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My Blog
Forbidden Knowledge you want to know
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HOW uCumManyTImes - I teach women how to have Multiple Orgasms
Posted:May 31, 2020 12:58 am
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2022 12:23 pm
I Teach a Woman how have MULTIPLE ORGASMS.
* this 1st one is a general background that you need do you, later the exact details of what
YOU MUST DO to get more orgasms for yourself.if you Skip ahead well good luck with that, Dont yell at me it does not work because you did Not really read and understand the basics.
I give women multiple Orgasms, how many do you get? 1 or 2, I have given women well over 1,000 orgasms in a week. So you might want to read it it all, starting at the beginning here.
Its what I know how do. Read my profile. I do not wish to write it all over again.
I now live in Lindale, Texas 75771 area. I can not say more here, because that would be considered an advertisement. Just moved to LIndale ( near Tyler, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. That should narrow it down for you. I refuse to drive a long ways.
I do not a woman to LEARN this experience with me.
You get starting with the normal clit orgasms to warm and lube your body up, then
G-Spot orgasms ( repeatedly )
Double Orgasms, where you have 2 Orgasms at the same exact time.
Most women prefer that over anything else.
I do not t do ( the OLD STYLE) Triple orgasms any more, its too tiring. If I did that, you get one and then were done. Women dont like that, once they use use to haveing multiple orgasms. They some more of that, for sure!!!
Not knowing how you are, I start you out with just 5 orgasms and see how your body handles its.
I Teach you how to squirt, yes you have a squirting orgasm, any woman can have one.
They just need some one with the right SKILLS SET to make it happen for them. Its not a big deal to make a woman have a squirting orgasm.
If we get along well, then over time work you up to having a
Never heard it it?
Google it, Read it, Learn it, I DO IT, YOU GET IT!!!
Thats okay first your body has got to have many sessions of where you body has learned to allow YOU EXPERIENCE ORGASMS MULTIPLE TIMES EASY.
Then I can give you a FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASM. You will climax over and over again, without me touching you or ME even being there with and you NOT touching yourself. Its a real thrill for A women TO HAVE. At first most say it feels like a lightening bolts going thru their body all over at first, then feeling it in their toes, feet, shoulders and fingers tingle and of course their entire crotch area.
Now to me getting hit by a lightening bolt sure does not sound like fun to me.
That is just how women have described it to me.
What happens is well, your body has orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, repeatedly for 35 to 45 minutes. You just lay there and just have them on your own, with out me or yourself touching your body. I have never experienced what they say about how long it lasts on the internet, Where a woman has multiple orgasms for a solid 2 hours, I think thats a pack of lies, some hype to you something.
It maybe true, it is Just that I have never personally seen it happen that long, and I have need doing it for decades. IF after you have learned how to have multiples repeatedly and YOUR HEART HEALTHY, a must for sure. What I use to do when I was going to leave, IF the woman nice to me and we got along really well. Then I would give her a full body whole orgasm, before I got out of bed. I could get up, go take a shower, drive to work and then the woman is just laying there in bed and she is just having orgasm after orgasm. Yes she is cumming over and over again, I left instructions to call me when they finally stopped and I would get a phone call about 35 to 45 minutes later. So thats how I able to time how long they lasted. Now your first ones like that, I will stay and watch over you and see how your body handles it.
What I have found, from experience a female body has to be taught HOW to cum multiple times. And then be doing it a great many times to get use to it.
Yes, it Is more fun for you, more work for me.
In fact I am the one doing all the work
All you gotta do is just lay there and have the orgasms.
Why do I do this?
What do I get out of it?
Most men just get what they and then roll over and fall asleep.
They Get 1 and they are done.
I dont do that.
I like making a woman have MULTIPLE ORGASMS. And they enjoy it too
Its just kind of fun making a woman climax repeatedly when she never has before.
( I think it helps a woman like me better also. )
Most women, one time they come, some 2 or 3 times. I did my own questions with women a work and only one women shared with me she that one time she came 3 times. I told her that is so cool. I just didnt have the heart to tell her I make a woman
climax 5 times my very first time making love to her and pleasing her.
Its not something every one does.
Most men GET WHAT THEY what they and then roll over and go to sleep.
I dont do that.
I like to make a woman have multiple orgasms, its what I do.
Now I moved to Lindale, Texas 75771 ( close to Tyler, Texas ) Grew u in Houston lots of women there, then
bigger city with many women there.
In Lindale now, I can’t find any.
So now you have to host because I cant now. I moved in with some friends, who dont know about these SKILLS I have.
If your going to get married, you would benefit greatly from learning how to climax multiple times from me so when you do get married, well you will have more fun in the bedroom. IF your already married and well you more. Then you gotta learn how to climax more times before hubby wears himself out, only wanting what he wants and then thats it, for you. So if your body is taught to experience multiple orgasms, then bed time will be better for you also.
UPDATE NOTE, read all my blogs some where in there i revealed
How a woman can double and Triple the amount of orgasms they have. You read it now, Snd then the very next time you make love, YOU DO WHAT I SAID
I figured it was some good to share. And women might be slightly interested in on how to get more orgasms for yourself. I do not know, I could be wrong and women just be happy with the 1 or 2 they get now. Smursy okist thought I would share it anyway with ya, besides mo one reads my blogs anyway.
Just one training session is not gonna do it.

Just going to the doctor. Just taking 1 pill is not going to work
You must have many multiple sessions for your body to learn to adjust and then have more orgasms repeatedly.
This next part will sound like a pack of lies, its not

I start you off with 5 orgasms, to see how well you handle it.
I am also concerned about your heart, blood pressure.
Any women can have a orgasms, its just HOW MANY she can have is the problem with her heart. Just know that going in. If your not heart healthy, I wont give you that many. If you work out, doing cardio exercises, and your in relatively good shape. Over time, I get you up to where your having 25 orgasms per love making session. Even if your heart is in good shape, your orgasms muscles are NOT.
So I got to go slow with you, to get your orgasms muscles in shape.
You may work out but your orgasms muscles are out of shape, even if you do it every night.
And yes you will get up to 25 orgasms per love making session. ( uh..I only get 1, great odds for you, 25 to 1 )
YES, you reach climaxes 25 times, sometimes 20 sometimes 25, sometimes 30 usually 25 orgasms is enough for a women and beside mainly I get tired at 35 so I lowered the number of orgasms you get from me down to 25, yeah I cut back, that is is easy, a no brainer to do.
I did work with a woman over time and she is divorced 47 year old mother of two, and she volunteered to help me reach my personal goal of
giving a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. ( I thought Thst was very nice of her to volunteer donating her orgasms to what I think is a worth cause, well I think it’s a good cause )
She didnt make it, she got empty at 40 orgasms,
I pulled another 10 orgasms out of her to take her up to having 50 orgasms. She telling me she is all done, she is out of orgasms, she cannot climax Any more, she is spent, she has no more orgasms to give, she is all out of orgasms, she has no more to donate, but she did not use the secret word we agreed up on to stop. She said she could not cum any more and then would say where did that one come from? I do not have any more to give you. And then she would have another orgasm. Lots of screaming on her part for the next
10 orgasms. To just to reach 50 orgasms. Lots of hugging an kissing from her afterwards on her part
After it is ™all over. I asked why did she scream at me so much when she was talking to me. I was right there, she could of talked on a normal volume and I would of heard her. I think she made a mental note of that for next time. Except there was no next time.she got promoted and move out of state. And we dropped back to just 25 orgasms per session. And i made sure she had 2 sessions. So she is only having 50 orgasms a day. Easy stuff.
She said It was wonderful She now has a memory she will always cherish and never forget and we then later went back to having only just 25 orgasms each time we made love together. It would be nice to find someone who wants to go to 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. They would have to be in good shape tho. I doubt I will find someone again who wants to have that many orgasms. And that makes me is sad. It should not be this difficult to find a woman who is close by and wants more orgasms for herself.
* Note it is much more difficult to give a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes than it is to get a woman in the


That is SO much easier to do, I got almost 4 dozen women in that club with no disqualifications. They got in and now have vanished from my life. People move on.
If your married, single, whatever and you want your body to experience having more orgasms than you certainly are having now, well contact me. YOU Gotta be heart healthy, if not, I will not give you many orgasms. I just gotta watch out for you.
Yes, when was the last time a Man worried more about you and your heart, when having sex?
I dont want you stroking out on me, or worse.

If you do this and your married or whatever,
It will be our secret.

If you do not think a woman can have 25 or even 50 orgasms, and you think I am full of it, then you, go look up the world records on orgasms and go see what I do is no where near those numbers, I picked a really low number of orgasms for a woman to experience with me. It is just my own personal goal, I am not going for any of the official records.

Get and use SMART MOUTH orginal formula mouthwash, Bad breath REALLY turns me off....INSTANTLY

And if your a screamer, YOU MUST HAVE a pillow to scream into so you do not blow out my ears.
I only do
I DONT DO the nice little POLITE orgasms, you go get those from someone else.
WHEN ( I did not say IF ) WHEN you lose your voice. Do not get ANGRY at me.
If your job requires it, just go find yourself a 3 minute man, it will not last that long and you get to keep your voice. Do not tell women friends what happened to cause you to lose your voice. They then stick their nose into your PRIVATE business. And they want to know WHO did this to you. I would just as soon you do not reveal to them that information.
I also told women DO NOT tell even your best friend, you met a man who is giving you 25 orgasms when you make love ( some times I lose count but i always make sure it is 25, if she gets a few extra orgasms,
it is all my fault. So I always make up for and add in some more orgasms.
And NEVER EVER get in that stupid thinking game oh I need more and you think each time you gotta have more orgasms than to did last time. You pita great deal of pressured upon your lover Snd the relationship, Do not do that, sooner or later he is going to fail you cause you think you did not get enough orgasms the last time you made love.
Quick review I personally start a woman out out with only just 5 orgasms.Why only just 5 and not more? Well that’s covered WHY in my blog here.
First 5 orgasms then slowly proceed up to 25 orgasms your having on a regular basis. I used to give 35 orgasms, then I cut way back to just giving a woman only just 25 orgasms.
Do not tell you friends, first they are interested. It does not matter, women just like to talk about SEX a lot. 2nd they get mad at you cause they think your lying to them. After a couple of weeks them hearing your daily orgasms count either 25 or 50, then they go from mad to jealousy. Because they are not getting that many in a year and your getting 50 a day. This goes on for awhile. Then best friends for ever want to meet me, they call her a liar. And convince her to talk to me about PROVING IT to her best friend, so she is not a liar. So now they gang up on me. Oh just give her 5 orgasms JUST ONE TIME for her, after all she is my best friend forever. One thing leads to another they catch me at a weak moment and I consent to do it. While the girl I was doing it with sits and watches. The best friend has her first ever, 5 orgasms and takes back calling her a liar.
( I get no thank you for a job well done or anything ). Later something comes up and the best friend is ALL STRESSED OUT ( personal emergency or WHAT EVER. And she NEEDS to be
UN-Stressed. So I am TOLD I GOT TO, give HER some MORE ORGASMS. This goes on for a couple of weeks. She is now doing better and SHE suggests we just keep going along with this arrangement going on. I see the writing on the wall. Understand this I like to pick myself WHO I give orgasms to, not be asked, requested, told, required to give orgasms too. I do not like this arrangement, soon the best friend wants me all to herself And the friendship is over And I am in the middle of it.
You learn from your mistakes. So guess what I do no€™t do that any more. We break up and I move on.
All I want to do is give a woman orgasms and they get more than me!!!

I am Only a MAN with A SPECIAL SKILL SET.l

I have done it repeatedly and would like to find someone to do it with again.

No, I did not share my techniques with you. Just only that I do it.
YES, What a woman needs to know and what you need do and how to get more orgasms for herself. I finally released A lot of it and it is actually covered in Details later in my blogs here on how a woman can have more orgasms. So you CAN have more for yourself right now if you go read and follow my instructions.
It is in one of my blogs here. they are shorter probably 3 minutes or less to read.
If YOU to know how to get MORE ORGASM FOR YOURSELF and DOUBLE or TRIPLE the number of orgasms you are getting for yourself now and you never have to meet me, then keep on reading. I decided to put that information in my blogs,
I did not share what I do to give a woman 25 orgasms.
That you get from MY HANDS ON LEARNING.
Now moved to Lindale Texas and unable to find a woman who even wants 1 orgasm
Not to mention, learning how to get multiple orgasms for herself. They do not believe it if they did not read in Cosmopolitan Magazine while at the beauty parlor, getting their hair done.

I just want to give women orgasms
You can learn about the


in other blogs I wrote about it, getting women in that secret private club, what ever you want to call it, the general public did not know about it. None of their business.
And if you want to DOUBLE or TRIPLE THE ORGASMS YOUR GETTING for yourself now.
Keep on reading and if you think I am full it, then stop right now.
I will not know it, you do what you want to do and if your satisfied with one 1 or 2 orgasms.
Or you want more, I will never know.
No one reads my blog except Kelly, well she is the only one who ever wrote me.

