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What is wrong with my profile?  

General_Fun 60M
28 posts
2/9/2022 1:58 am
What is wrong with my profile?

Tongue touches End of Nose.
+++++ if your here looking for my notes on how you, a woman can
DOUBLE and TRIPLE HER ORGASMS, That information is in my blog. Along with giving a woman 25 orgasms per love making session and getting women into the


and About when a woman gets MAXED OUT on orgasms,? What happens to your body and why you should not get MAXED OUT on orgasms.
It is best if you get just 25 ORGASMS IN A HOUR if new 30 minutes once trained by me.
Why wait to go all night long when in 30 mins you can get TOTAL DRAINED OF ALL of your case of THE HORNIES, And you are entirely satisfied and you can’t climax again ( well YOU think that. Just know I could give you more orgasms, it is no big deal for me to do that. How do you think I gave women 1,000 orgasms in just 5 days? )
They all got more actually, just for fun.
all that information how you can get more orgasms for yourself is here.
So I have never met anyone in real life from here, so there is no reason for me to spend money to upgrade and try and meet any one.
If you want to say something to me, write it on my blog and we can chat there back and forth. then delete it later if you want. Only on my blog can I see what you write to me. If your just seeking how to get more orgasms for yourself with out having actually having real physical sex with me, yeah it is in my blog.
Women are orgasms deprived in their lives.
How come I know more about orgasms and exactly how to give women more orgasms than 99% of the men out there, then read every thing I wrote, it won’t take long and you will have more orgasms for yourself after reading it. It would not hurt me if you told other women on here that if they want to get more orgasms to go read my profile And my blogs. Maybe someone will write on my blog to me, I seriously doubt it though. I do through them and try to up update them and correct spelling errors, so do not waste your time nit picking on that, hardly anyone reads it so it is no big deal.
Any way the information you probably want is in my blog, to know more about me, then just keep on reading you might learn something and how did I learn so much on erotically pleasing woman with extreme massive numbers of orgasms?
Oh if this is ALL your going to read of my profile. I am looking for some women extremely close to me. To make a small team of women I can teach how to have
61 orgasms in 60 minutes.that’s my goal right now. You can read about that too if your interested in joining. I’m not a pessimist, just that I have never ever met any one on here interested in getting more orgasms for herself. I will not teach a male what I know, I have seen women hurt by getting too many orgasms. Some men are like that.
When you scream and lose your voice do not get ANGRY with me.
Go get a 3 minute man, it won’t last long, saving your voice.
++++ returning you now to where you were ++++

No Dating SEX ONLY-FREE. U get
Foreplay with a feather all the way to 1st Orgasm to warm and lube you up
( What is fore play? If you asked then yeah your missing out and better read everything I have written here, you got a lot to learn)
Clit orgasms to warm and lube you up
Double orgasms
G-Spot orgasms
Squirting Orgasms
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS ( whole body orgasms and full whole body orgasms are the exact same thing. Why the name change, I don’t know. I grew up and the sky was blue, then it was called it sky blue and then lite sky blue. Some people cannot mm leave well enough alone.
Later you can experience Google it
Google it, Read it, Learn it, I DO IT, YOU GET IT.
Been doing it for decades, without all the new age mumbo jumbo talk.
( read several links about That kind of orgasm very few women get to experience.
I have been doing it for decades, it’s what I do, it’s no big deal to me, I just do it without all the fancy impressive word talk ) if you feel you just gotta have all that fancy new age impressive word talk then go find someone else. If you just want the orgasms for yourself without all the extra talk then your in the right place.
People don’t think it’s possible because they don’t do it . I can and and I do it
Why all the mysterious magical talk abo!! ut it?
Hey guess what, It is an Orgasmm, and woman can have them, she has to be
Your a woman, it’s your body and you think you know ALL about orgasms, I’m a man, I don’t have orgasms like a woman does , so how can I give you, teach YOU how to have them. Well your the woman, I am not ( I even got the body parts to prove I am not a woman ha ha ) so how do I know how to make your body have orgasms that you, yourself can’t make have right now. Long story short.
I studied medical books in hospital library.
How do some women learn to squirt and some don’t, they l
That’s how, so what so SPECIAL about it, where women speak in whispers about like it’s something magical? It ain’t magic, it’s just something YOU don’t know how to do. Now if your one of those who now want to pick a fight with with me about FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, you go right ahead, YOU WIN.
I really don’t like to argue, and if you want to argue with me about it saying it’s impossible for a woman to lie in bed and without touching herself or me touching you,AFTER I have given it to YOU and you just lay in bed there for 35 to 45 minutes your body shaking and vibrating on it’s own and your have multiple orgasms repeatedly . And this happens AFTER I have taught your body to have 25 ORGASMS YOURSELF per session, each time we make love
so you really in actuality get more than 25 orgasms from me. And you want to argue with me about it, telling me it’s impossible, and like I said I don’t like to argue. OKAY YOU WIN! it is impossible for YOU to get ALL the different kinds of orgasms I give to a woman. Oh yes, I do them. And I certainly agree with you that’s it is impossible for YOU, a woman to get the kind of orgasms I have the knowledge and rare skills levels to teach you, knowing how is one thing, teaching how is another. And if you are all fired up mad at me telling me and others it is impossible, then your 100 percent correct, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THEM, see I agree with you. End of argument.
Because I PERSONALLY, will NEVER TEACH YOU, so you just go on as a horny unsatisfied 1 to 2 Orgasm woman for the rest of your life. And don’t bother me any more, you go spread your hate and lies some where else. I personally have put just a few short of 4 dozen women in the


