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Beth 4 Making love to the farm report.  

Eviloutlaw1 62M
4436 posts
10/24/2021 10:04 am

Last Read:
10/25/2021 1:19 am

Beth 4 Making love to the farm report.

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Eviloutlaw1 62M
5180 posts
10/24/2021 10:05 am

Ever wake up in the morning and not want to get out of bed? Yeah, that's how I felt waking up that Saturday morning next to Beth. We were still in a spoon position, but things had changed somewhat. Of course I awoke with my usual morning wood, now almost fully exposed having been nestled up to Beth's sexy ass during my sleep it having become uncovered as I was grinding on her in my sleep. It didn't help that sometime during the night she had taken her panties off ( I knew from our chats that she'd always like to sleep in just a T-shirt, Florida being warm most of the time it just felt cooler to her to do so. ) Yeah mister happy was awake and dripping as usual but this morning he wasn't alone and like I said nestled in that sweet spot of Beth's ass crack. I growled as I felt her push back indicating she was awake as well. Had Damian not chosen that exact moment to come out of his bedroom on his way to the bathroom to shower up and get ready for his day I think Beth and I would have made love right there for the first time on his living room floor.

The two of us caught as it were, after Damian started his shower we got up and got dressed, eventually...I couldn't help pulling her closer and reaching down in front of her to rub her pussy, yeah like me she was aroused as well. Sitting up she took ahold of my cock and gave it a few strokes, telling me in a whisper that she'd wished we could paly some as she wanted it as much as I did, but it looked like Damian was starting his day and we'd have to leave soon as well. We got up and got dressed, well mostly... we never did find her panties. So she put her jeans back on with out that day going commando. ( I did get them back to her later though, a couple of weeks after she went back to Florida, Damian was vacuuming under his couch and that's where they'd gotten to.)

I won't bore you with all the morning routine stuff that usually happens, suffice to say that and hour later we were saying good bye to Damian and heading over to Mary's house so we could get Beth's things back. I half expected Mary to be the bitch she was the night before and put up a fuss about giving Beth her stuff. But in the sober morning light, hung over she was anything but. Being down right apologetic to Beth, saying she hoped their little spat the night before wouldn't ruin their long friendship? Beth on her part accepted the apology but I don't think they were ever really close afterwards. Not that I would know? Never seeing Mary again after that. Of course when we got back to my car Beth checked out her suite case contents, the money she had it and her return plane ticket were still in it, along with her address book. Using my phone she called her Aunt, would it be okay to come out early to her place, as things got kind fouled up with her friend, her Aunt said it wasn't any problem and told her looked forward to seeing her again, and besides she could use her help with setting things up for their reunion picnic.

With things settled with her Aunt, I drove Beth out to Northeast to her Aunts house, a big old farm house on about half an acre surrounded on three sides by grape vines and fronted by route twenty. Even at this time of year you could smell the concord grapes as they matured. As I pulled into the drive Beth's aunt came out on to the side porch waving hello. We got out and walked up the steps where she stood waiting and after what seem like a bear hug that wouldn't quit Beth introduced me to her aunt. Of course she wanted to know what had happened with Beth's "friend" Mary and what the fight was about? After giving her the PG version the woman thanked me for taking care of her niece and helping her like I did. I let her know it was my pleasure to do so, giving Beth's hand a squeeze as I said it, Beth squeezing my hand back in return. Of course the Aunt invited me to stay for the picnic, and as much as I would of liked to have done so, spending more time with Beth and all I had to get home to the minions. and check on them, the daughter of course being with her Mom ( or so I thought) for the weekend. I did need to check on the sons. The oldest was fine I'm sure, but none the less his younger brother would get into mischief if left on his own for too long. I didn't want to say goodbye to Beth...standing next to my car we held each other in an embrace that felt like heaven to me. We kissed and she said she'd call me later in the day, thinking when the party ended I could pop out and we could explore the beaches near by. I told her I'd be waiting for her call....

Things were fine at home, the minions had been up all night playing Nintendo the younger minion and his friend opting not to sleep out the night before it being still too cold out to do so. So the both of them crashed at my place and along with my oldest minion raided the freezer and feasted on all the pizza rolls I had in there. No big deal really. My daughter called asking if she could spend the night at her grandmothers again, again I asked? Yeah that's when I found out her Mom had dropped her off there took off and never came back. Any who the soon to be ex mother in law just opened up her pool and she was having fun with her grandma swimming etc. that she wanted to stay another night. I said if it was okay with her grandmother it was fine with me as well. Of course the boys over heard the conversation with my daughter and asked if they could spend the night there as well.. They all loved that pool at grandma's. As long as the ex mother in law was fine with the idea I was okay with that as well and told her I'd drop them off sometime this afternoon. In her own way the ex mother in law was kind of good to me and the minions during the divorce period. She didn't like the way her daughter was ditching either me or her kids, and I suspect that's why she was being as strict with her treating the ex like she did while she was staying with her. I had to respect the lady for doing that. Even after our divorce was final the woman still introduced me as her son in law to people. Dissing the ass that eventually married my ex wife in the process by introducing him by his first name only when ever introducing him.