There, that is my 1st blog. With my peeling Sunburned Nose photo ha ha
What is wrong with my profile?
Posted:Feb 9, 2022 1:58 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2022 7:11 pm
Tongue touches End of Nose.
+++++ if your here looking for my notes on how you, a woman can
DOUBLE and TRIPLE HER ORGASMS, That information is in my blog. Along with giving a woman 25 orgasms per love making session and getting women into the


and About when a woman gets MAXED OUT on orgasms,? What happens to your body and why you should not get MAXED OUT on orgasms.
It is best if you get just 25 ORGASMS IN A HOUR if new 30 minutes once trained by me.
Why wait to go all night long when in 30 mins you can get TOTAL DRAINED OF ALL of your case of THE HORNIES, And you are entirely satisfied and you can’t climax again ( well YOU think that. Just know I could give you more orgasms, it is no big deal for me to do that. How do you think I gave women 1,000 orgasms in just 5 days? )
They all got more actually, just for fun.
all that information how you can get more orgasms for yourself is here.
So I have never met anyone in real life from here, so there is no reason for me to spend money to upgrade and try and meet any one.
If you want to say something to me, write it on my blog and we can chat there back and forth. then delete it later if you want. Only on my blog can I see what you write to me. If your just seeking how to get more orgasms for yourself with out having actually having real physical sex with me, yeah it is in my blog.
Women are orgasms deprived in their lives.
How come I know more about orgasms and exactly how to give women more orgasms than 99% of the men out there, then read every thing I wrote, it won’t take long and you will have more orgasms for yourself after reading it. It would not hurt me if you told other women on here that if they want to get more orgasms to go read my profile And my blogs. Maybe someone will write on my blog to me, I seriously doubt it though. I do through them and try to up update them and correct spelling errors, so do not waste your time nit picking on that, hardly anyone reads it so it is no big deal.
Any way the information you probably want is in my blog, to know more about me, then just keep on reading you might learn something and how did I learn so much on erotically pleasing woman with extreme massive numbers of orgasms?
Oh if this is ALL your going to read of my profile. I am looking for some women extremely close to me. To make a small team of women I can teach how to have
61 orgasms in 60 minutes.that’s my goal right now. You can read about that too if your interested in joining. I’m not a pessimist, just that I have never ever met any one on here interested in getting more orgasms for herself. I will not teach a male what I know, I have seen women hurt by getting too many orgasms. Some men are like that.
When you scream and lose your voice do not get ANGRY with me.
Go get a 3 minute man, it won’t last long, saving your voice.
++++ returning you now to where you were ++++

No Dating SEX ONLY-FREE. U get
Foreplay with a feather all the way to 1st Orgasm to warm and lube you up
( What is fore play? If you asked then yeah your missing out and better read everything I have written here, you got a lot to learn)
Clit orgasms to warm and lube you up
Double orgasms
G-Spot orgasms
Squirting Orgasms
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS ( whole body orgasms and full whole body orgasms are the exact same thing. Why the name change, I don’t know. I grew up and the sky was blue, then it was called it sky blue and then lite sky blue. Some people cannot mm leave well enough alone.
Later you can experience Google it
Google it, Read it, Learn it, I DO IT, YOU GET IT.
Been doing it for decades, without all the new age mumbo jumbo talk.
( read several links about That kind of orgasm very few women get to experience.
I have been doing it for decades, it’s what I do, it’s no big deal to me, I just do it without all the fancy impressive word talk ) if you feel you just gotta have all that fancy new age impressive word talk then go find someone else. If you just want the orgasms for yourself without all the extra talk then your in the right place.
People don’t think it’s possible because they don’t do it . I can and and I do it
Why all the mysterious magical talk abo!! ut it?
Hey guess what, It is an Orgasmm, and woman can have them, she has to be
Your a woman, it’s your body and you think you know ALL about orgasms, I’m a man, I don’t have orgasms like a woman does , so how can I give you, teach YOU how to have them. Well your the woman, I am not ( I even got the body parts to prove I am not a woman ha ha ) so how do I know how to make your body have orgasms that you, yourself can’t make have right now. Long story short.
I studied medical books in hospital library.
How do some women learn to squirt and some don’t, they l
That’s how, so what so SPECIAL about it, where women speak in whispers about like it’s something magical? It ain’t magic, it’s just something YOU don’t know how to do. Now if your one of those who now want to pick a fight with with me about FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, you go right ahead, YOU WIN.
I really don’t like to argue, and if you want to argue with me about it saying it’s impossible for a woman to lie in bed and without touching herself or me touching you,AFTER I have given it to YOU and you just lay in bed there for 35 to 45 minutes your body shaking and vibrating on it’s own and your have multiple orgasms repeatedly . And this happens AFTER I have taught your body to have 25 ORGASMS YOURSELF per session, each time we make love
so you really in actuality get more than 25 orgasms from me. And you want to argue with me about it, telling me it’s impossible, and like I said I don’t like to argue. OKAY YOU WIN! it is impossible for YOU to get ALL the different kinds of orgasms I give to a woman. Oh yes, I do them. And I certainly agree with you that’s it is impossible for YOU, a woman to get the kind of orgasms I have the knowledge and rare skills levels to teach you, knowing how is one thing, teaching how is another. And if you are all fired up mad at me telling me and others it is impossible, then your 100 percent correct, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THEM, see I agree with you. End of argument.
Because I PERSONALLY, will NEVER TEACH YOU, so you just go on as a horny unsatisfied 1 to 2 Orgasm woman for the rest of your life. And don’t bother me any more, you go spread your hate and lies some where else. I personally have put just a few short of 4 dozen women in the


and not a single one of them were disqualified on a technicality.
because I don’t cheat, I follow ALL the rules, to the letter. Oh but you don’t think women should be learning from a man about sex.
Well most women do, and that’s a fact! The man And women are the problem is they have had bad instructors. Even if it never got my teaching hands & LONG TONGUE on you, if you read ALL my blogs,
You will learn how to have more orgasms for yourself from just taking the time to read my blogs. Because I share with you the exact details on what you got to do so that you do get more orgasms for yourself. The very next time you make love. You can stop now and go read something more exciting but it won’t get YOU any more orgasms, it is just nice entertaining reading or you can keep on reading here and my blogs and learn exactly how to double and yes triple the amount of orgasms your experiencing now when you make love. Am I lying to you? NO, you already got lied to enough to get you to pick the lover you got now. And Jhow many orgasms are really getting? Not as many as you wanted to satisfy your wants and needs.
It is a real simple choice for you to make. There are men who won’t like it, well they get 1 and they are done. Men will not like that they have to
PUT OUT the EXTRA EFFORT to give you more orgasms when they only get just 1 themselves, to them it is unfair. If he refuses to help you out by giving you more orgasms.
You got 2 choices, get a new lover or teach and RE-TRAIN the one you got.
He might be a wonderful man to be living with except he is a lousy lover and you want more and better sex.
Well who does not want more and better sex?
Keep on reading
I believe women are orgasm deprived and women need more orgasms.
If you agree or you just want more orgasms for yourself to experience then keep on reading

Oh a very few ever read my profile, that is amazing, a few even sent a flirt amazing. One 1 wrote where I could read what they wrote, on my blog.
Know this, at my non paying member status level I can’t see your profile, a flirt or a letter so even if you write me a letter. If you want me to read what you wrote and respond back to you. Then you must write me 1st on my blog, it is the only way I can see anything you write to me and for me to write you back. I can not start the conversation, you must be the person who writes first, yes you got to make the first move.

it won’t take long. I even share how’ woman can get more orgasms for her self right now, if she follows my instructions, she will get more orgasms the very next time she has sex, it’s that simple. I know women are orgasm deprived, they want more orgasms they need more orgasms they can have far more orgasms than a man can have.
So why are they not getting them?
#1 Reason. They were taught wrong, ( by yourself, on your own in private) Your body wants more orgasms and YOU won’t give what it wants and needs) it ain’t as simple as you just going on with a vibrating sex you. Hmmm okay think of it this way, this might help you understand it better.!You body needs a medical operation snd you can’t do it yourself, you got to have someone else do it for you.
And a male who climaxes one time, and he is done, is not going to do it for you.
You need someone trained and skilled in the art of giving a woman orgasms,
Ohh I’m not gonna discuss it here, IF YOU want more orgasms do some home work, go read my blogs, I would rather do it in person, you will learn how to get more orgasms for yourself the next time you make love. What you read And what I do in person are 2 totally different things entirely. It is 2 totally different techniques. You can read and learn, if you actually follow my detailed instructions, yes you can double and triple the number of orgasms you are getting right now when you make love, taught to a few women I used to know Snd I did not have sex with. So o know it is a technique that’s actually works and produces more orgasms for a woman to experience herself, been there, done that.
Will you get as many as I in person teach you how to have?
NO, not even close, it is MY HANGS ON and LONG TONGUE on teaching you sex that you learn from me in person. I will not write it up, will not make a video of it, you cannot see anything in a video. Do not feel disappointed. It is still worth the time reading it, for you though because WHEN you double or triple the amount of orgasms your having now. Well that’s better than what you had last month.
I will do the math for you.
Double the amount of orgasms that you get now.
1 to 2
2 to 4
3 to 6
Triple the amount of orgasms you get now
1 to 3
2 to 6
3 to 9
See FOR YOU, an untrained woman those are some great numbers
IT is NOT what I do in real life. You start out with only 5 orgasms, work out your orgasms muscles, strengthening them do you can have more orgasms safely with no pain, just pure pleasure for you and I SLOWLY get you up to 25 orgasms. And MORE if your going to help me reach my goal of giving a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes.
You see the math on DOUBLE your orgasms.! It is going to take you awhile to reach 5 orgasms. 5 bring a critical number of orgasms for you to have at one session ( read the blog why thats is) while you on your own are working your way up to 5 orgasms. Hey guess what, your giving a workout to your orgasm muscles. It takes you awhile to reach the critical number of 5 orgasms. By the time you get their since it took you so long to get there, your orgasms muscles are in shape well enough to handle it.! You do what I say snd you will get more orgasms for yourself, well if you want more orgasms, that is.!
Ny the time time you reach 5 orgasms your brain body can handle it snd is ready and wanting to learn more. Do you can later on triple the amount of orgasms your getting.?just know your numbers are going to rise slowly to the higher numbers.
There is a problem tho, getting some one to do it to you. Unless you are very care and patient, your gonna have trouble finding AND HOLDING ON SOMEONE who you work with to do this with you.
Why do I say that? Cause they now think they are some hot lover snd want to try it out on some one else.
Not gonna cover that topic here,
Me, I START YOU OUT AT 5 Orgasms only!
I know what to do and how to do it.
It is not like flying a flight simulator game and doing it in real life.
I know what I am doing, been there done that. You build up and slowly work your way up to 5, I go there instantly your first time. Plus I change it up for you with different ways to bring you to orgasms. Normal man only focused on say what ever hevhasbtobdsy yo get you in bed. Once there his FOCUS SHIFTS, to get what HE WANTS and needs. Why do you think do any woman are left wanting more?
Because they are not getting it.
Married and single both want more of what they are not getting, not going to cover that. You don’t care about , you already know it from first hand experience.
You just want more orgasms for yourself because that is why you are here basically.
You fell down a lot when learning to ride a bike, lots of skinned knees. now you can get on a bike and ride it anytime, what you learned, stayed with you.
You get.
Clit, Double Orgasms, G-Spot, Squirting Orgasms, Full Whole Body Orgasms, it is sad you gotta google it and look that one up, well I do it, You get it.
What do you want?
I teach Women U MULTIPLE ORGASMS. No charge.
Make money off of sex and a person gets into trouble real quick.
I just want to reach my goal of giving women 61 orgasms in 60 minutes.
If your body can’t go that many, I still the practice to stay in shape.!Athlete still works out to stay in shape before the next official game. You want and need erotic satisfaction of different kinds of excess multiple orgasms And I need the practice sessions. Win - Win for the both of US.
( except I never not 1 time, ever met in real life a woman here. only 1 ever wrote,!then vanished they were not close , so to me it makes no sense in paying for what I personally am not getting)
I just would like to break My own Record of giving a woman fifty Orgasms in fifty minutes. If you only want 5 orgasms that’s okay too. Everyone starts out with only just 5 orgasms only.
Why just start at 5 orgasms only?
Go read blog and find out why, because I am protecting you from yourself.
What happens when you get more than 5 orgasms and your not ready for it, go read my blogs. Untrained, you can’t handle it, that’s why!
What exactly happens, read and learn. I won’t make that mistake again.
You learn from your mistakes.
Edison learned over 10,000 things he can’t make a light bulb out of,
I learned about women’s orgasms
I Am unable to read mail here sent to me, so only write me on my blog.
Men anything wrong with just giving a woman multiple orgasms repeatedly?
I do not think so.
I just think that giving a woman lots of orgasms is really awesome way to make her smile, feel good and get rid of her case of the hornies.
I am guessing that the women here do not believe it that there is a man on here that actually does give a woman multiple orgasm or that they are capable of having multiple orgasms themselves, It is only something they read in Cosmopolitan magazine when getting their hair done.
Well I really do give a woman multiple orgasms.
Its just fun because no one else does that.