and not a single one of them were disqualified on a technicality.
because I don’t cheat, I follow ALL the rules, to the letter. Oh but you don’t think women should be learning from a man about sex.
Well most women do, and that’s a fact! The man And women are the problem is they have had bad instructors. Even if it never got my teaching hands & LONG TONGUE on you, if you read ALL my blogs,
You will learn how to have more orgasms for yourself from just taking the time to read my blogs. Because I share with you the exact details on what you got to do so that you do get more orgasms for yourself. The very next time you make love. You can stop now and go read something more exciting but it won’t get YOU any more orgasms, it is just nice entertaining reading or you can keep on reading here and my blogs and learn exactly how to double and yes triple the amount of orgasms your experiencing now when you make love. Am I lying to you? NO, you already got lied to enough to get you to pick the lover you got now. And Jhow many orgasms are really getting? Not as many as you wanted to satisfy your wants and needs.
It is a real simple choice for you to make. There are men who won’t like it, well they get 1 and they are done. Men will not like that they have to
PUT OUT the EXTRA EFFORT to give you more orgasms when they only get just 1 themselves, to them it is unfair. If he refuses to help you out by giving you more orgasms.
You got 2 choices, get a new lover or teach and RE-TRAIN the one you got.
He might be a wonderful man to be living with except he is a lousy lover and you want more and better sex.
Well who does not want more and better sex?
Keep on reading
I believe women are orgasm deprived and women need more orgasms.
If you agree or you just want more orgasms for yourself to experience then keep on reading

Oh a very few ever read my profile, that is amazing, a few even sent a flirt amazing. One 1 wrote where I could read what they wrote, on my blog.
Know this, at my non paying member status level I can’t see your profile, a flirt or a letter so even if you write me a letter. If you want me to read what you wrote and respond back to you. Then you must write me 1st on my blog, it is the only way I can see anything you write to me and for me to write you back. I can not start the conversation, you must be the person who writes first, yes you got to make the first move.