Any who I took the minions over around two that afternoon. Came home and relaxed after taking a shower and getting myself something to eat. Beth called the house around six that evening, letting me know the party was breaking up, and the older members of her family were heading home. Some of the younger ones, her cousins were thinking about heading out to a local tavern down the road and she wondered if I'd like to join them? I told her That I'd love to, and she asked if I knew where the place was? I did, not hard to miss the only place on route twenty that wasn't a grape farm , tractor business, or house. Great I see you around eight then? I told her I'd be there.

I left early, though not early enough, by the time I got to the little country bar the place was filled up. Most of the patrons being cousins, second cousins or third cousins twice removed of Beth's. Introductions were made of course but for the life of me if I met them on the street today I wouldn't be able t recall a single one of them there were so many. Most of the night Beth and I hung around with a cousin of hers and his wife who lived in Monroeville. The two of them also would be staying at her Aunts house that night and would be the ones driving Beth down to Pittsburgh to catch her flight home on Monday. I liked Jon and Mel, a nice couple and we got along just fine. We had fun, Beth and I danced a lot.. played pool with Jon and Mel, laughed and had a good time. Before I knew it the bartender was calling last call not wanting any more Beth said we should head on heart fell a bit when she said that. Me thinking her to her aunts house and me making the long drive back to Erie alone. I had planned on asking Beth if she wanted to spend the night at my place, with the minion's being gone for the night we'd have the place to ourselves and finally be alone... before I could broach the subject, Jon asked me for my car keys. Huh? Was my reaction. Telling me that he thought I wasn't fit to drive home that far and that I'd spend the night in Northeast at the aunt's house. Again my heart fell a bit, thinking I'd be regulated to batching it on the aunts couch for the night with Beth so near by...well it didn't end up that way once we got back to the aunts house. We left my car in the bar's parking lot after locking the doors and making sure it would be okay with the bartender if we picked it up the next day. He said people did the same all the time and as long as we picked it up there'd be no problem with leaving it there.

In the back seat with Beth on the ride to her aunts house my heart lightened up quite a bit, and my thoughts turned to us finally being able to be together when we walked into the house and I saw her aunt had taken the couch for herself for the night...I said a quiet hello to the woman as we passed by Beth leading me up the back stairs by the hand I could swear I saw Beth's aunt wink at me as we passed by. Beth led me into what I assumed to be her aunts bedroom, judging from the clothing hanging in the open closet, mostly house dresses and such, along with the perfume bottles and such on the dresser. Once the door closed we were in each others arms, groping and kissing like horny animals. Don't ask me how but I ended up sitting down on that old bed pulling Beth's shirt off over her head, removing her bra the old springs squeaking and moaning like an engine that hadn't been oiled in years. As I reached to undo her belt to get her jeans off.. she stopped me... Hold that thought babe she told me... I'll be right back. Fuck, I didn't want to let her go I pulled her close taking first one of her sweet nipples between my lips and sucking on it and then the other... as a moan escaped her lips she pushed me away and said wait for it, I'll be right back I swear. Going over to her suitcase she got out her robe put it on and left the room ( I found out later she'd gone to the bathroom to insert her birth control device, good thinking on her part as I had thought we'd have been at my place and I'd left my condoms there ) When she came back into the room I was in the middle of stripping off my clothing. My pants in a heap on the floor already my underwear along side them , caught in the middle of pulling my t-shirt over my head I looked over at her as she closed the bedroom door behind her, and dropped her robe, my cock twitched a the site of her fully nude . I don't know who got to who first, the next thing I knew we were wrapped in each others arms again groping and kissing each other like animals in heat. God I wanted her so badly.. Picked her up and carried her over to the bed, when I set her down again her legs spread open and I got to see the sexiest pussy I'd ever gazed upon almost completely shorn of pubic hair, a small landing strip just above the sweet
spot drawing my eyes to her already swollen clitoris peeking out from between to lush pussy lips. I had to taste, no I needed to taste her sex. Pushing her knees further apart I got down on my knees and tasted... Funny if you'd ask me what she tasted like I couldn't describe it to you, nor any other woman I'd ever had the pleasure of going down on. I get lost in the act most a trance almost, my only thought was to bring her pleasure, I wanted to make her cum for me. After her second or perhaps it was her third big "o" I'd lost count and she couldn't take my attention any longer and forced me away pulling me up by my shoulders to kiss swollen cock bumping her pubic mound as she pulled me up brushing across her clit as it did. Had I been just a tad more centered I would have slipped right into the hot hole my tongue had just been occupying I felt her body shudder anew when my cock made contact with her clit and moaning she kissed me harder. I started to angle myself more to slip it in, but she was having none of that just yet. Pushing me over on my back she bent over and took me into her mouth. I swear to all that's holy I tried to hold off but after a few minutes I couldn't help it and came in her mouth. ( something the ex never would have allowed me to do... ever ) To my astonishment She swallowed, all of it.. going on to lick up any that my have escaped those sweet lips of hers.