TO CONTACT ME just write me on my blog it’s the only thing that I can read that YOU WRITE
this is just so you know and do not think that am being rude and not answering you IF you write me a letter her I cannot read, I just can’t read it
* Note if you just want to have orgasms and not help me break my record of giving a woman 50 orgasms,in 50 minutes, that is okay too. I now live in Lindale, Texas and dont know anyone here. So if your afraid of learning how to have multiple orgasms,
I will go slow and teach you how to do this. The first time you will have 5 orgasms, Then after more sessions, we work you up to your having five and eight orgasms, then in the range of ten to twelve once you hit twelve orgasms per love making session with me, more is easy 15 to 25 orgasms per session. I got tired after giving a woman 35 orgasms per session. That is just a regular sex session, giving a woman once she learns how 20 to 35 orgasms, 25 appears to be a good number of orgasms for a women to have every time we make love together. 25 Orgasms per session now because cause I tired giving a woman 30 to 35 orgasms so I just cut back then and she sleeps really good afterwards. And usually a woman who has been trained to learn how to have that many is worn out and tired long before that time herself. And she sleeps really wonderful afterwards so if it you only just want to have a good nights sleep, this technique is for you. Just imagine yourself all worn out, not even Horny and tired from just having too many orgasms, sounds like a dream cum true and it does happen. Or if you are in a certain situation, take a really nice cat nap wake up, eat and I give you some more orgasms your extremely pleased with yourself and totally relaxed and stress free. And your not horny any more, its all been drained out of you, don’t worry, it builds back up.
I would just give you a few extra orgasms tho, for the road if I have to leave.
I think I it’s nice parting gift, that you would get more enjoyment from than just flowers.
It requires many multiple sessions to teach a woman how to experience multiple orgasms, ( sounds dumb, it is true tho) cause they are not use to it. Its something new they have to learn to accept and it takes awhile.
Its sad that woman get cheated in that area of their life.
I am thinking that most of the women on here have never had more than one or two or even possibly three orgasm and they think thats the way it is and I am some crazy liar.
Well it only took one White Crow to prove that all crows are not black.
I teach the female body how to have multiple orgasms repeatedly.
It is not difficult for a woman to learn how, she just needs some one who has the experience and the patience to teach her so she can learn how. You didnt learn math in just one day, it took awhile. Do not expect much your first time because your body is nervous about this and your subconscious mind also.
So you only get JUST 5 Orgasms, your 1st time,no more.
(Go read blog on why that is ) After a few sessions 4 or 5, it begins to accept what will happen with eager anticipation and then your off to the races. Your 1st time tho you will climax multiple times, not as many someone who has been taught how to have multiple climaxes. It takes awhile for you to learn how, I will not lie to you about that. So do not expect a miracle your first time, unless you have never had more than one or two orgasm, then this is gonna be your dream cum true for sure. You will only have just 5 orgasms, your first time with me,
My record is giving a woman who never believed that multiple orgasm was possible. I gave her 5 orgasms her very 1st time! After a year I had her up to 50 orgasms in 50 minutes. I would like to find someone eventually in good heart healthy shape and give them 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. The Record is 360 orgasms per hour, a woman had ( look it up, if you dont believe me ) but she was in a hospital and had a medical condition, my goal is a extremely low,
give a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, so I am not asking for much, I just want to reach that goal sometime, till then. I give one
normal orgasm first then switch techniques read between the letters, change the technique to double orgasms where she has two orgasms at the same time. I use to do it where she would get ( the old style)
3 orgasms technique at the same time but its too difficult and unpleasant for me to do. And most women just wanted Double orgasms after all and that is much easier to do.
The newer RARE
It’s too dangerous for a average woman to handle 3 orgasms going off in synchronized form at the same time
Just to dangerous. Yes I know how to do the 4 orgasms at once technique, it’s dangerous too.
Just cause you might want it, like women do to men all the time
So don’t even ask Someone doing the older style 3 orgasms at the same time, that’s safer for you. The newer Rare MONROE ORGASMS are not safe for women out of shape, they are just to intense for you to handle.

You must be heart healthy.

Then after a year of teaching her how learn how to have Multiple orgasms.

Clit orgasms you know about already.
Double orgasms you climax twice at the same time.
G-Spot orgasms are easy to do also.
Squirting orgasms, require towels and drinking water 30 mins before making love.
I taught her how to have WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, look it up, now they call it
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, its the same thing. It sends tingles up and down your spine and whole body. It makes a woman climax repeatedly, i give it to you.
The one thing that I
I do not like is the description every woman says about what it feels like to have a full whole body orgasm. Everyone woman says the exact same thing. It feels like lightning bolts going up and down her body. Okay I’m a man, I just personally do not think lightening bolts going through your body is a good thing to experience. Women love tho for sure, well they love what I do to give them that kinda of erotic set of spasms. I mean I am the man doing it, giving it to the woman body and I sure don’t feel anything like that and I am the one who is doing it to your body. Women say they don’t care, it does not hurt and they ALWAYS WANT MORE...uh okay, once your trained how, I don’t mind giving you more. If it makes you happy and your heart can handle it, I will do it for you, it’s fun for me to give them to you.

I could be showering and leaving for work and she would be still laying in bed and continue to be experiencing multiple orgasms spams on her own from what I did to her. They continue for 30 to 45 mins or so. As you will read, if you do the research, normally some women continue to have whole body orgasms
for up to 2 hours, yes be happy She never was able to achieve that time limit. You must be DDF as I am. Giving a woman multiple orgasms is fun to do, since no one else does it. in decades of doing them, I never known a woman to last longer than 45 minutes, I think it’s lies on those sites. Read my blogs on that.
Most guys just cum, roll over and go to sleep, when the woman is just getting her motor warmed up. Once she is warmed up, she is ready for more.
Early on, I have to wait awhile till your body calms down some before you can be brought to a climax again.
With proper training, I shorten the time between orgasms for you to have, so you can achieve orgasms more often, it just takes time to teach your body/brain how to learn and accept that. I teach you how to have more than one orgasm per session. This aint a quickie one time lesson, it takes time over many multiple sessions that will be required for your body to RE-LEARN how and adjust and accept to have multiple orgasms, the more often you experience them, the sooner you can have more orgasms closer together and I am not talking about the little ones, I am talking about
Sorry I dont do the small, little, polite orgasms, some women get.
You go get those from someone else!
THE BIG FULL BLOWN SCREAMING ORGASMS you dont have to workup to those kind. Look it up. Most women dont think thats possible, till they do the research. Research means EXPERIENCE IT FOR THEM SELF, you must have a extra pillow to scream into. If I see NO EXTRA PILLOW, then I know NOT to give you that kind of orgasms, I don’t want my hearing blown out.
Freshly washed new sheets too. I don’t know who slept on them last night.
Do not expect too many on your first time, is only just 5 orgasms,
it takes awhile for your body to RE-LEARN how to receive and accept them and then turn that experience and knowledge into multiple orgasms later then
into full whole body orgasms. It aint easy to give those to a woman, its just fun tho cause no one else ever does that.
Cause It is not easy and requires EFFORT AND WORK on the man’s part.
The main reason you do not experience many multiple orgasms is your brain is kind of scared and your all nervous your first time, so it takes several multiple sessions over time for you to relax with someone new (Me) and then you have them. Because your subconscious then learns to trust me and what I do to your body to bring you to a orgasms climax multiple times. It is a new experience and it learns slow. Not my fault, I am patient though.
Its much more fun for you and more hard work for me!
All you do is just lay on your back and I do all the work, you just lay there and have orgasms repeatedly.
Rome was not built in a day, this skill will stay with you the rest of your life.
Took you long time to ride a bike, now you can ride one easy anytime.

All you gotta do is lay back and enjoy the orgasmic ride.

When you do learn how, your gonna love it!

If your one of those women that thinks multiple orgasms is impossible and are only in magazine articles just to sell magazines and you want to argue with me about it.
Then dont bother with me, I am tired of that kind of talk, I do not want to argue about it.
If you want to experience it, be nice, polite, pleasant, horny and sexy to be around to be around, dress and act sexy, towards me & you will get what your looking for ( real quick ) .having multiple orgasms that you will enjoy, then contact me.
SEX 1st, then friendship later. Cause if the sex is no good, its really hard to end a friendship.
When the sex is Great, then the friendship will take off for sure.
Unless you dont want friendship and you just want sexual satisfaction, that is ok with me too. Just tell me in advance.

I would like to get a blow job on a regular basis. so if your into sucking me off, its gonna take awhile and at least you get to enjoy doing it, instead of someone who cums really quick in your mouth before you even get started. I take awhile for me to climax, so you get to really enjoy sucking cock for a longer time for sure. Women dont like quickies you know and I do appreciate the effort and results.
I can also teach you how to be really extra good at it, since it takes awhile before I cum, so I know what feels the best as compared to a male who is just all excited just at the chance of getting his cock inside your mouth and he would of climaxed quickly anyway, because he is all excited at the get go.
Me, I take awhile so I can teach you how to be a better cock sucker, if thats your goal also. It never hurts to give some back.

Something else, I prefer yet not mandatory, your bush be trimmed so the hair is 3/8 to 1/2 inch long, that way it wont get in the way, and it bends over easy. If it does not just do 1/2 inch trim. if its thick. IF it is, that is not a deal breaker, it just what I prefer and it makes it easier to make you climax repeatedly. And that what this is all about anyway, making you cum multiple times. Last thing we both want is me sneezing cause your Bush is tickling my nose and your about to reach climax.
And don’t shave yourself smooth down there. No one likes 5 ‘o’clock shadow, even me when working down there.
Do trim, don’t shave.
Best example make love at night, then in the morning you got to shave before we do it again. So don’t spoil a good mood!
Just trim it okay. Let it grow a little.
Unwashed thick bush smells, I won’t go into that.
You must be DDF and STD FREE drug and disease free, Sexual Transmitted Disease Free and have a test done a few days before we do this. Yeah thats a real pain in the neck for sure. It is also how I have maintained being STD and DDF all my life. So you should appreciate that for sure If you join some sports they always require you to have a physical ahead of time.
So you just go get checked out a head of time. Bring the test results paper work with you. Some test that was done awhile back will not be acceptable, because you could of gone out and had unprotected sex with someone since you had that test and when we get together. You must get a test just before we meet up, and you will appreciate it for sure later, bring the paper work. if just for the peace of mind it gives me and you. Most of your life you study, then take a test.
Learning this technique, you take the test first.
Then you get to learn.
That will eliminate a lot of people.
That’s okay, you can stay at the 1 to 2 Orgasms levels.
Not everyone can handle 25 orgasms each time we make love. It’s okay.
Simple see.
Do not worry, you will learn how to have more sexual pleasure in your life than you ever had before.

Any institutions or anyone including some ones lawyer, using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - YOU DO NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It would be a pleasure to sue you, I could use the money with this isolation pandemic going on.

Just so you know, if you write me, I can’t read it NOT IGNORING YOU,I just can’t read it.
Contact me it will be worth it for You.

I just got on here to find someone I could break my record with.
So far May 2020 no women have contacted me here...Amazing and disappointing at the same time, I thought women here wanted sexual satisfaction.
That is not what I am finding out. So no need for me to join if no one is interested in learning and helping me break my own personal best record.
To give you 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, your gonna have to experience
You get 500 to 800 Orgasms to build up yourself, strengthen up your orgasm muscles. Like lots of running exercises for a short race, to get in shape, the same thing again read my blogs.
One other thing, I have noticed that people do not look at their own profiles the way everyone else sees their profile. When you edit your profile it looks just like you like it, cause you wrote it. Now switch over and look at your profile from the way everyone else looks at it. And you will find on most profiles a lot of words that simply SCRAMBLED and do not make any sense. Basically the profile is garbled words, some profiles more than other. So immediately after you read my profile, and blogs, stop and go look at your very own personal profile the way every one else sees your profile and you just might be amazed at how corrupt it looks. So everyone else has to try and figure out what you wrote. I suggest you open a second window, one with your profile on it and the other window with your profile edit version on it. So you can fix it so it makes sense.
Me, hey I am just a guy who wants to give orgasms to a woman and raise my own bar and set a new record for myself, you know that already. I found errors in my profile, fixed them. Since I had some, your gonna have some most likely.
First tho, finish reading all of my profile and check the chart on how we would get along and our sexual biorhythm, Yes it is on here and its on your chart too.