it won’t take long. I even share how’ woman can get more orgasms for her self right now, if she follows my instructions, she will get more orgasms the very next time she has sex, it’s that simple. I know women are orgasm deprived, they want more orgasms they need more orgasms they can have far more orgasms than a man can have.
So why are they not getting them?
#1 Reason. They were taught wrong, ( by yourself, on your own in private) Your body wants more orgasms and YOU won’t give what it wants and needs) it ain’t as simple as you just going on with a vibrating sex you. Hmmm okay think of it this way, this might help you understand it better.!You body needs a medical operation snd you can’t do it yourself, you got to have someone else do it for you.
And a male who climaxes one time, and he is done, is not going to do it for you.
You need someone trained and skilled in the art of giving a woman orgasms,
Ohh I’m not gonna discuss it here, IF YOU want more orgasms do some home work, go read my blogs, I would rather do it in person, you will learn how to get more orgasms for yourself the next time you make love. What you read And what I do in person are 2 totally different things entirely. It is 2 totally different techniques. You can read and learn, if you actually follow my detailed instructions, yes you can double and triple the number of orgasms you are getting right now when you make love, taught to a few women I used to know Snd I did not have sex with. So o know it is a technique that’s actually works and produces more orgasms for a woman to experience herself, been there, done that.
Will you get as many as I in person teach you how to have?
NO, not even close, it is MY HANGS ON and LONG TONGUE on teaching you sex that you learn from me in person. I will not write it up, will not make a video of it, you cannot see anything in a video. Do not feel disappointed. It is still worth the time reading it, for you though because WHEN you double or triple the amount of orgasms your having now. Well that’s better than what you had last month.
I will do the math for you.
Double the amount of orgasms that you get now.
1 to 2
2 to 4
3 to 6
Triple the amount of orgasms you get now
1 to 3
2 to 6
3 to 9
See FOR YOU, an untrained woman those are some great numbers
IT is NOT what I do in real life. You start out with only 5 orgasms, work out your orgasms muscles, strengthening them do you can have more orgasms safely with no pain, just pure pleasure for you and I SLOWLY get you up to 25 orgasms. And MORE if your going to help me reach my goal of giving a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes.
You see the math on DOUBLE your orgasms.! It is going to take you awhile to reach 5 orgasms. 5 bring a critical number of orgasms for you to have at one session ( read the blog why thats is) while you on your own are working your way up to 5 orgasms. Hey guess what, your giving a workout to your orgasm muscles. It takes you awhile to reach the critical number of 5 orgasms. By the time you get their since it took you so long to get there, your orgasms muscles are in shape well enough to handle it.! You do what I say snd you will get more orgasms for yourself, well if you want more orgasms, that is.!
Ny the time time you reach 5 orgasms your brain body can handle it snd is ready and wanting to learn more. Do you can later on triple the amount of orgasms your getting.?just know your numbers are going to rise slowly to the higher numbers.
There is a problem tho, getting some one to do it to you. Unless you are very care and patient, your gonna have trouble finding AND HOLDING ON SOMEONE who you work with to do this with you.
Why do I say that? Cause they now think they are some hot lover snd want to try it out on some one else.
Not gonna cover that topic here,
Me, I START YOU OUT AT 5 Orgasms only!
I know what to do and how to do it.
It is not like flying a flight simulator game and doing it in real life.
I know what I am doing, been there done that. You build up and slowly work your way up to 5, I go there instantly your first time. Plus I change it up for you with different ways to bring you to orgasms. Normal man only focused on say what ever hevhasbtobdsy yo get you in bed. Once there his FOCUS SHIFTS, to get what HE WANTS and needs. Why do you think do any woman are left wanting more?
Because they are not getting it.
Married and single both want more of what they are not getting, not going to cover that. You don’t care about , you already know it from first hand experience.
You just want more orgasms for yourself because that is why you are here basically.
You fell down a lot when learning to ride a bike, lots of skinned knees. now you can get on a bike and ride it anytime, what you learned, stayed with you.
You get.
Clit, Double Orgasms, G-Spot, Squirting Orgasms, Full Whole Body Orgasms, it is sad you gotta google it and look that one up, well I do it, You get it.
What do you want?
I teach Women U MULTIPLE ORGASMS. No charge.
Make money off of sex and a person gets into trouble real quick.
I just want to reach my goal of giving women 61 orgasms in 60 minutes.
If your body can’t go that many, I still the practice to stay in shape.!Athlete still works out to stay in shape before the next official game. You want and need erotic satisfaction of different kinds of excess multiple orgasms And I need the practice sessions. Win - Win for the both of US.
( except I never not 1 time, ever met in real life a woman here. only 1 ever wrote,!then vanished they were not close , so to me it makes no sense in paying for what I personally am not getting)
I just would like to break My own Record of giving a woman fifty Orgasms in fifty minutes. If you only want 5 orgasms that’s okay too. Everyone starts out with only just 5 orgasms only.
Why just start at 5 orgasms only?
Go read blog and find out why, because I am protecting you from yourself.
What happens when you get more than 5 orgasms and your not ready for it, go read my blogs. Untrained, you can’t handle it, that’s why!
What exactly happens, read and learn. I won’t make that mistake again.
You learn from your mistakes.
Edison learned over 10,000 things he can’t make a light bulb out of,
I learned about women’s orgasms
I Am unable to read mail here sent to me, so only write me on my blog.
Men anything wrong with just giving a woman multiple orgasms repeatedly?
I do not think so.
I just think that giving a woman lots of orgasms is really awesome way to make her smile, feel good and get rid of her case of the hornies.
I am guessing that the women here do not believe it that there is a man on here that actually does give a woman multiple orgasm or that they are capable of having multiple orgasms themselves, It is only something they read in Cosmopolitan magazine when getting their hair done.
Well I really do give a woman multiple orgasms.
Its just fun because no one else does that.