By now both of us were covered in sweat and sex, the room reeked of it. I didn't care nor did I think she either. I think looking back on it the scent spurred us both on. For the first time in my life, with any woman my cock was still as hard as a rock even after her fantastic blow job. We cuddled a bit catching our breath, me nibbling her breasts and her slowing stroking my cock. I started working my way down her body once again planning of licking her once more, but before I could get there she pulled me over and between her legs, pulling her knees up she whispered into my ear fuck me outlaw.. using my screen name and her pet name for me. My reply... Oh Babydoll.. my pet name for her and her screen name. I slipped my cock inside her for the first time and lost myself in the process.. together as one finally. Making love to Beth that night I don't know how many times we changed position.. or how many times she called out my name in her delight of our coupling. I'm sure we covered most of the Karma Sutra, well maybe not the really hard positions. All I really remember was the bed springs squeaking like to keep the whole house up all night. At one point stopping for a bit to suggest to her we move to the floor to keep the noise down a bit. Her reply? Listen for a second babe... I did and could her the squeaking sound coming from the a joining bedroom across the hall. From the sound I knew Jon and Mel were going at as hard as we had been. I laughed and she did as well.. and all thoughts of disturbing others sleeping left my mind. Well if it's dueling bedsprings they want lets see if they can keep up with us babe I whispered to her, with that we started again, in a new position. This time her on her forearms and knees and me taking her from behind.. I don't know what others like, me I love this position when I'm with a woman, I can dive deeper, if you follow my meaning? Hell with Beth in that position that night I could swear I hit bottom. Turns out I wasn't hitting bottom at all, just bumping into her birth control device. That was a let down when I figured that one out. No matter I (we) were in the zone. Both of us doing our best to bring pleasure to the other, in that position Beth had been rubbing herself as I was fucking her, being the gentleman I am I took over for the lady.. never let them be responsible for their own I always say. So there we are, my fingers rubbing her clit she impaled on my cock as it slides in and out both of us sweating and moaning with our efforts trying to out do and out bed squeak the couple in the next room when the clock radio suddenly goes off, the radio almost at full volume and the announcer on the morning farm report giving the news about crops and the like. I think the cock coming on startled us both making us cum at the same time. As near as I can figure it we had been going at it for about three hours, give or take. There was no sound from across the hall, so I think we won that race as well.

Of course we were both tired as all hell and back afterwards. But still I wouldn't trade that for the time we spent making love for anything. After coming to our senses once again the afterglow fading away I got down between her legs once more ending the night as we had started it, with me cleaning her pussy with my tongue., almost in a sixty nine position she sucked and licked my cock clean as well. Tired and sore we cuddled together and fell asleep. Not waking up till around noon that Sunday. We said our good mornings, got cleaned up together in the shower and went downstairs. Her aunt in the kitchen making what could only be described as a brunch for us and the other two who still had not come out of their room, the sleepy heads as Beth's aunt called them. Knowing full well what had transpired in both rooms the night before she was just kidding...We ate breakfast or brunch and waited till Jon and Mel came down stairs, Beth asked Jon for my keys and his and drove me over to pick up my car. We parted in the Bars parking lost and I watched her drive away back to her Aunts house, nothing for it I had to get back home and pick up the minions. I new I wouldn't see her again for a while and told her I loved her and really meant it, I think she meant it when she said she loved me as well. I told her to call me the moment her plane touched ground in Florida She said she would and did so. We'd talk on line and on the phone in the coming months, making plans for me to fly down there, though that never happened. She came up later that summer in August and we spent a week together down in State college....A vacation from her new job for her and a chance for her daughter to visit her dad who was in the area. Perhaps I'll tell you about that week together some time...

Eviloutlaw1 62M
5180 posts
10/24/2021 10:19 am

Till then my friends, Have a good one!

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