Are you interested in experiencing multiple orgasms?
I do clit ( thats normal, to start the process to warm and lube things up)
Double orgasms, where you have 2 at the same time, intense most women love that. Triple orgasms, I dont do that any more, very few women liked it and if I did that..then that was all they got, just one triple orgasm and then I was done, so I stopped doing that kind of old style of triple orgasms for a women long ago, sorry. *** UPDATE ***
3 extremely powerful and intense orgasms that fire off synchronized together at the same time. making it extremely dangerous for a average woman to have on her heart!
Unless your 1st or 2nd in a Cardio class then you WILL NOT get one.
DEATH BY ORGASMS, I have no desire what so ever to go to jail being charged with that.! It simple, if your NOT IN SHAPE you don’t get any, snd women are used to telling men, all the time NO. So you know what NO means and I do not have to explain my self.
People don’t exercise like they used to, so they are not in shape.
I have been working on a watered down version of it and it’s a tricky spot. Between the range of full power to just an extremely nice and pleasurable orgasms, I am working on it.
It’ is safer to just get you up to full whole body Orgasms level of your performance level, that’s much safer for you.
G-Spot orgasms, I can make you have those many multiple times, of course giving you time to relax and recharge before the next one would hit you. ( later make you have one every 20 to 30 seconds, if we’re going after goals) or just make you climax like that, just for FUN.
Any wayI think it is stupid for a woman to be seeking a man to go all night long with her, for just 5 orgasms.
It is just a waste when I can give with proper training 25 orgasms in 30 minutes and you are all tapped out, extremely satisfied unlike anything you have felt before. You got no more orgasms to give. So we do something else. Came back later maybe and give you another 25 orgasms later. I know from personal experience giving a woman 25 or 50 orgasms a day produces a really good effect on a woman than her just getting only 5 orgasms. When I start training you that’s all you get, only just 5 orgasms till your body learns and adjusts. We gotta build up your orgasm muscles
It is NO big deal!
Squirting orgasms, I gotta have You laying on a thick folded up towel, at first they will be small, if its your first, later on they get stronger. You will be required to drink a lot of water ahead of time, cause it depletes your body of water. You have to drink a lot to recharge your system, yes even if you just do squirt a small amount, a few drops, when you squirt. Your body has to have the excess water inside of it. If you do not drink water ahead of time, then I will have to refuse giving you a Squirting orgasm, because your body will WILL NOT let it happen thats the deal, its for your own safety.
If we get along well, later on then I will give you a whole body orgasm or full whole body orgasm,its the same thing if you google the terms. If I give you that, I have had to leave before or go take a shower and the woman is just left laying there for up to 45 minutes and still having orgasm after orgasms. I have never had a woman experience a whole/full body orgasms up to 2 hours that you read about on the internet. It just has never happened, that has been my DECADES of experience.
I always had the woman call me when they faded away and stopped having them. Why give a woman orgasms like that and then just leave her?
I think differently and I thought it was a nice going away gift,
So while at work I would get a phone call and I just kept track of how long they lasted. I always thought it was a great way to leave an woman.
Her making erotic memories of my visit, leaving her and with her getting more orgasms, even after I have left the building.
Hey it is what I like to do and what I do.
If you don’t like it, just tell me and I won’t give you any, simple see!
It is sad, so many women grew up and were taught wrong.
(Ok you were self taught and you still only get 1 or 2 orgasms )
They can’t have multiple orgasms.
They all had the same kind of lovers all their life.
The 1 to 2 womder orgasms lovers, they get WHAT THEY WANT then fall asleep and the woman is left wide awake wanting more.
Women can have so many more orgasms than a man can have. They were just taught wrong when growing up by selfish lovers.! ( it is the truth )
Like anything else in life its a LEARN BY DOING SKILL and
YOU GOT TO UN-LEARN what you learned growing up!
That is why women are horny all the time, they are orgasm deprived!
Women are not getting enough Orgasms in their life, their body’s want more than they are getting.
It is Like I said,
You hungry you eat
You sleepy you sleep
You thirsty you drink
You gotta go potty you go potty
You horny sorry good luck with that
Women need more orgasms and they are not getting them from their lovers.
Women have more orgasms from machines than they get from their human lovers.
How can that be changed?
I cover that in my blog here on this site.
How a woman can double very easily the amount of orgasms she gets now
Now by just changing one easy to do thing now every time she makes love and they just won’t do it so they get less orgasms than their body wants and needs.
It’s a learned skill they need to re-learn it all over again. And the brain does not like change. The brain does not like I change at your job, it does not like change in relationships, it does not like change in sex. A woman knows she wants more Orgasms and she just refuses to change so SHE CAN GET ORGASMS FOR HERSELF.
And it’s so easy for a woman to do, they just won’t do it, it’s in my free blog on here.
I have not met anyone on here in real life and that is sad if you’re me.ha ha

Oh...Did I finally get the point across that you should read my blogs?
You Ever know someone you had to tell them repeatedly to do something before they actually did it?
Go read my blogs


Heart Healthy Nice smile NO bad breath,that is a real turn off, get and
use SMART MOUTH MOUTHWASH Original formula no bad breath for 24 hours and you shower and be clean down there, right before we do it. I want you cleaned up because your gonna get all wet for certain. I prefer a flat abdomen on a woman, not a necessity tho, it just makes my job easier. When I arrive, were in bed in about 2 minutes. Low cut dress, high heels,make up, lipstick short-shorts, with no more than 2 inches of cheeks showing or just a bath robe is okay with me.
If your one of those dominate women, I do not take orders. So this would be the time for you to just lay back be nice and polite and let someone else be in control and give YOU pleasure, because you will be the one to benefit from all the orgasms you will have. And you will have more than you ever had in your leoldrst dreams. So do not get bossy with me, because I will instantly stop giving you orgasms and I will get dressed and leave. Just know that I’m advance, so be nice and sexy. Then you get more orgasms for yourself, relax and enjoy the ride. Since I do all the work. I will listen to suggestions as to what you do any and what feels better to YOU, just know if your DOM side comes out, everything stops, Be a woman and let a man thrill you,
So relax and enjoy the ride, lots of hugging and kissing will be required..
Also no fake sex texting
I am in Lindale, Texas 75771 I dont want a long drive.
Not really looking to go out on dates, sorry. You got other friends you can do that with. Me, I just want to come over. Hug and Kiss 2 minutes later were in YOUR bed and I use a feather to take you all the way to Orgasm. I give you multiple orgasms.
Relationship later, I suspect if I was in relationship a woman would not want me trying to break my record with someone else's body, if we were together.

My record is giving a woman 50 orgasms in 50 minutes.

If your dating someone else, I do not care, your horny and you want to cum so bad, I can make you do that, repeatedly. Its my survival skill.
I would not mind a serious relationship and that would be very nice,
AFTER I reach my goal tho. Because I think a woman would get upset with me, being with me while I am trying to break my record of giving another women 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. And then reward them if they want to and we get along really good. And help them apply and join the
it’s the least I could do for a woman volunteering and DONATING to me her orgasms, well having them and donating them to my worthy cause to break my 50/50 record. Just know in while in training your probably going to have to experience 500 to 800 Orgasms just to get your orgasm muscles in shape so you can have 61/60.
WE Got to work you out
Your just gonna have to have a lot of self satisfied orgasms, no way around it if your going to build your orgasms muscles up so you can have more orgasms for yourself. I will go slowly so you don’t get sore .
So I guess a serious relationship would have to wait awhile. Who knows I might find someone this way. Ha ha.

I have a GOAL, I just want to give a woman multiple orgasms,

You can stop laughing now.
Yes I know
I just wanted a low number that just any woman could have with not much training. It is not anywhere close to the world records.
Ii just have my own goal to set. I don’t feel goon about giving a woman 50 orgasms in 50 minutes, we fell short of the 61/60 goal, she ran out of orgasms at
40 orgasms, do I pulled another 10 out of body bringing her up to total of 50 orgasms in 50 minutes. Just 11 orgasms short of our goal of 61/60.
I just do not want to go through life known as the man who only just gave a woman 50 orgasms in 60 minutes.
61 in 60 I feel better about.

I give U MULTIPLE ORGASMS 4U I cant read or send mail here, Write me on my blog if your heart healthy and can handle climaxing multiple times or want to learn how.
Most can’t do it so your gonna have to learn
I cannot host and you must be heart healthy for you to have multiple orgasms, it is l what I do! Most men just roll over and fall asleep, I do not, your motor just got warmed up and I make you climax repeatedly, this is my only message I get to put here for free. I will not join if I am only wasting money and time writing bots and I dont get any messages and no one lives near me to meet up with.
I dont do anal so do not ask me.

..its frustrating and I need some relief.
I cant read any messages sent to me, I get a just blurry text that cant be read they do that on purpose.
I just got this message

Unfortunately, standard members will no longer be able to read and reply to an email sent to them unless they upgrade to gold. You will ONLY be able to read and reply to messages that are initiated by premium (gold) members who have purchased the standard contact feature.
Well okay that explains that..I cant read or reply here.
Send a FRIEND& CUPID MATCH and I will get that and know you want to hookup.
I can’t read anything or write you back. If You want to talk then you write me on my blog that is the only way I found so far to read & write back someone here.
I cannot host if needed. I can’t read your name or message.

I am starting to think that women here do not believe that multiple orgasms are possible for them to have. Well why don't you find out for sure. It is a safer bet than thinking your going to win at Bingo or the lottery.
So what is the excuse to not find out for yourself?

Go read my blogs so you as a woman can get more orgasms for yourself following my detailed instructions before you have sex again.
It’s really easy for you to double and triple the amount of orgasms your personally getting now when you have sex again the very next time, it will take you a little learning. It does work. Go read my blog

Great experiment idea
Find an attractive a woman a cardio instructor interested in multiple orgasms.
This is selfish I know.
Cut loose and give her the
RAREST MONROE ORGASMS, at Max power levels and see how her heart handles it.
3 POWERFUL TRIPLE ORGASMS all going off at once synchronized all together
And just give her one after another in rapid succession repeatedly. And see how many a cardio instructor can handle.
It is selfish of me to think that way.
She could get hurt. ( and basically a woman could lie to me, she is a cardio instructor. ) Just to get some.. for herself. Yes it has happened before, shocking I know, a woman lied to me! Death and jail ain’t worth it, sorry. It’s go slow, you learn slow so you can handle my kinda off action or it’s no go at all.
No exceptions!
You learn slow, you get good. Dancing, karate, juggling, archery you learn slow at 1st you practice, slowly you get better. You know this already.
No I would have to start her out like every one else, only just 5 orgasms, like any one else starts out. Not looking for a relationship with her, just giving her orgasms
Get her up to where she is having 25 orgasms easy. Teach her to have
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS easy after awhile
We talk about it then when her body and “ I “ think she is ready. Then give her first the watered down versions let her get use to that first. I have waited and prepared her the best I could then slowly ( a MONROE ORGASMS are no good given slowly ) go slow anyway let her rest, evaluate her, ( what for? She not had anything before so establish a base line ) we both would have been for a long time to reach this point. If she is all systems GO. Then give her 1, then another and another and speed up faster and faster till she says the secret word to signify to stop.
Maybe a cardio instructor has other cardio friends as a larger base line to chart from. Different women different ages, differences in health, different in shapes. My few fears are she is gonna argue with me because we start out slowly. There is always someone who needs to be made an example of.. I would like to, I just can not do that. Just not my nature, did it twice and never again.
( decades and decades ago, never ever again )
JUST MAX HER OUT ON ORGASMS, get her some really, really high up there in some big double digits orgasms. I couldn’t do that do that to her because I know what happens. when I MAX OUT A WOMAN ON ORGASMS,
Been there, done that
I just want to give a small team of women, orgasms. So far no one here is interested. Women come here because I suspect they are Horny. They DO NOT
really want to get rid of the Hornies. If that were true, then I would see results different than what I have experienced here myself.
It was so much easier when I had atttactive cute busty women who did all the work looking for me. Some one was not getting enough, men not putting out, women talking to their best friends. Opening up to one another, in relationships but were not getting the orgasms they wanted do badly. The first talked to her friend. So many men chasing her and she found a man she loved, he just did not give her the sex she so desired. She paid for dinner the 3 of us met. Established guidelines, that still are great to follow. She desperately need orgasms, just no hugging and kissing. I wanted hugging and kissing even if it was fake. Deal first y
Time no hugging and kissing. She she agrees. She gets orgasms and then starts hugging and kissing me. Stupid like I get sometimes ( it happens) I stop and talk to her about it, she broke the deal. What is going on here, I need to know?
We talked some. She said whatever I wanted, she would do. Well the kisses real or fake? ( stupid me had to know ) her response, the kisses, hugging, emotional feelings are all real. Whatever you want. Okay you still keep your man in your life and give him sex when he wants it. And we will have lots of sex together. Her Reply that’s why I am here, that’s is what happens now. Okay deal, she got more than 5 orgasms cause I knew she would not be getting any at home. She finally got married, she had to get some before the honey moon to hold her over and then some when she got back. I was her lover on the side for a few years, then they moved away, they both had a happy marriage together, it is nice to help out women in need. Oh she just got orgasms only from me. This was long before the


She would of not had the time to spend with me to join it anyway.
So here is suppose to be the very best place to find horny women.
Inadequate better luck with women finding them for me, their women friends in need.
So far not met anyone local or on here who wants or desires orgasms.
All I need is 1, give her a good, not max her out and SHE WILL tell others.
I just didn’t want to start at square one all over again.
Not going to ask you read my blog.
For Women50 orgasms in 50 minutes
Posted:Dec 18, 2021 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2022 12:19 am
Where do I start?