TO CONTACT ME just write me on my blog it’s the only thing that I can read that YOU WRITE
this is just so you know and do not think that am being rude and not answering you IF you write me a letter her I cannot read, I just can’t read it
* Note if you just want to have orgasms and not help me break my record of giving a woman 50 orgasms,in 50 minutes, that is okay too. I now live in Lindale, Texas and dont know anyone here. So if your afraid of learning how to have multiple orgasms,
I will go slow and teach you how to do this. The first time you will have 5 orgasms, Then after more sessions, we work you up to your having five and eight orgasms, then in the range of ten to twelve once you hit twelve orgasms per love making session with me, more is easy 15 to 25 orgasms per session. I got tired after giving a woman 35 orgasms per session. That is just a regular sex session, giving a woman once she learns how 20 to 35 orgasms, 25 appears to be a good number of orgasms for a women to have every time we make love together. 25 Orgasms per session now because cause I tired giving a woman 30 to 35 orgasms so I just cut back then and she sleeps really good afterwards. And usually a woman who has been trained to learn how to have that many is worn out and tired long before that time herself. And she sleeps really wonderful afterwards so if it you only just want to have a good nights sleep, this technique is for you. Just imagine yourself all worn out, not even Horny and tired from just having too many orgasms, sounds like a dream cum true and it does happen. Or if you are in a certain situation, take a really nice cat nap wake up, eat and I give you some more orgasms your extremely pleased with yourself and totally relaxed and stress free. And your not horny any more, its all been drained out of you, don’t worry, it builds back up.
I would just give you a few extra orgasms tho, for the road if I have to leave.
I think I it’s nice parting gift, that you would get more enjoyment from than just flowers.
It requires many multiple sessions to teach a woman how to experience multiple orgasms, ( sounds dumb, it is true tho) cause they are not use to it. Its something new they have to learn to accept and it takes awhile.
Its sad that woman get cheated in that area of their life.
I am thinking that most of the women on here have never had more than one or two or even possibly three orgasm and they think thats the way it is and I am some crazy liar.
Well it only took one White Crow to prove that all crows are not black.
I teach the female body how to have multiple orgasms repeatedly.
It is not difficult for a woman to learn how, she just needs some one who has the experience and the patience to teach her so she can learn how. You didnt learn math in just one day, it took awhile. Do not expect much your first time because your body is nervous about this and your subconscious mind also.
So you only get JUST 5 Orgasms, your 1st time,no more.
(Go read blog on why that is ) After a few sessions 4 or 5, it begins to accept what will happen with eager anticipation and then your off to the races. Your 1st time tho you will climax multiple times, not as many someone who has been taught how to have multiple climaxes. It takes awhile for you to learn how, I will not lie to you about that. So do not expect a miracle your first time, unless you have never had more than one or two orgasm, then this is gonna be your dream cum true for sure. You will only have just 5 orgasms, your first time with me,
My record is giving a woman who never believed that multiple orgasm was possible. I gave her 5 orgasms her very 1st time! After a year I had her up to 50 orgasms in 50 minutes. I would like to find someone eventually in good heart healthy shape and give them 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. The Record is 360 orgasms per hour, a woman had ( look it up, if you dont believe me ) but she was in a hospital and had a medical condition, my goal is a extremely low,
give a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, so I am not asking for much, I just want to reach that goal sometime, till then. I give one
normal orgasm first then switch techniques read between the letters, change the technique to double orgasms where she has two orgasms at the same time. I use to do it where she would get ( the old style)
3 orgasms technique at the same time but its too difficult and unpleasant for me to do. And most women just wanted Double orgasms after all and that is much easier to do.
The newer RARE
It’s too dangerous for a average woman to handle 3 orgasms going off in synchronized form at the same time
Just to dangerous. Yes I know how to do the 4 orgasms at once technique, it’s dangerous too.
Just cause you might want it, like women do to men all the time
So don’t even ask Someone doing the older style 3 orgasms at the same time, that’s safer for you. The newer Rare MONROE ORGASMS are not safe for women out of shape, they are just to intense for you to handle.

You must be heart healthy.

Then after a year of teaching her how learn how to have Multiple orgasms.

Clit orgasms you know about already.
Double orgasms you climax twice at the same time.
G-Spot orgasms are easy to do also.
Squirting orgasms, require towels and drinking water 30 mins before making love.
I taught her how to have WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, look it up, now they call it
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, its the same thing. It sends tingles up and down your spine and whole body. It makes a woman climax repeatedly, i give it to you.
The one thing that I
I do not like is the description every woman says about what it feels like to have a full whole body orgasm. Everyone woman says the exact same thing. It feels like lightning bolts going up and down her body. Okay I’m a man, I just personally do not think lightening bolts going through your body is a good thing to experience. Women love tho for sure, well they love what I do to give them that kinda of erotic set of spasms. I mean I am the man doing it, giving it to the woman body and I sure don’t feel anything like that and I am the one who is doing it to your body. Women say they don’t care, it does not hurt and they ALWAYS WANT MORE...uh okay, once your trained how, I don’t mind giving you more. If it makes you happy and your heart can handle it, I will do it for you, it’s fun for me to give them to you.

I could be showering and leaving for work and she would be still laying in bed and continue to be experiencing multiple orgasms spams on her own from what I did to her. They continue for 30 to 45 mins or so. As you will read, if you do the research, normally some women continue to have whole body orgasms
for up to 2 hours, yes be happy She never was able to achieve that time limit. You must be DDF as I am. Giving a woman multiple orgasms is fun to do, since no one else does it. in decades of doing them, I never known a woman to last longer than 45 minutes, I think it’s lies on those sites. Read my blogs on that.
Most guys just cum, roll over and go to sleep, when the woman is just getting her motor warmed up. Once she is warmed up, she is ready for more.
Early on, I have to wait awhile till your body calms down some before you can be brought to a climax again.
With proper training, I shorten the time between orgasms for you to have, so you can achieve orgasms more often, it just takes time to teach your body/brain how to learn and accept that. I teach you how to have more than one orgasm per session. This aint a quickie one time lesson, it takes time over many multiple sessions that will be required for your body to RE-LEARN how and adjust and accept to have multiple orgasms, the more often you experience them, the sooner you can have more orgasms closer together and I am not talking about the little ones, I am talking about
Sorry I dont do the small, little, polite orgasms, some women get.
You go get those from someone else!
THE BIG FULL BLOWN SCREAMING ORGASMS you dont have to workup to those kind. Look it up. Most women dont think thats possible, till they do the research. Research means EXPERIENCE IT FOR THEM SELF, you must have a extra pillow to scream into. If I see NO EXTRA PILLOW, then I know NOT to give you that kind of orgasms, I don’t want my hearing blown out.
Freshly washed new sheets too. I don’t know who slept on them last night.
Do not expect too many on your first time, is only just 5 orgasms,
it takes awhile for your body to RE-LEARN how to receive and accept them and then turn that experience and knowledge into multiple orgasms later then
into full whole body orgasms. It aint easy to give those to a woman, its just fun tho cause no one else ever does that.
Cause It is not easy and requires EFFORT AND WORK on the man’s part.
The main reason you do not experience many multiple orgasms is your brain is kind of scared and your all nervous your first time, so it takes several multiple sessions over time for you to relax with someone new (Me) and then you have them. Because your subconscious then learns to trust me and what I do to your body to bring you to a orgasms climax multiple times. It is a new experience and it learns slow. Not my fault, I am patient though.
Its much more fun for you and more hard work for me!
All you do is just lay on your back and I do all the work, you just lay there and have orgasms repeatedly.
Rome was not built in a day, this skill will stay with you the rest of your life.
Took you long time to ride a bike, now you can ride one easy anytime.

