hour had come for me arrive, although we were friends for some time, this would be our first time together. You had prepared everything. One more in the mirror, freshen your<b> perfume </font></b>and lip stick. I entered the Bungalow; I see the lights are low, candles burning, a light scent of lavender tickling my senses. Light jazz drifting from some place behind me. Your voice, sweet as candy, tells me sit. You enter the room, just as I had imagined, a white crop cammi, I can see your breasts give a subtle bounce with each step, a matching thong, garter/thigh hi stockings all in white to accent the skin tone of your body. On your feet you wore 4 inch red spike heels that were perfectly matched to your lip color. Without so much as a glance my way you begin to sway in time with the music. My eyes feasting upon you, taking a mental photograph of this moment to be cherished time and again.

Watching you dance confirmed me how long I have wanted you. Friendly, but always professional chance meetings of the past, now moving in a new direction. Not sure what the night was entail, so I dressed casually, but smartly. Cream colored linen pants, grey silk shirt, opened just low enough show the fine dark hair covering my chest. My first thought is how beautiful you in this light. Frank Trajan's, The Fire Inside, is the perfect jazz note match your swaying body, graceful. Your eyes lock mine as you rotate your hips. Slowly lowering your body, just enough for me catch a glimpse under your cammi, so . I am amazed by the toned shape of your thigh. Your 4 inch heels give amazing definition to your calves. Beautiful legs, dancers legs.

Turning away you slowly bend over and looks back, a sultry look, just to make sure you have my attention. Your hand moves down the front of your bent thigh, behind the knee and then slowly back up to caress your buttock.

Turning back towards me, you come over, just close enough so I can capture your<b> perfume </font></b>but, still far enough away not to touch, teasing. You move as a willow in the wind. Swaying back and forth, hands on your body, caressing, offering. You bend over and squeezes your breasts up and together. Playfully extending your tongue to simulate licking an erect nipple. I shift in my seat a , allowing some room in an area suddenly becoming very tight. You move closer and wrap your arms around my neck. I soak in your beauty. Memorizing every inch of your face. The shape of your eyes, the color of your lips, the sensuous curve of your neck. You move in closer and with surprising strength pull me up you. Our bodies coming together into a perfect fit. As one, we begin to sway to the music. Our passion for each other no longer a question.

Moving together we kiss. Tongues just touching each others. I caress your body. We kiss more deeply, tongues exploring. I caress your back, my hands moving down to your ass, squeezing a cheek firmly but gently. I slide my hand under your thigh and raise your leg. You wrap it around me and squeeze, our pelvises pressing together. You roll your pelvis up and down, feeling how excited and turned on I am. Looking at me you ask, Is that for me. With a sly smile and barely a whisper into your ear, I simply reply, Yes. My breath sends a shiver down your spine.

I turn you around and embrace you from behind. In the reflection of the floor length mirror you watch as I slide my hands up your shoulders, my fingers moving across your front and down the top of your breasts. Caressing you, I move my hands back and forth. Light feather caresses, nipples responding.

I move my fingers under the cammi and slide off your shoulders. As if in slow motion floats down the floor. You reach behind you and unclip and slowly remove your bra. Your breasts exposed in all their magnificent glory. You watch in the mirror as my hands start your breasts, lifting, squeezing. You place your hands over mine and together we explore your chest. You turn around and face me.

I continue to caress your breasts as I lower myself down. With my tongue I circle an areola. I move my fingers closer to your nipple. It is so erect. I lick it gently; I love how your nipple bends slightly to my pressure. Moving my tongue in a circle, pinching it with my thumb and finger. A harder, pulling, twisting. I take your nipple into my mouth and gently pull with my teeth. Your hips are starting move, your thighs are squeezing together.

I ease you down so you sit on to the edge of the king size bed and kneel in front you. With eyes locked I gently open your legs. I kiss you on the inside of your thighs, slowly making my way upward. As I get closer to you I can smell your sex, so intoxicating. I move my head towards your pussy. Your lace panties are soaked. I inhale deeply, loving your scent. I start to rub you, up and down, feeling your wetness on my fingers. You can not help but reach down and slide your hand into your panties. I watch as you feel yourself. I see your fingers moving around your clit, sliding up and down your lips. You tell me to remove your panties. I reach into the band and slowly pull them down. Glorious. With just a hint of hair you are almost completely shaved. Your pussy is so moist, so delicious looking. I want nothing more but to please you with my tongue and mouth.

Your hands are on my head gently pulling me into you; you want my tongue on your pussy. I reach out with my tongue and circle the of your clit, more pressure. A nibble, you gasp.

I put between my lips and suck, pulling back and forth. My fingers are opening your pussy lips, so wet, so .

I spread your lips with index and ring finger. My middle finger inside you, moving in and out. Fingers rubbing your lips. Your pussy is getting wetter. I you more deeply, two fingers inside you. Feeling for your spot. Ah, yeah, your body tells me. More pressure, deeper, in and out, circling inside you. So tight, I can just get three fingers inside you. I bring my hand up your mouth. You lick one finger and put in your mouth, sucking your pussy juice. So sweet. Your hips are moving harder. Your thighs pressing my head. You want me inside. I come up you, eyes looked in anticipation. I bring your legs up on my shoulders. You look amazing, sweat, red skin, moisture.

I tease your pussy with the of my cock. Rubbing your lips, up and down, moisture building. With gentle pressure I push the head of my cock inside you. Inch by inch I enter you, I feel your pussy engulf me, so tight, so , so wet. I am rubbing your clit with my thumb as I slide in and out of you. You are squeezing those magnificent breasts together. You bring a breast up to your lips and lick your nipple, it is so hard, you are so . You push your pelvis up meet my thrusts. I gyrate inside you. We're such a good fit. I am thrusting harder, deeper, stronger. Our eyes locked, anticipation growing, sweating, panting. You gasp, I want you cum, you plead, I thrust.

OMG, I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock, so good. You rake your nails across my chest, red lines show how turned on your are awesome. You are so beautiful, ecstasy. I bring your legs down off my shoulders. You wrap them around my waist, arching your back, squeezing your thighs.

You start shake; your pussy is so tight. Now, now, I feel you cumming. I hold my cock deep inside you as your pussy grasps . You shake and buck, so . You want my cum, you beg and I explode deep inside you, you feel , you gasp. Cumming so hard, so turned on by you. A final thrust.

We settle, gasping, smiling. I move slowly inside you, matching your breathing, you're calming down, sweat beading on your beautiful face. Your breasts are so red. You pull me down on top of you, feeling my muscular chest pressed against those magnificent breasts, bodies , sweaty.

I lay beside you. We spoon and drift off into a deep sleep. Holding you in my arms.

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