It is no big deal, been doing it several decades.
Gonna jump way ahead here.
I taught 47 yr woman to have 50 orgasms in 50 minutes. She had to practice ( I gave her about 300 orgasms (some some more some times less) and workout get her orgasm muscles in shape this kind of action ( and easy walking exercises 1st later cardio ) handle this kind of action
Like anything you got work out get in shape. A runner runs longer distances get in shape a shorter run, basketball shoot a lot of hoops get good at it, darts lots of practice, bowling, Archery now and arrow lots of practice get good at it, you get the idea
You got to practice, practice, practice.
So I slowly worked up a woman up from 1 orgasm she always got when she made love.
I start a woman out with only having
5 ORGASMS slowly teach her brain/ body it CAN HAVE MORE ORGASMS
It takes awhile UN-LEARN something you have done all your life, having mainly 1 to 2 orgasms when you make love. So it takes awhile to UN-DO that kind of experience and thinking. More jumping ahead, if this your first time to read anything I ever wrote. The goal make a woman have
61 orgasms in 60 minutes. Stop laughing I KNOW ALREADY IT IS A LOW NUMBER, I know that already. I not going after the really high record numbers. I just wanted to do something easy ALMOST any woman could do. I had to work with her ( code name 50/50 )
Started her out our 1st love making love session with only just 5 orgasms.
Slowly worked her up to where she having 25 ORGASMS PER SESSION
Later I took her up to 35 ORGASMS each time we made love. I would get tired,
So I cut back to just giving women, who once they were trained to just 35 ORGASMS a love making session. Then though it would be nice to give a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. A nice low number of orgasms a woman have pretty easy with training learning new skill. Could not find any data on it. So I started out slowly again. 50/50 seemed to to help me the most so I chose her. She already adapted having 25 sometimes 30 more orgasms
I would give her. And she had adapted quickly to letting me give her
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, if you do not know what it is
then Google it, READ it, LEARN it, I DO IT, YOU GET IT!!! ( been doing that decades also, so it is no big deal) I do not do all the mumbo-jumbo new Age people talk they go through to do it. I just do it, without all the hype. Ok I AM OLD SCHOOL, I use only a FEATHER on your body your body all the way on YOUR 1St ORGASM WITH ME. I take my time okay. Understand this. I NOT A 3 MINUTE MAN A wonder lover
I am just a man who likes give a ATTRACTIVE WOMEN MULTIPLE ORGASMS. No big deal.
Oh yeah got off track, it happens a lot.
Finding no research data on this, I had make my own learning along the way. I giving
50/50 roughly 300 ORGASMS A WEEK, due to time limitations. Her time and my time. So she only got just about 300 orgasms a week, some times more sometimes less. Not counting the orgasms she would get when she had the FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS. On those do not believe what you read on the internet. About where women are just laying there in bed and having involuntary orgasms over and over again for 2 to 3 hours. I think someone is just flat out lying about it, maybe to make some one look good, or something.
Oh wait the part about about a woman just lying there and enjoying having involuntary orgasms, YES, that part is true. Now if there a house on fire she could pull out of it instantly. ( I did a test on that) for a womans own safety. I Got chewed out for doing it.
I later told her it a test. She got mad cause she missed out on having MORE ORGASMS.
I told her you already had 25 orgasms and she up to 35 or more, I forget. It at least 35 for sure, I certain of that. Anyway a woman can pull herself out of it if she needs , the problem is
THINKING, if a woman starts thinking it soon stops, so like remote viewing no thinking allowed. Oh yeah got off track again, a woman can have
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, it is the TIME thing that bothers me with what you read on the internet about it. In over 30 years of giving women the WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, not one time I have I ever personally witnessed it. Well someone will argue, well that is invalid 2nd hand information because I not not experience it myself. Yes, that is correct.
I am just the man who gave it to the woman and I right there (some people will argue about anything )
As far as my experience goes with how long a FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASM
lasts I have to say 35 to 45 minutes. Because when first giving a woman one of those I watch her, she how she is doing, if I detect any problems, I pull her out of it instantly. I never had do that, I still watched tho, just be safe. Once I know a how a woman can handle it. I can take a 45 minute nap, wake up just as she coming off of it. Give her a few more orgasms and then she makes us something eat ( why her? Cause I can not cook, that is why ) I give the
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS And I can get out of bed, go take a shower and drive to wor Give her a quick kiss on the forehead so as not pull her out of it And she just lays there in bed having orgasms that I gave her and she is not touching herself. To me, I just thought it a nice way of leaving her. It is sure beats a quick hug And a kiss good bye. I have always insisted that the woman call me when they are over. IF they do not call, they NEVER get them ever again. so far in over 30 years not one 1 woman ever been too busy, not to call me, they always did.
So with me quietly laying there watching over them or leaving the house, they always called and that is how I know how long they last. Oh yeah it is far easier to trigger them ON push the button, flip the switch turn on a woman FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS experience.
I have tried many times, just starting off with that and a womans body just will NOT let it happen. At the end of the same same session it WILL let it happen. I found it easiest for me after she Has already had her 25 orgasms. Not the first few times you reach 25 ORGASMS, later when you can have them really easy, then that is the time, I have found teaching a woman how to get herself to have a FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS.
And NO I refuse teach a man or married couple. Been there done that,I am not gonna ever do that again EVER!!!
Oh yeah back teaching a woman how to have
61 Orgasms in 60 minutes. Well, 50/50, we both thought after about her having a average of at first, 300 orgasms a week for several months that her orgasm muscles should be well enough developed and strengthened up by then. ( Weight trainers know better, I did not do weight training so I did not know, what it takes, especially on muscles hardly used ) So we talked about it for the next week going for it, we had a few scrimmage, practice games sessions. Some try outs, and they went well. If I knew then, what I know now I would of not even tried, it too soon. There also her job thing that pushed us. She had a high pressure executive job. She the only person who ever held that office and did not get all stressed out by the job. Uh...her supervisors did not know that she getting
about 300 ORGASMS A WEEK
That kept her really stress free for sure. ( Another research project for sure could be done on on that. Probably no lack of men to volunteer for it, except men got one shot at a time for it. Where woman can have more orgasms for themselves, thus more stress reduction in her life and job, so she does a better job handling high stress profile work because she could take on company time, more orgasms. To reduce her levels of stress in her body and working out along with the orgasms for stress reduction. A woman might be for a company to be a better person suited fora high stress pressure job. Men will not like that and with artificial intelligence A. Being handed off many jobs, no one is gonna for that kinda of stress tests to be done. A woman applying for a high stress snd high pressure job, having to prove or wanting lots of orgasms. Would probably not go over well with tax payers footing the Bills. It is also a personality factor. If a woman is basically a bad person, heartless she should not be in a executive position. Companies might want that at first which is what they want in their company leaders, except research shows some people it goes to their head, a GOD like complex. 50/60 A HARD WOMAN EXACTLY LIKE THAT. She always had to have her way. While she getting multiple orgasms, working here way up to average of 300 orgasms. She changed being nicer to me at least. If she had not started being more nicer to me, I would of stopped long ago. A sexy body only goes go far,it is personality that counts. She became a better woman and better executive for her company. So she got big promotion and raise, and had move away tho. ( I found 25 orgasms for a woman having a day will keep her stress free although it is better for her and every one around her if the minimum of 50 ORGASMS A DAY is much better for her and she can have them easy. It is no big deal, she can have more. Because you need to understand
a woman having 61 ORGASMS IN 60 minutes It is so much harder on her body to learn how to have that many, orgasms about every 20 seconds. I got to make up for the lost time From the time it took to her getting her 1st orgasm. NO, a Feather is NOT USED when GOING AGAINST THE CLOCK, for speed, it is a race against time. And yes even when it is a low number of orgasms like 61 orgasms in a hour a woman has to train for it. Even though it is a low number of orgasms for a woman to have, still a 0 yard dash race is a short distance length and a short amount of time. Runners constantly practice, practice, practice for it, to get better and stay in shape, it is required. Ask any athlete, they will tell that they got to practice a great deal of time to get better and stay on their game.
So that is WHY you got to have lots of orgasms in practice sessions. Just orgasms practice bring a woman such way over the top erotic satisfaction, they look forward to it and I personally think that is a good thing for women to have more orgasms from themselves, their bodies are designed for it. If they let it get out of shape and over weight, that is not good for their heart and not my fault. A Heart not in great shape limits the number of orgasms a female can have for themselves
And enjoy getting.
I am sorry there is just no way around it. You got to get the sexually pleasing orgasms And experience them for yourself and then focus on what she needs to herself on getting far more orgasms than she is having now.
It is a race against time. It is far easier to get a woman into the


And I have PERSONALLY myself have gotten almost 4 dozen women into that club. And not a single woman disqualified from joining. Every single one made qualifying it into the


mainly cause I asked lots of questions and found out what woman who sent in applications did wrong and after all the fun and hard work of having that many orgasms what got them disqualified.
I LEARNED, and I do not break the rules. Oh no changed hands. It done by volunteers, in case you work the IRS. all voluntary. ( and sex will get you in trouble every time. )
Getting a woman into the


is far easier than having 61 orgasms in 60 minutes.
Because your not in as much a tight race against time. I do not know why they set the bar, goal bar so low, I complained about It being so low. It should be 2,000 orgasms in a wee To make it more difficult to get in. Okay anyone can join the mile high club. No big deal do in a cramped bathroom on a plane and your in.


It takes a lot more time, effort and planning, I know from experience. Food all bought a head of time, clear your schedule. No distractions, nothing going on that you GOT to attend, and show up personally for. It seems like some emergency always pops up and interferes.
1st follow ALL the rules, I am not going go into that.
Main easiest biggest disqualification that women mess up on and this is the only one I will share here. Not gonna share ALL that I spent a long time learning to get women in the


JUST do not have ANY. Sex from 7 pm to 9:05 pm
9:06 you free to go for it. Me, I wait till 9: pm.
It is better now, it used to be ;05 pm central standard time ( TEXAS-AMERICAN TIME )
If you were doing something at 6:50 pm and Went over past into the no sex allowed
7 pm central standard time - TEXAS-AMERICAN time. You disqualified ALL your hard work all disqualified. It is just not worth it. Personally I do not risk it, it is just not worth it!
Different times zones I do not know about, and I do not care!
I got enough stuff to keep up with so I do not care about other time zones.
Oh yes, to get into the


It is really super simple and easy to do, well you got to be dedicated to getting in also.
All you got do ( at least how I do it, I will share this secret )
is have 25 orgasms 8 times a day = 200 ORGASMS IN A DAY
then do that for 5 days and your in, well with a bit of paperwork
( ok a lot of paper work) so no rush on time like it is 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, that is a much faster race against the cloc And your orgasms muscles have to be built up so they can have contractions that many times, you got to build them up and make them stronger
And how do you do that?
By having lots of pleasing orgasms for yourself. So I give you lots of orgasms,simple.
You gotta build your orgasm muscles up and the only way I know to do that, is to give a woman lots of orgasms in practice sessions. Hope that makes sense to you, it should if you ever played any School sports. Coaches always made you practice, practice, practice.
Lemon juice spilled on my Mac Book Pro laptop computer. And fried it, my computer and Apple does not fix it the any more, It is too old. I do not have the $6,000 get a new one. So ALL the data is gone. I have to make some educated guesswork now.
50/50 had 40 orgasms easy when we went for my record, I had to work hard and pull another orgasms out of her body making her have 50 ORGASMS. it not easy cause she screaming she all out of orgasms, she had no more she totally drained.
( why do women scream, I am just a few feet away ) I have asked that question afterwards many times and never got a satisfying answer. Maybe orgasms effect the female hearing ability. That might be a good study to do, later. I knew better from experience. She is screaming where did that one come from? I am all out, I am exhausted, I got no more orgasms to give, you gotta stop And boom she would have another orgasm and another and another and that is how it went for her last orgasms, I am truly totally out, I got no more to give, then she would have another extremely pleasurable orgasm. Where are they comming from? I told her from deep inside her, like a long distance runner like coaches always say you gotta reach down deep inside yourself to keep going.
Similar to US. NAVY SEAL TRAINING LEVELS. Where you push yourself. So this goes on till I pulled another ORGASMS OUT OF HER BODY.
What you do not know is we talked about it for MONTHS so it is not like she forgot, what to do! She knew the secret word and did not say it. It agreed upon by us both if she said the secret word I would instantly stop, if a woman is in the middle of intense multiple orgasms, she has to THINK to say it, just some really thinking much on her part, she just says what comes to her mind
( EXCEPT BAD WORDS, no bad words were EVER used, Thank GOD for that! )
I found that is a GREAT rule to follow even if not going for any records ) someone is gonna argue that point for sure, hey guess what I do not to hear it, heard all the arguments on it before at meetings and events. It is all been said before and I do not to hear it again.
We were just ORGASMS away from reaching OUR GOAL, we had been practicing for months
Let us see 25 orgasms a day. 5 days a week did not do much on weekends. = 5 orgasms,
25 orgasms a day x 5 days a week = 5 orgasms a week x 4 weeks = 500 orgasms a month. experience has shown that is way TO LOW a number of orgasms for a woman have throw in another 50 ( I okay I got Horny and I needed some myself and went over a couple of weekends and she nice enough give me some sex,even though it not training Orgasms. Some times a woman just needs a break so I give her her first one with just a feather, no time limits to her having a orgasm. Just know I did not push her. We went slowly enough to build her up with hardly if ever any soreness on her part. I am careful like that. I am not a subscriber to the gym saying NO PAIN, NO GAIN. I prefer to just go slow and avoid the pain altogether myself, well that is just me. A great number of people DO believe and follow that saying.
550 ORGASMS WERE NOT enough, ON PAPER it ENOUGH. That is what on paper math said we talked about it at length all the time so she agreed upon us raising the numbers of orgasms up for her to get and experience herself. She went from 25 orgasms on up averaging close to more or less, 300 Orgasms a week
ORGASMS x 4 weeks 1,200 orgasms a month and that still not enough orgasms for her have. Now I am thinking 500 to 800 orgasms should be more than enough push through And get there. My big fear though is a woman may only join the


Because IF were at the top of the scale, 800 orgasms, and if I teach her body how to have
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS count them too and just some more sessions and a woman would be there but not officially with the paper wor I have to give her the 1,000 orgasms
Her getting the FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS and counting them towards her 1,000 is still a grey debated area. I do not what you think working that hard and long and then have my work disqualified. I do not do that. I think it is cheating. Oh woman love it and it keeps them busy while I take a 45 minute nap to recharge my batteries
Besides women are orgasm denied, they are not getting enough orgasms for themselves
They get in a stupid race and they help the man cheat And win. Oh I do not go into this this it is covered in my other blogs that is easy to read, so go read it., okay short version incomplete here
Do not give a man a blow job first, by doing that you give him a HEAD start. You get him 1/2 to 1/4 the way there ahead of you, the woman climaxing. Who ever cums across the finish line first, then the race is over. Hint it is gonna be the man who finishes first. So the woman is in a race for herself to get her orgasms before he finishes first. Just going with as long as a
TV commercial , a 3 minute man. Sure let us give the men the Benifit of the doubt, let us say
5 minutes.
Even tho,yes I know women are laughing giving them more time. Is unfair, It does not matter what a person says someone always wants to pick a fight about anything. Well when you can prove you give a woman 25 orgasms a session and more on a regular basis...oh Nevermind some one is gonna argue about it anyway. Some will argue a 1,000 orgasms in a week is not possible and no such club exists. Well the 4 minute mile though impossible Until Roger Banister did it. When I in high school, boys who ran track in TEXAS were doing it. The atomic bomb built in total secrecy. Where I used to live, one attractive woman would know and tell another who they were friends with who they knew were not getting enough. Talk to her discretely, take some photos of her lots of face and body pictures. I gotta like what I see to do this kinda of activity . Teaching women how to have multiple orgasms repeatedly and personality wise, if we got along. If Sarcastic, hair and roots a different color
( such an easy problem to solve) bad breath also easy to solve. oh I am getting off track again . All that is covered in my blog. All problems easy to solve except
the sarcasm and usage of BAD WORDS, both under the womans mental control. I do not to talk about that.
I am just a non paying member on here. If some one writes me, I cannot read it.
I cannot even view a profile.
To communicate to me you a comment here, on my blog. just write me on my blog if you do not, then I won’t see a letter from you and get to read it.
Real simple.
Yes a very tiny extra bit work on your part to make contact, so far no one has made the effort. A woman named Kelly is the only who has written, and so far she only wants to TALK about women’s orgasms. I am okay with that.
You write me back through my
Blog here, I can read that. And so can everyone else well only one. Women ever did as far as I know. No friends, hot lists. I am on. Well some old fat man put me on his friends list. Here I am talking about only pleasing women and I get only a man who lists me as a friend,and that right after I put my photo up on here.