All you gotta do is lay back and enjoy the orgasmic ride.

When you do learn how, your gonna love it!

If your one of those women that thinks multiple orgasms is impossible and are only in magazine articles just to sell magazines and you want to argue with me about it.
Then dont bother with me, I am tired of that kind of talk, I do not want to argue about it.
If you want to experience it, be nice, polite, pleasant, horny and sexy to be around to be around, dress and act sexy, towards me & you will get what your looking for ( real quick ) .having multiple orgasms that you will enjoy, then contact me.
SEX 1st, then friendship later. Cause if the sex is no good, its really hard to end a friendship.
When the sex is Great, then the friendship will take off for sure.
Unless you dont want friendship and you just want sexual satisfaction, that is ok with me too. Just tell me in advance.

I would like to get a blow job on a regular basis. so if your into sucking me off, its gonna take awhile and at least you get to enjoy doing it, instead of someone who cums really quick in your mouth before you even get started. I take awhile for me to climax, so you get to really enjoy sucking cock for a longer time for sure. Women dont like quickies you know and I do appreciate the effort and results.
I can also teach you how to be really extra good at it, since it takes awhile before I cum, so I know what feels the best as compared to a male who is just all excited just at the chance of getting his cock inside your mouth and he would of climaxed quickly anyway, because he is all excited at the get go.
Me, I take awhile so I can teach you how to be a better cock sucker, if thats your goal also. It never hurts to give some back.

Something else, I prefer yet not mandatory, your bush be trimmed so the hair is 3/8 to 1/2 inch long, that way it wont get in the way, and it bends over easy. If it does not just do 1/2 inch trim. if its thick. IF it is, that is not a deal breaker, it just what I prefer and it makes it easier to make you climax repeatedly. And that what this is all about anyway, making you cum multiple times. Last thing we both want is me sneezing cause your Bush is tickling my nose and your about to reach climax.
And don’t shave yourself smooth down there. No one likes 5 ‘o’clock shadow, even me when working down there.
Do trim, don’t shave.
Best example make love at night, then in the morning you got to shave before we do it again. So don’t spoil a good mood!
Just trim it okay. Let it grow a little.
Unwashed thick bush smells, I won’t go into that.
You must be DDF and STD FREE drug and disease free, Sexual Transmitted Disease Free and have a test done a few days before we do this. Yeah thats a real pain in the neck for sure. It is also how I have maintained being STD and DDF all my life. So you should appreciate that for sure If you join some sports they always require you to have a physical ahead of time.
So you just go get checked out a head of time. Bring the test results paper work with you. Some test that was done awhile back will not be acceptable, because you could of gone out and had unprotected sex with someone since you had that test and when we get together. You must get a test just before we meet up, and you will appreciate it for sure later, bring the paper work. if just for the peace of mind it gives me and you. Most of your life you study, then take a test.
Learning this technique, you take the test first.
Then you get to learn.
That will eliminate a lot of people.
That’s okay, you can stay at the 1 to 2 Orgasms levels.
Not everyone can handle 25 orgasms each time we make love. It’s okay.
Simple see.
Do not worry, you will learn how to have more sexual pleasure in your life than you ever had before.

Any institutions or anyone including some ones lawyer, using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - YOU DO NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It would be a pleasure to sue you, I could use the money with this isolation pandemic going on.

Just so you know, if you write me, I can’t read it NOT IGNORING YOU,I just can’t read it.
Contact me it will be worth it for You.