I am just a man with some SPECIAL SKILLS SETS who likes to give women multiple orgasms.

CLIT ORGASM warm and Lube you up

If you squirting, WE PLAY BY MY RULES - some of the medical books said you can have one Squirting orgasm every 22 minutes WELL FORGET THAT. 22 minutes ,nothing happens, 25 minutes nothing happens 28 minutes nothing happens.
30 minutes you finally can squirt a 2nd time AFTER drinking a big 32 ounce.cup of water after your 1st squirting orgasm. The body does not like to lose water like that,
urinating, that is an different thing entirely.
If You to argue with me about the drinking the water, okay fine, no squirting orgasms for you. I will not waste my time trying to give you a 2nd or more squirting orgasm because if you do not know as it, well I do and I know your body will not let you do it. Sure there are exceptions to the rules. Well I will stick to what I know works personally for me for decades. I stay with what works for me.
I am not someone when a new book comes out I rush to try something new. There are many who do just that, thinking new and improved is better. No, been there, done that decades ago. Man and woman have been having sex for a long time now.
I really do not like to argue, if you do, then move on to some other 3 min man profile
I will not start at 22 minutes after your first squirt And look bad going for 8 minutes like some one who does not know what he doing, it is tiring and 8 minutes is a long time keep going after it. I look bad and it It is your very own body that will not allow you to squirt, So we do something else during those extra 30 minutes. Once trained you can have 30 orgasms in 30 minutes easy. It never made sense to me a woman wanting to find a man to go all night long with her and make her have orgasms. I give a woman 5 orgasms our first time together.
Why not more?
Cause she gets sore, the soreness from 5 wears off in one day.
If I max you out you cannot have even 1 orgasms if you tried yourself with a vibrating sex toy.
Your own body will not let you reach a climax, plus there is the pump ( your heart) to consider. I am probably the only lover you had who worries about your heart before making love to you,
NO stroking out on me is allowed!
IF I see you having problems then I stop instantly.
Since Pandemic people are not heart healthy anymore.
One orgasm okay, 25 not okay.
Men think stupid, what a way to go!
Do not think stupid like a man.
I have no desire to go to prison for death by orgasms.
That is why you got to be in heart healthy shape.
I even do the



you know what an outstanding
great clit orgasm feels like?
You know what a great double orgasm feels like?
You know what a fantastic G-SPOT orgasm feels like!
It is really hard on your heart to get
3 ORGASMS at the same time ALL in SYNC TOGETHER.
50/50 was in great shape and it was tough for her to even handle
So I dropped it. For me it is easy to give them to a woman
For a woman, they got to be 1st or 2nd in their cardio classes.
You do not get just one ( do not ask for just one) you get a bunch of them, one right after the others. To me they are fun to do. Pillow mandatory to scream into. No blowing out my ears allowed. When I enter a bedroom and I do not see the extra pillow for a woman to scream into I just say nothing, no complaints. And I just make a mental note. Don’t give her any big screaming orgasms, just turn everything way down in intensity. She knows something about her heart, maybe she does not to say. It should of been covered before I reached the bedroom.
I DO NOT DO the POLITE orgasms, you get those from some else
I do
( not gonna go through police showing up again because of thin walls apts cause the neighbors heard a woman screaming just ALL AFTERNOON.
Horny, why wait til night time?
Problem with neighbors is the screaming, it went on for so long, so they called the police. Women screaming during sex do NOT normally last that long.
Repeated orgasm climaxes, women are not used to experiencing.
It Is IMPORTANT to discuss these things with a woman before giving her Multiple Orgasms.
On a few other sites I am deleting my profile because they were all were bots
They kept changing and deleting parts of my profile. Would Put it in my profiles the very 1st txt you send to me
Tell me the color of the sky , what color is the White House, name of 1st man who.walked on the moon.. at 1 site 200 responses and not a single response to my question , because they are ALL bots. They went into their programmed script. Oh yeah sure they made statements and asked questions that required me to read to make a response. Yeah wasted , I learned tho.
Uh... kinda got off track
So why go public here, when before it just by word of mouth from one really super attractive cute good beautiful woman to another
Fat turns me off. Older now I just EYE CANDY. Younger women are not so smart and that is when they get most of their eduction, they just do not think it out when it comes to sex. They rule out a man who is older with lots of experience. They DO the old experienced pilot with lots of experience flying the plane. They the old experienced doctor doing the operation, older car mechanic plumber electrician and so on,
When it comes to Lovers they the 3 minute men.
If you have not figured it out by now I am NOT A 3 minutes man, without the experience.
I Am just a guy who likes to give a woman LOTS OF ORGASMS. I am not go out dating, dinner,dancing, movies..whatever....I can not afford it. I Just drive over we hug and kiss and were in your bed in 2 minutes.
Foreplay starts with your clothes still on!
I just eat to give a woman orgasms. Been thinking a team of women would be better if various ages. Older says well she is she can do that and younger says she if is older, if she can do it, I can do it.
If just one woman has multiple orgasms it is considered a fluke. A one time thing.
If it is a team of women who do it, then it shows it can happen of various ages then other women will think I can have more orgasms for themselves too.
This will make men mad at me because then they will have to do more work ( putout more effort) to get what they and they will get upset that they have to put out some effort to get sexually satisfied themselves .
No one reads my profile or my blogs.
IF a woman actually went And looked, a woman would find instructions on exactly what to do so your get more orgasms for herself, the very next time she makes love.
So why am I on here on here?
I just moved here Lindale, TEXAS. I do not know anyone here. I INSIST on it being discrete
So I do not get into trouble with anyone. I only got on here to locate some women close by who to learn how to have the fun of having the ultimate experience in having orgasms for themselves
I just to break my record of giving a woman 50 orgasms in 50 minutes
When I give several 61 orgasms in 60 minute about 3 or 4 dozen times, then it is not not a one time thing, a fluke any more, it is a repeatable event in a womans life.
You learned a new skill and it stayed with you .
When you were a it took you along time and lots of skinned up knees to learn how to go ride a bike. Now you can ride any time.
I do not know know any one in Lindale
Area and there are way too many fake bots profiles on websites You can read my blog
( I doubt that will happen tho )
you can learn how to get more orgasms for yourself.
Even if you never write me.
You can reply, on blog and I can read it and write back on my blog . You to privately with me your gonna have to get their most expensive membership level
I cannot read a email message, I can read a response on this blog, if anyone does write back here. I cannot even read your profile unless you get the expensive one. If you like to pick on me because I mistyped words do not bother I not going change my style of writing for you so move on, it is men I am concerned about getting mad cause if women read my work the woman will get more orgasms for herself and the man has to put out more effort to get lucky

I just give some ( attractive, to me ) women multiple orgasms and hope they to have more and after a short time they will to get more and a few will to get on a team of women to learn more. and get some orgasms training not close to the extreme, world record stuff. I am not going for that, it is dangerous. I just to keep my numbers low in the safer low number of orgasms zone for in shape women to have. Nothing risky and I give them enough orgasms so they can help me reach my goal.
And I just give them 61 orgasms in 60 minutes.

If you just to learn how experience 25 orgasms when you makes love
Or you just to join the


I can do that
Just right now I just teach women how have 61 orgasms in 60 minutes
And they will learn that from not reading a book or watching a video
You get multiple orgasms I just hope your a good kisser and you like to hug a lot And press the the breasts into me and your crotch into me when. Kissing and hugging
( your safe, you got clothes on ).
You host. Near Lindale Texas
Your 1st time , you only get just. 5 ORGASMS
NO MORE if you get sore you do not more
I a discrete team of women who are wanting to get 61 orgasms in 60 minutes.
Well I guess I will see if any attractive woman respond
Remember I cannot read your profile or any letters. If you send a Flirt out Like thanks, just know I can not do anything about it. I am unable to flirt or like bac
Oh yeah, my Tongue in the photo is really longer than in the photo I only had to stick it out that far to do the photo. And I know women large penis in their mouths big not long tongues, it scares them, so when we kiss your upper lips , uh on your face you will not get it all. I Do not to scare you away . Cock is normal size
It is THE SKILLS. That I have that you will like, ok you will love
I a discrete team of women. Who will not talk about it, what is happening
If you send a flirt, all I see is a name, says this person flirted you
And that Is it.
And If I click on it, I do not see your profile, it just puts up a blocking page and says basically give us some . That is all I see, the same with a gold member out of state who also sent me a flirt, I cannot do anything. I suppose I have to wait till someone actually writes on my blog and sends me a letter, Or post a reply here and I should be able to read that. Then as far as I know when you next log on.UNLESS you come here for a response to your message you will get no message from the system here to let you know that you got a response back on my Blog, do you have to go for it.
My guess is women here are the same in real life in that they do not believe what I say about giving women multiple Orgasms is true. I have run into that many times in the past, until they get their first 5 ORGASMS and then it opens their mind up to a whole new world for them. And they start to realize, they just had 5 ORGASMS an what if he is right And I can have more for myself, it felt great why not learn how to get more for myself?
Yes, you can have more orgasms than your having now, it is just a new skill for you learn and how many of you can have is limited by your pump, the heart! You can have 1 or two, if that is all you in life. Like Ice cream cones, you only 1 or 2 scoops? NO, you the entire container because it is good and you some more ha ha. Except this will not put weight on you, and it burns calories. Yes it does, it is just NOT enough to lose weight on. It is a extremely erotic fun way to burn up calories ha ha.What happens after really GREAT SEX?
So much for using sex as a way to lose weight.
So how many orgasms you get is dependent upon YOU!
If you to get lied to, go to a bar/dance location and you can find 3 minute men all the time who will tell you how great a lover they are, then you find out for yourself they are are not UP to all the advertisement hype you were told. IT felt great to them, they are not lying about that , not one bit. It did feel GREAT TO THEM. the woman, that is a totally different story.
If men had report cards done on them, well you already know the answer to THAT QUESTION. If you do not then ask yourself this.
Do sex that lasts as long as a 3 minute TV Commercial?
With just 1 or 2 orgasms FOR YOURSELF or would you prefer to have gotten many more?
It is your choice, you actually get to decide and GENTLY force a man to give you more orgasms. It is in my other blogs on how you can get your lover to give you more than your getting now. It will not be 25, 61 in a hour or 1,000 in a week like i do. Hey if your only getting 1 and you 2 at least you have increased by 0 percent, you got 2 instead of one. And if you only get 2 and you increased your number of orgasms by 3 or 4, you will feel better for it and know it worth the time it took for you to read what I wrote.
Okay it is a start for YOU.
And you know there is a man out there who has the knowledge and skills to give you more.
I just a team of women who would not mind donating their orgasms to a worthy cause, well you might not think it is worthy, I do tho. Most 3 minute lovers think in their their mind that they are great lovers. I just to find some local women who to have for themselves 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. Whichl means in training they are going to have to be in shape and just have to put up with getting the most erotic experience of their life and have to experience 500 to 800 ORGASMS FOR THEMSELF, thats all!
Oh yeah there is a side effect that has happened to everyone who in the past who became a member of the
Sorry I forgot to mention this side effect. They ALL went from 1 to Orgasm the got before. kinda messed them up, they NO LONGER had only just 1 or 2 orgasms, they ended having A LOT MORE for themselves. So if you just to volunteer and donate your orgasms to MY GOAL, it will change you and I do not think you can go back to just having 1 or 2 orgasms any more. Because you will have more. That Is what women tell me in feed bac I suppose if she were sleepy and just wanted one so she could go to sleep, she could have just 1. So give this some thought before volunteering to learn a new skill, cause I do not know how to reverse it so that your back to just 1 or 2, no one ever wanted to go back to that low of a number level, they ALL seemed to enjoy getting more orgasms than they use to have, not as many as when they were with me, just a significant jump up in the numbers they got, each woman is different, ALL their numbers went up.
So I thought I better warn you and let you know ahead of time.
It is a decision best made if you sleep on it overnight to think about it! And I already know I will get complaints from this blog, mainly from 3 minute men and some women who will think it is impossible and want to argue about it.
If it helps women double the amount of orgasms they are getting now, it is a start because I think women are orgasm deprived, that is just this one mans opinion, you might think differently and thats okay too!
I just need a team of attractive heart healthy women who want to volunteer and donate their orgasms to helping me teach my goal of giving women 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. And we got to do it a whole bunch of times or someone will think it is a fluke, a one time thing for one woman only. So If I have a team, that proves it to more women they can have more orgasms themselves and make men get upset and mad. Because the woman not only requests but demands more orgasms for herself. So some will get mad, that they have to put out more effort, and that is change and people do not like change. The only exception I found to that is some women do want to change, they want more orgasms for themselves