I just got on here to find someone I could break my record with.
So far May 2020 no women have contacted me here...Amazing and disappointing at the same time, I thought women here wanted sexual satisfaction.
That is not what I am finding out. So no need for me to join if no one is interested in learning and helping me break my own personal best record.
To give you 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, your gonna have to experience
You get 500 to 800 Orgasms to build up yourself, strengthen up your orgasm muscles. Like lots of running exercises for a short race, to get in shape, the same thing again read my blogs.
One other thing, I have noticed that people do not look at their own profiles the way everyone else sees their profile. When you edit your profile it looks just like you like it, cause you wrote it. Now switch over and look at your profile from the way everyone else looks at it. And you will find on most profiles a lot of words that simply SCRAMBLED and do not make any sense. Basically the profile is garbled words, some profiles more than other. So immediately after you read my profile, and blogs, stop and go look at your very own personal profile the way every one else sees your profile and you just might be amazed at how corrupt it looks. So everyone else has to try and figure out what you wrote. I suggest you open a second window, one with your profile on it and the other window with your profile edit version on it. So you can fix it so it makes sense.
Me, hey I am just a guy who wants to give orgasms to a woman and raise my own bar and set a new record for myself, you know that already. I found errors in my profile, fixed them. Since I had some, your gonna have some most likely.
First tho, finish reading all of my profile and check the chart on how we would get along and our sexual biorhythm, Yes it is on here and its on your chart too.

Are you interested in experiencing multiple orgasms?
I do clit ( thats normal, to start the process to warm and lube things up)
Double orgasms, where you have 2 at the same time, intense most women love that. Triple orgasms, I dont do that any more, very few women liked it and if I did that..then that was all they got, just one triple orgasm and then I was done, so I stopped doing that kind of old style of triple orgasms for a women long ago, sorry. *** UPDATE ***
3 extremely powerful and intense orgasms that fire off synchronized together at the same time. making it extremely dangerous for a average woman to have on her heart!
Unless your 1st or 2nd in a Cardio class then you WILL NOT get one.
DEATH BY ORGASMS, I have no desire what so ever to go to jail being charged with that.! It simple, if your NOT IN SHAPE you don’t get any, snd women are used to telling men, all the time NO. So you know what NO means and I do not have to explain my self.
People don’t exercise like they used to, so they are not in shape.
I have been working on a watered down version of it and it’s a tricky spot. Between the range of full power to just an extremely nice and pleasurable orgasms, I am working on it.
It’ is safer to just get you up to full whole body Orgasms level of your performance level, that’s much safer for you.
G-Spot orgasms, I can make you have those many multiple times, of course giving you time to relax and recharge before the next one would hit you. ( later make you have one every 20 to 30 seconds, if we’re going after goals) or just make you climax like that, just for FUN.
Any wayI think it is stupid for a woman to be seeking a man to go all night long with her, for just 5 orgasms.
It is just a waste when I can give with proper training 25 orgasms in 30 minutes and you are all tapped out, extremely satisfied unlike anything you have felt before. You got no more orgasms to give. So we do something else. Came back later maybe and give you another 25 orgasms later. I know from personal experience giving a woman 25 or 50 orgasms a day produces a really good effect on a woman than her just getting only 5 orgasms. When I start training you that’s all you get, only just 5 orgasms till your body learns and adjusts. We gotta build up your orgasm muscles
It is NO big deal!
Squirting orgasms, I gotta have You laying on a thick folded up towel, at first they will be small, if its your first, later on they get stronger. You will be required to drink a lot of water ahead of time, cause it depletes your body of water. You have to drink a lot to recharge your system, yes even if you just do squirt a small amount, a few drops, when you squirt. Your body has to have the excess water inside of it. If you do not drink water ahead of time, then I will have to refuse giving you a Squirting orgasm, because your body will WILL NOT let it happen thats the deal, its for your own safety.
If we get along well, later on then I will give you a whole body orgasm or full whole body orgasm,its the same thing if you google the terms. If I give you that, I have had to leave before or go take a shower and the woman is just left laying there for up to 45 minutes and still having orgasm after orgasms. I have never had a woman experience a whole/full body orgasms up to 2 hours that you read about on the internet. It just has never happened, that has been my DECADES of experience.
I always had the woman call me when they faded away and stopped having them. Why give a woman orgasms like that and then just leave her?
I think differently and I thought it was a nice going away gift,
So while at work I would get a phone call and I just kept track of how long they lasted. I always thought it was a great way to leave an woman.
Her making erotic memories of my visit, leaving her and with her getting more orgasms, even after I have left the building.
Hey it is what I like to do and what I do.
If you don’t like it, just tell me and I won’t give you any, simple see!
It is sad, so many women grew up and were taught wrong.
(Ok you were self taught and you still only get 1 or 2 orgasms )
They can’t have multiple orgasms.
They all had the same kind of<b> lovers </font></b>all their life.
The 1 to 2 womder orgasms lovers, they get WHAT THEY WANT then fall asleep and the woman is left wide awake wanting more.
Women can have so many more orgasms than a man can have. They were just taught wrong when growing up by selfish<b> lovers.</font></b>! ( it is the truth )
Like anything else in life its a LEARN BY DOING SKILL and
YOU GOT TO UN-LEARN what you learned growing up!
That is why women are horny all the time, they are orgasm deprived!
Women are not getting enough Orgasms in their life, their body’s want more than they are getting.
It is Like I said,
You hungry you eat
You sleepy you sleep
You thirsty you drink
You gotta go potty you go potty
You horny sorry good luck with that
Women need more orgasms and they are not getting them from their<b> lovers.
</font></b>Women have more orgasms from machines than they get from their human<b> lovers.
</font></b>How can that be changed?
I cover that in my blog here on this site.
How a woman can double very easily the amount of orgasms she gets now
Now by just changing one easy to do thing now every time she makes love and they just won’t do it so they get less orgasms than their body wants and needs.
It’s a learned skill they need to re-learn it all over again. And the brain does not like change. The brain does not like I change at your job, it does not like change in relationships, it does not like change in sex. A woman knows she wants more Orgasms and she just refuses to change so SHE CAN GET ORGASMS FOR HERSELF.
And it’s so easy for a woman to do, they just won’t do it, it’s in my free blog on here.
I have not met anyone on here in real life and that is sad if you’re me.ha ha

Oh...Did I finally get the point across that you should read my blogs?
You Ever know someone you had to tell them repeatedly to do something before they actually did it?
Go read my blogs


Heart Healthy Nice smile NO bad breath,that is a real turn off, get and
use SMART MOUTH MOUTHWASH Original formula no bad breath for 24 hours and you shower and be clean down there, right before we do it. I want you cleaned up because your gonna get all wet for certain. I prefer a flat abdomen on a woman, not a necessity tho, it just makes my job easier. When I arrive, were in bed in about 2 minutes. Low cut dress, high heels,make up, lipstick short-shorts, with no more than 2 inches of cheeks showing or just a bath robe is okay with me.
If your one of those dominate women, I do not take orders. So this would be the time for you to just lay back be nice and polite and let someone else be in control and give YOU pleasure, because you will be the one to benefit from all the orgasms you will have. And you will have more than you ever had in your leoldrst dreams. So do not get bossy with me, because I will instantly stop giving you orgasms and I will get dressed and leave. Just know that I’m advance, so be nice and sexy. Then you get more orgasms for yourself, relax and enjoy the ride. Since I do all the work. I will listen to suggestions as to what you do any and what feels better to YOU, just know if your DOM side comes out, everything stops, Be a woman and let a man thrill you,
So relax and enjoy the ride, lots of hugging and kissing will be required..
Also no fake sex texting
I am in Lindale, Texas 75771 I dont want a long drive.
Not really looking to go out on dates, sorry. You got other friends you can do that with. Me, I just want to come over. Hug and Kiss 2 minutes later were in YOUR bed and I use a feather to take you all the way to Orgasm. I give you multiple orgasms.
Relationship later, I suspect if I was in relationship a woman would not want me trying to break my record with someone else's body, if we were together.

My record is giving a woman 50 orgasms in 50 minutes.

If your dating someone else, I do not care, your horny and you want to cum so bad, I can make you do that, repeatedly. Its my survival skill.
I would not mind a serious relationship and that would be very nice,
AFTER I reach my goal tho. Because I think a woman would get upset with me, being with me while I am trying to break my record of giving another women 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. And then reward them if they want to and we get along really good. And help them apply and join the
it’s the least I could do for a woman volunteering and DONATING to me her orgasms, well having them and donating them to my worthy cause to break my 50/50 record. Just know in while in training your probably going to have to experience 500 to 800 Orgasms just to get your orgasm muscles in shape so you can have 61/60.
WE Got to work you out
Your just gonna have to have a lot of self satisfied orgasms, no way around it if your going to build your orgasms muscles up so you can have more orgasms for yourself. I will go slowly so you don’t get sore .
So I guess a serious relationship would have to wait awhile. Who knows I might find someone this way. Ha ha.

I have a GOAL, I just want to give a woman multiple orgasms,

You can stop laughing now.
Yes I know
I just wanted a low number that just any woman could have with not much training. It is not anywhere close to the world records.
Ii just have my own goal to set. I don’t feel goon about giving a woman 50 orgasms in 50 minutes, we fell short of the 61/60 goal, she ran out of orgasms at
40 orgasms, do I pulled another 10 out of body bringing her up to total of 50 orgasms in 50 minutes. Just 11 orgasms short of our goal of 61/60.
I just do not want to go through life known as the man who only just gave a woman 50 orgasms in 60 minutes.
61 in 60 I feel better about.

I give U MULTIPLE ORGASMS 4U I cant read or send mail here, Write me on my blog if your heart healthy and can handle climaxing multiple times or want to learn how.
Most can’t do it so your gonna have to learn
I cannot host and you must be heart healthy for you to have multiple orgasms, it is l what I do! Most men just roll over and fall asleep, I do not, your motor just got warmed up and I make you climax repeatedly, this is my only message I get to put here for free. I will not join if I am only wasting money and time writing bots and I dont get any messages and no one lives near me to meet up with.
I dont do anal so do not ask me.