Longer LastFor Women - How to
Posted:Aug 25, 2021 10:17 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 6:30 am
This is real simple
Do Not Give Him a Blow Job.
Before intercourse
You do not to have read anymore
Women are in a race with a man and they are going to lose that race.
Man reaches orgasm first then it game over go for her. Unless the man have her ANY ORGASMS before he entered into her, then once he does snd gets started. Women know her driver is gonna run out of gas and crash and burn in about 3 to 5 minutes IF That long once he gets seriously get to stroking inside of her.
So how many orgasms can she have before the race is over?
She gets 1 maybe 2 orgasms from her 1 to 2 orgasm wonder lover.
If she is lucky she got some before he went inside.
Men are driven to be first their whole life.
you gotta be first.And your lover is
The King of Circle Jerks.? What is the goal of bunch guys
Standing around masterbating?
To see who climaxes and shoots his load first it is a race to see who CUMS first and the winner is your lover tonight, good luck with that.
You see it in every porn video. Women give the man a blow job DONT
You already know he gonna finish before you, so do not give him a head start
Make him make you climax a few times first.
Women can have more orgasms than a man can have and your in a race to reach orgasm before he does.
Do not help him win by giving a HEAD start.
Make him wait, make sure you get yours first.
If you to be an outstanding lover as woman, then do this.
As soon as he has his orgasm and cums.
Instantly take him onto your mouth and start
Giving him the fastest blow Job you ever have giving. this is not the time for slow and sensual
He already hard and going down fast. This may take some timing on the womans part because if you do not get him inside your mouth quickly, it is almost a lost cause. So you try again next time, once he is down, your too late, try again next time. 1st suck gently seconds then You suck him hard and fast you got a extremely good chance he going to be cum back to life & ready to climax again
You ask him to tell you. When he is. Now your mouth is tired
You brought the dead back to life have him tell you when he is ready and then you get to take a break ( your mouth/ jaw ) and he will go inside of you stroking really fast and climax again inside of you. Then he is gonna pass out for sure.
Some one is gonna complain a condom thing, well figure it out on your own.
There is far more to this but typing one finger on a iPhone is tiring.
To the woman who thinks she has to give him a blow Job just to get him hard, just lay your hand over his lap and problem solved, he is hard. If he is stupid and asks what your doing with her hand on his lap, his package. ALL you say is your just checking and do not say another word, just smile.
Do not make him more stimulated than necessary.
The woman needs more time to have more orgasms.You blow him instantly after he climaxed inside or on you. Make him climax again. And you will be his number one lover.
You get him hard again and he goes back inside your body stroking as fast and as hard
as he can
And the woman gets ONE MORE ORGASM for herself
Make him PROVE HIMSELF as the great lover he told you he .
Guess what men climax, it feels good to them. Therefore he must be a great lover ( in his mind )
You need to impress upon him that he has to prove it to you,1st.
You him make you climax 1st
Several times first. Ask him how many times does he make a woman cum?
No matter What he says. All you say is
Hmmmmm just like a doctor says. Do not t hurt his feelings, he is at a vulnerable point most men to not know how to give a woman orgasms. Or could care less,they just want to get inside you and stroke away, that is what they know, that is what feels good to them.
If he does not know what he is doing ( he has not got a clue as to what to do)
This is your perfect opportunity to turn him into the lover you always wanted. You take the time and gently tell him. Lover let us we try this way, higher lower, press harder. Press more gentle. Run your tongue up and down like this, be sexy sounding in your voice guiding him with lots of details. Yes your upset you gotta teach him, hang in there your going to turn him into a custom made lover for you. Every woman is different and every woman is the same. Praise him a lot even if he is doing a bad job, you give him incentive to work harder for your praise. After several times, teach him something new. Lover your really good at that, now go try something new. And you GENTLY instruct him what to do that pleases you.
Soon you got a custom made lover just for you. Get him into the habit of where he gives you a minimum of at least 3 orgasms before he gets his one. Finally gets rewarded and get to go inside of you. He climaxed hopefull you did too. So now your count is up to 4 Orgasms for you. Take him into your mouth bring him back to life.soon he is stroking inside you again and guess what. You get your 5th orgasm for yourself.

I personally do not do it like that, your gonna get yours before I get mine, if it 5 or 25 or 61 orgasms, your gonna get yourself first. I am teaching you how to get a custom made lover for yourself snd reward him with lots of praises.
Never day baby I am going to teach you every thing I know. Never say anything like that, because he is going to thing your a slut and you sleep around a lot. Maybe you do and maybe you do not, let him see the lady you are and experience the slut you can be just for him.
When the question comes up and it will. Where did you LEARN THAT. Your best safe answer is at the beauty parlor where you get your hair done, you read it in a magazine or you heard some women taking about it. Stick with the magazine he might want to meet these women.
Keep reading for more on how to get yourself more orgasms than your getting now. If you did 5 when you first woke up and another 5 when you went y bed. That is orgasms a day for you, more than your friends are getting I would guess. If because of time constraints on the morning make sure YOU get at least 3 orgasms. When you both get home. A perfect time to drain each other you get or 5 again. Eat dinner, get ready for bed and you get another 3 or 5 orgasms. Try to make it 5, your a woman and your orgasms deprived)
5 orgasms a day too much for you, then you can always cut back to 1 per love making session. It is your call 1,2,3 orgasms a day? Or ?
Just so you know. You trained the man.
I train the woman. Once I have trained her and she is up to speed, she gets 25 orgasms per love making session.
Morning 25
Get home 25
Bedtime 25
That is 75 orgasms a day she gets to have for her self.
And your thinking it is too much?
Think again
I put close 4 dozen ATTRACTIVE CUTE BUSTY women in the


and not a single one got any disqualifications, they all got certified.
Yes giving a woman a 1,000 ORGASMS IN A WEEK
does take some planning. Like anything else in life it’s easy once you know how.

I Just give a woman 200 ORGASMS A DAY FOR 5 DAYS = 1,000 ORGASMS SHE HAS.

See it’s easy. A woman can handle 200 ORGASMS A DAY with no problems if she is of course heart healthy. AND BEEN TRAINED, to have multiple orgasms. If she does not get out and exercise, even just go walking. That’s something at least. ask old folks who go walking, they will tell you it makes them feel better. Except you go walking so you can really feel better. You go walking do you can get more orgasms for yourself.
Walking alone will NOT get a woman’s body in shape for getting 200 orgasms a day.
Let’s say she gets sex twice a day morning and night. Let’s say she gets one Orgasm so she get only 2 a day. That Is TERRIBLE, simply terrible. Her orgasms muscles are barely used.
Use it or lose it, you hear the phrase a lot. For older male 2 times a day ain’t bad, 3 times is better for him. I won’t go into that. I am focused on giving women more orgasms cause they are orgasms deprived. I Cove how to give her
200 ORGASMS A DAY late on here in one of my blogs. Been up all night tired, write more later.
If a woman gets only 2 orgasms a day and she is satisfied with just that many
How do you think she would feel of the doubled that by 100 Percent. Where she got 4 orgasms a day. I know how she feels, then she gets 6 orgasms a day, she feels even better
Well guess what I write here how bejeweled can get can get herself 5 maybe 6 orgasms each time she has sec. it not difficult to do. Read my boys it’s all there. If your a woman reading my stuff, guess what you read it, then do the very next time you make love and you get yourself an extra Orgasm for yourself, Hey you start at the bottom and work your way up okay.
Now don’t think your gonna be getting 25 orgasms like I teach a woman and make her body have. It’s what I do, slowly get her orgasms muscles in shape and give her more.
Orgasms are good for a woman to have. Off track back in Houston, had a few Nymphos women who who could not get enough orgasms introduced to me. Falling sleep.
I drained them of all the Hornies they had. Basically I got them close to being maxed out on orgasms. It’s not a good thing to do to a new woman. It is something that a Nympho needs to experience tho so that she knows it’s possible and for once in her life she gets to know what it’s like to not be all horned up for a day, well the Hornies come back do you just drain them out of her again by giving her more orgasms than a normal woman woukd get. It depends on her orgasms muscles what she she can handle. I go slow and build them up, so they can handle getting more orgasms.
I have only intentionally MAXED OUT 2 women ever, and never again will I do that to a woman. Untrained, the number of orgasms it takes to max her out is really low double digit numbers. A woman I have personally trained can have far more than an untrained woman, think about it it just makes sense. Oh wait there was a 3rd time but I don’t know if that actually counts. It was taking ( her code name 50/50) up to some serious orgasm number as a experiment kinda working towards my, well still my goal of giving a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. I moved away, everyone has vanished so not I got to start all over again from square one. 50/50 was averaging a little below and a little above 300 orgasms a week from me. What made 50/50 unique was all her life 47 years young, every single time she had sex.?she only had just one orgasm ever, she was a mother of 2 divorced woman. So her 1st time with me I just gave her the standard5 orgasms, that changed her life forever.
She went from only 1 orgasm each time she made love, yo5 her 1st time with me. Then slowly her body let me teach it 25 orgasms pers session ( a standard session a woman works up to ) to where she kept on on volunteering to help me in my research. She showed more drive to me to want to have more orgasms than the other women. So she was letting me give her an average of 300 orgasms a week. And it was good for her she said she enjoyed helping me in my research. So my goal now to find some women a small team and give them 61 orgasms in 60 minutes. Since my Apple PowerBook pro laptop was destroyed my lemon juice spill on it. No it can’t be be repaired it’s too old and out of date anyway. So now I got to best guesstimate on the numbers required for a woman to have 61/60.
It comes out to where build a woman’s orgasms muscles up so she can handle the strain of such an intense session of havingv61 orgasms in 60 minutes. Plus toss in some more factors. I don’t want it to be a one time thing. It’s has to be repeatedly to prove it can be done and it was not just a one time fluke thing. I have been thinking about 36 times she has to be able to climax 61 times in 60 minutes, then it hit me. It would probably be better for them to have that many orgasms for 50 or 51 sessions. Why 51? Cause it just over 50 percent
4 or 5 times might do ignition a woman having 61 organs in a hour just seemed better to me, no science it just seemed better that’s all, call it a gut feeling. Now for a woman to do this she is gonna Need more than 300 orgasms a week like I have 50/50
So a woman is gonna need to work up to getting 500 to 800 orgasms in a week. And it’s gonna take her awhile to reach that level, and she will have to best guess maintain that lever of getting that many orgasms for several months to build her muscles up, there will be a few practice runs at it fottbal players call it a scrimmage game, it don’t count.
So we got starting with 5 orgasms a session to going way up into some serious numbers it sounds like. Guess what it is not, you check the world records and it’s no where near those numbers and I want to keep the numbers low and easy to obtain. Uh...thing I didn’t mention is “I” am gonna have to BE THE ONE who is giving women all these orgasms.
The low number is of course 500 orgasms. I would like to go closer to 800 Orgasms, o don’t want to do all this work and then come up short.
50/50 ran out of orgasms to have ( donate) at 40 orgasms, I pulled another 10 out of her body and she was on empty and could not climax and more. I knew better and made her have another 10 orgasms. We hit 50 just 11 orgasms short of OUR GOAL. My goal became her goal. She was really into this project. I was going to pull another 11 orgasms out of her body and then she said the agreed up secret world we talked about every session before and after. She said the secret word and I instantly stopped. We stopped 11 orgasms short of our goal. She had high stress job, handled easy so she got promoted moved away. Her bosses said she handle that job better than anyone ever did cause it was such a high stress job. They never knew she was getting about 300 orgasms a week from me. I don’t think she ever mentioned it to them, well we never had that conversation. We were focused on her getting orgasms to get in shape. She was such a nice person ( sometimes) to let me give her all those orgasms. I did notice she was a much nicer person AFTER she got her daily amount of orgasms. A couple of sessions a day helped her be a much nicer person.

I cannot write any one here, if you write me I can not read it. So write me here on my blog
I can read that. I am not able to even view a member profile profile.