..its frustrating and I need some relief.
I cant read any messages sent to me, I get a just blurry text that cant be read they do that on purpose.
I just got this message

Unfortunately, standard members will no longer be able to read and reply to an email sent to them unless they upgrade to gold. You will ONLY be able to read and reply to messages that are initiated by premium (gold) members who have purchased the standard contact feature.
Well okay that explains that..I cant read or reply here.
Send a FRIEND& CUPID MATCH and I will get that and know you want to hookup.
I can’t read anything or write you back. If You want to talk then you write me on my blog that is the only way I found so far to read & write back someone here.
I cannot host if needed. I can’t read your name or message.

I am starting to think that women here do not believe that multiple orgasms are possible for them to have. Well why don't you find out for sure. It is a safer bet than thinking your going to win at Bingo or the lottery.
So what is the excuse to not find out for yourself?

Go read my blogs so you as a woman can get more orgasms for yourself following my detailed instructions before you have sex again.
It’s really easy for you to double and triple the amount of orgasms your personally getting now when you have sex again the very next time, it will take you a little learning. It does work. Go read my blog

Great experiment idea
Find an attractive a woman a cardio instructor interested in multiple orgasms.
This is selfish I know.
Cut loose and give her the
RAREST MONROE ORGASMS, at Max power levels and see how her heart handles it.
3 POWERFUL TRIPLE ORGASMS all going off at once synchronized all together
And just give her one after another in rapid succession repeatedly. And see how many a cardio instructor can handle.
It is selfish of me to think that way.
She could get hurt. ( and basically a woman could lie to me, she is a cardio instructor. ) Just to get some.. for herself. Yes it has happened before, shocking I know, a woman lied to me! Death and jail ain’t worth it, sorry. It’s go slow, you learn slow so you can handle my kinda off action or it’s no go at all.
No exceptions!
You learn slow, you get good. Dancing, karate, juggling, archery you learn slow at 1st you practice, slowly you get better. You know this already.
No I would have to start her out like every one else, only just 5 orgasms, like any one else starts out. Not looking for a relationship with her, just giving her orgasms
Get her up to where she is having 25 orgasms easy. Teach her to have
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS easy after awhile
We talk about it then when her body and “ I “ think she is ready. Then give her first the watered down versions let her get use to that first. I have waited and prepared her the best I could then slowly ( a MONROE ORGASMS are no good given slowly ) go slow anyway let her rest, evaluate her, ( what for? She not had anything before so establish a base line ) we both would have been for a long time to reach this point. If she is all systems GO. Then give her 1, then another and another and speed up faster and faster till she says the secret word to signify to stop.
Maybe a cardio instructor has other cardio friends as a larger base line to chart from. Different women different ages, differences in health, different in shapes. My few fears are she is gonna argue with me because we start out slowly. There is always someone who needs to be made an example of.. I would like to, I just can not do that. Just not my nature, did it twice and never again.
( decades and decades ago, never ever again )
JUST MAX HER OUT ON ORGASMS, get her some really, really high up there in some big double digits orgasms. I couldn’t do that do that to her because I know what happens. when I MAX OUT A WOMAN ON ORGASMS,
Been there, done that
I just want to give a small team of women, orgasms. So far no one here is interested. Women come here because I suspect they are Horny. They DO NOT
really want to get rid of the Hornies. If that were true, then I would see results different than what I have experienced here myself.
It was so much easier when I had atttactive cute busty women who did all the work looking for me. Some one was not getting enough, men not putting out, women talking to their best friends. Opening up to one another, in relationships but were not getting the orgasms they wanted do badly. The first talked to her friend. So many men chasing her and she found a man she loved, he just did not give her the sex she so desired. She paid for dinner the 3 of us met. Established guidelines, that still are great to follow. She desperately need orgasms, just no hugging and kissing. I wanted hugging and kissing even if it was fake. Deal first y
Time no hugging and kissing. She she agrees. She gets orgasms and then starts hugging and kissing me. Stupid like I get sometimes ( it happens) I stop and talk to her about it, she broke the deal. What is going on here, I need to know?
We talked some. She said whatever I wanted, she would do. Well the kisses real or fake? ( stupid me had to know ) her response, the kisses, hugging, emotional feelings are all real. Whatever you want. Okay you still keep your man in your life and give him sex when he wants it. And we will have lots of sex together. Her Reply that’s why I am here, that’s is what happens now. Okay deal, she got more than 5 orgasms cause I knew she would not be getting any at home. She finally got married, she had to get some before the honey moon to hold her over and then some when she got back. I was her lover on the side for a few years, then they moved away, they both had a happy marriage together, it is nice to help out women in need. Oh she just got orgasms only from me. This was long before the


She would of not had the time to spend with me to join it anyway.
So here is suppose to be the very best place to find horny women.
Inadequate better luck with women finding them for me, their women friends in need.
So far not met anyone local or on here who wants or desires orgasms.
All I need is 1, give her a good, not max her out and SHE WILL tell others.
I just didn’t want to start at square one all over again.
Not going to ask you read my blog.

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