And I Teach women how to get them.
If your close to me in Lindale Texas.
For us to talk, you gotta write me here on my blog first, post a comment, that I can read and respond here back to you right here on my blog

I was fixing som spelling errors and started writing so you see similar more details the more you read plus also how you as a woman, if anyone ever reads this stiff I write.?and keep going on and you will find how to double and triple the number of orgasms you get the next time you make love. It’s really easy. Not as interesting as some other blogs you might find but they won’t get you DOUBLE or TRIPLE you getting more orgasms
Can’t stay awake come back and finish fixing spelling later
How a Woman can get MORE ORGASMS for herself from a Man
Posted:Aug 25, 2021 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2022 5:01 pm
This is real simple
Before Sexual intercourse
You do not read anymore.
You will learn more if you do read more!!!!
Women are in a orgasm race with a man and they are going lose that race.
A woman gives a man a blow job, she gives him a HEAD start cum and finish in 1st place.
Once he cums in first place, ALL stimulation for the woman ceases and he goes sleep,
Do not help a man get stimulated more.
YOU A woman has try reach your climax point before finishes & he falls asleep.
Women are orgasm declined.
They need more orgasms and they are not helping themselves get more by stimulating a man ahead of time.
Think about .
Men do stupid stuff get a woman’s attention.
Women can & DO motivate men, do things for them.
Women are not getting enough orgasms in their lives.
Myself personally teach a woman how get and routinely 25 orgasms each time I make love them, my own personal data shows
if a woman gets AT LEAST 50 ORGASMS A DAY, she is a Happy Woman.
Our first time she gets 5 orgasms from me and I watch her like a Hawk see if her heart can handle ,
No you do not get know what I for because then a woman might try fake me out,
I can give a woman 35 orgasms per love making session, I get tired tho so I just cut way down just 25 orgasms I give a woman per love making session.
Since a woman can more orgasms than a man.
Then she should get the man
with her more, so SHE GETS MORE ORGASMS FOR HER SELF before he CUMS IN 1st
and wins the race, Men been raised always CUM in 1st place & are told their are no winners in second place.
Personally I do not like a woman being the loser Cuming in last place.
Men say and do dumb things to get the woman to pick him as her lover, men will even tell lies to get a woman to pick him over other men.
Animals fight and dance their way to get the best mate.
So since woman can more orgasms she should get a man give her some more orgasms before he even enters her body.
Once he does the clock has started and the woman is in a race now get her orgasms before he crosses the finish line and CUMS in 1st place.
Women should motivate men make them orgasms first.
Yes, Earn the right, the , the entrance get into her body, give her what she wants & needs first, before he gets what he wants.
So women need to stop giving a man a blow job or hand job first.
She can touch for a minute snd he is ready go.
So don’t do for long 60 seconds no more. You know he’s hard so STOP giving him MORE.
Make the man work for .
He finally convinced YOU AND GOT YOU got into bed, now you put him off, delay him a longer.
TELL HIM OKAYShow me what you got, lover. NO NOT THAT, show me your OTHER SKILLS that make you a good lover ( verbal suggestions for you use on men )
is real simple, woman are orgasms deprived
Women can more and need more orgasms plain and simple.

Oh and I did not lie about giving women 25 orgasms, that
Is so easy easy once a woman is retrained them.

Women were raised and taught wrong about .

The mans gets his 1 and she got 1 or2 or if she is
really lucky 3 and she has all her life thought that is the way was and how was supposed be.
Well is not, a woman is built be able more so she should get more.
The problem is she is left Horny cause she ain’t getting more orgasms,

I am just a ordinary man WITH UNIQUE SET OF SKILLS.
I just enjoy giving a women multiple orgasms.

Now that I am older I do not do overweight women any more, is just too much extra work to bring them to multiple orgasms and is too dangerous cause they are NOT heart healthy
1 or 2 orgasms they might be able to handle okay.
5 orgasms to 25 orgasms and even 61 ORGASMS in 60 mins.
No they can’t handle and I do not want go jail for DEATH BY ORGASMS
Sorry no fat overweight women and no smokers too.
If your sarcastic, I do not want you either and you probably do not want a man does not want your sarcasm. And would want change you. Women dont wants man wants change them.
Not gonna discuss that one, is common knowledge.

I put women in the


is more exclusive than THE MILE CLUB
Get on a plane, go the cramped bathroom and you do .
That is nothing special is just WHERE you did in a uncomfortable cramped bath room over a mile up in the sky, is no big deal, anyone can do that.

Teaching a woman UN-LEARN what she was taught by every lover she ever had is much more difficult do. That she gets cum 1,2 or 3 times and then that is .
I got Re-teach her brain/ body Ã
Is okay and how multiple orgasms
is a long slow process for sure till she is having 25 orgasms each and every time we made love,
Getting off track,

How does a woman join the

00 Orgasms A WEEK CLUB?

Simple by having 00 orgasms in a week.

And how does she do that?
Firsts she has got learn how multiple orgasms.
After awhile She gets good at that with like anything else you know
She has practice, practice, practice at having multiple orgasms.
She has strengthen and build up her orgasm muscles,
Archery, bowling, throwing darts, shooting hoops, hitting home runs, volleyball, boxing, running a marathon race anything you fo you got practice, practice, practice at get good at . A woman can so many orgasms, just her lover/coach is finished when he gets just one.
I do not do that, I give women so many orgasms they ask me stop some times, they cannot take . They are out of orgasms shape.
YES even the ones that do every night. They are not in any shape MULTIPLE ORGASMS, even if they use a vibrator, they get one and they are done, just like a man.
A woman has to UN-LEARN what she THINKS she knows.
And that learning is ingrained into her deeply.
I got to UN-LEARN HER.
Once she can handle having MULTIPLE ORGASMS with ease, then I start reducing the time between orgasms. I teach her brain /body how EXPERIENCE MORE ORGASMS in the amount of time. And women are not use that. Once they do, they love .
is not like fast food and every one loves .
I PERSONALLY DO NOT DO the nice polite orgasms,
they can get those from some one else,
That is WHY a second pillow is A MUST.
No pillow, no Screaming orgasms. That is a hard and fast rule with me.
NO blowing out my ears, I need them for hearing.
I had the police called in on me before, because she had thin apartment walls and she was never a screamer before. tell that story in stories but ’s not an story. Oh Well might as well do now
Saturday afternoon, why wait till might time make love? She screams ( no pillow)
Neighbors police. They arrive and they hear her screaming they are gonna bust down the door if we don’t open right now. I pulled out, grab a robe open the door and get shoved up against the wall. Yes she was sexy looking head turner. She gets a robe on and comes out. ’s obvious she is okay. Police separate us and questioned us. Then one of them starts hitting on her. Why him? I’m better looking and stronger. Not she got back in control of the situation. She got a pen and piece of paper and wrote on it. The police man is smiling thinking she is giving him her and looking at me with That I am stealing your girlfriend away from you right in front of your face and is not a thing you can do about . She then asks the police officer is he a good lover. He smiles snd looks at his fellow officer and says he is and can hold his own now he has a big smile on his face. She asks him point blank how many times make a woman cum?
Bigger smile on his face now looks at the other officer and looks at her and says 3 times. She gives him the piece of paper and tells him. READ OUT LOUD!!!
He looks at and says “25”
She then tells him off royally. He gives me 25 ORGASMS EVERY TIME BP
we make love, He shoots back 25? Trying be a smart Alec about . She then shoots him down in flames well he can and has made me cum 35 times every time we DO but he gets tired so he cut me back just 25 ORGASMS
And when we do
he gives me 200 ORGASMS A DAY
when you can beat that then you come back and see me, now get out of my apartment NOW!!!! A crowd around the door outside and while the door was open I hear the partner ’s okay every body they were just having and she’s a screamer. As the door was being closed I heard one woman say well That can’t be, she was screaming for so long. The officer said well he gives her 25 orgasms and door closes.
I am in no mood make love now, not in the least I tell her that too.
She opens her robe up in a sexy dancing fashion. Moves around some and says you don’t want some of this?
Some how she changed my mind instantly and we went back to bed.
is more but that’s enough and I am tired
Oh yeah back the


We talk about at length during several pillow talk sessions.
A woman has be serious about want join that club, and ’s going require some more practice time with me on her part & she gonna get use having MORE ORGASMS with me THAN SHE EVER HAD BEFORE.
she is gonna learn how CUM MORE times
Because “I” am the one doing ALL the work.
All the woman has do is just lay and the orgasms.
So ’s a lot of work for ME.
Lots of planning and practices be planned out and done on a specific time table reach that goal.
Finally the big day arrives. And helps if she can handle having
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS ( Google and ’s sad you don’t know what is )
She has had experience a great many pleasing orgasms reach this point in time.
Day One. Finally arrives and we’re really gonna do . And she bought AND has been using
SMART MOUTH ORGINAL FORMULA mouthwash the night before. So she does not bad breath in the morning cause kills bad breath for 24 hours, MINOR YOU
’s REALLY IMPORTANT ME though for sure. Bad breath turns me off instantly.
**** I just re-read this and never occurred me that we could do right after midnight could get a jump start on and give her 25 ORGASMS. The reason THAT never happened is easy. Right before we went sleep, the day before we started keepingA LOG.
I gave her 25 orgasms PLUS a FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASM and we are both wiped out and sleeping great all throughout the night.
I never thought of before because I already knew if she missed a couple of sessions I could still give the woman over 1,000 ORGASMS A WEEK EASY make up for any missed sessions,****
Wake up she gets 25 orgasms before getting out of bed
Eat breakfast now she’s got energy
After breakfast she gets another 25 orgasms
Go work
If able come home
25 orgasms before lunch
After lunch she has energy so she gets 25 orgasms
( if can’t a nooner make up on the weekends
Gets home 25 orgasms again, she changes clothes
’s 6 pm another 25 orgasms
From 7pm 9:05 PM is NO TIME, she can’t any orgasms.
If any one ever read this blog they would know too. I’m sure some one would comment on they sec during that time and they probably don’t give a woman 25 orgasm each session 200 ORGASMS A DAY, snd 1,000 ORGASMS A WEEK. Yeah sure since they do so few they could do at thoisr hours. They nothing lose yeah go for .
7:00 pm 9:05 PM Monday Friday IS NO ORGASMS TIME
I got watch FOX NEWS
9:07 she starts gets another 25 orgasms
Get up finish doing stuff and shower get ready for bed
Another 25 orgasms and she is done if she was nice me then I slip her a
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASM. she is used them by now. I can quietly count her orgasms & log them and write them down.
So as not lose her focus she says an agreed upon word and when she cums she just says that one word and then goes back focusing on herself having Orgasms.
When she lays not touching herself and has
Orgasmic spasms from 35 to 45 minutes long. ( up if you don’t believe )

So her orgasms count is for the 1st day of 7 is
25 Orgasms A session X 8 sessions = 200 orgasms a woman has a day
X 7 Days a week = 1,400 Orgasms a woman has had in a week and that puts her in
Really easy. If she can’t the 50 nooners x 5 days a week = 250 Orgasms then we DO count the Full Whole Body Orgasms plus add in some extra sessions on the weekend
And before and after church for sure. Add some extra sessions and she is way over
Having 00 orgasms a Week. If she can’t do lunch Time nooners I just slip in more than 35 orgasms per session I don’t like doing 35 orgasms a session do the math
35 orgasms X 6 love making session a day = 2 orgasms a day x 7 days a week again puts her 1,470 Orgasms a week. Again making over 1,000 orgasms a week a easy goal for a woman is heart healthy achieve and reach, especially when I am the one doing all the work and all she has your do is just lay snd experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction . I always when the end is in sight cut back some I just make sure she has enough so she breaks a 1,000 orgasms easy with some spare.
Really 200 a day x 5 days puts her in the club in 5 days. ’s just always seems something always happens in their life or mine so we don’t dont get done in 5 days, that’s why 7 days was chosen and ’s still in the week. just takes a work & planning ahead of time that’s all.
Some women get more than others
Some a less still They ALL break a 1,000 orgasms in a week.
Then they are happy just cut back just 50 orgasms a day.
A woman getting just 50 orgasms in a day is a happy woman.
Even the driving and putting a dent into the car didn’t upset one woman.
I found that to be a basic bottom line
Oh she will always take more. At least she learns an extremely valuable lesson during her 1,000 Orgasms Week NEVER ANY, no when FOX NEWS IS ON
Every rule has an exception and this is .
When watching FOX NEWS and she comes up and curls up next me and IF I ‘easy access’,then yes she will get some orgasms while I am watching FOX NEWS.
Many women joined the
1,000 ORGASMS A WEEK CLUB just like that. If the Protocols are followed and they do work.
And if your worried about your female parts wearing out and getting sore.
Don’t worry about , because the way I bring a woman an fulfillment Climax I am very aware of That and so I don’t wear anything out on woman so she is not sore.
I am the one thats tired and sore for sure.
Off track true story. Was at a gathering eith my date her best friend comes and meets me, we talked and she doesn’t like me. So with me standing righ she says Why are you dating Him? He’s not your type.
My date said her best friend “WHATS the one thing I like more than anything in the whole world!” I figure I better listen up cause I am gonna get a good keep her happy, she is the kind of woman other women hate cause when she walks into a room all heads turn towards her and women hate that.
Women never thinks what does he do so she goes out with HIM. Any way the friend says HE TALKS TOO FASTand I don’t like it’s NOT SEXY,’ my date just looks at her and says
YES, HE DOES TALK WHICH MEANS HE HAS GREAT TONGUE CONTROL” Then her best friend face lit up and then she put her arm around me.
Yes, I was dumb at the time and didn’t get it. I asked and she explained it to me later. Let that be a lesson to women refuse go out with a talks fast and they think ’s not sexy,
Those women are missing out for sure.
Anyway back What I was saying
I DID ALL THE WORK And someone WILL argue about the numbers .
They always do.
One time a man got mad at me said was impossible. I just asked him well how many times do you make a woman climax. Lucky for me a couple of women were were in
And they straightened him out REAL QUICK. They Tore him a new one,
Oh this is on my blog no one Will ever see this.
So far I not met one woman in real life on this website. And no one is local close me now here in Lindale Texas.
Women don’t think multiple orgasms are really possible. was always spread by word of mouth from one good looking woman another. If I go some club, a woman doesn’t want dance with me, she picks the good dancer cause she thinks he will be good in bed also and he is just another 1 2 orgasm wonder lover.
If I go a party, no one notices me. I am not ugly or anything. I been told I do nice
( women don’t want NICE ) I just don’t that gift st women. Not impressively like that, yeah a nice guy in my case. I DO COME IN LAST, where REALLY COUNTS.
How did I get so good at giving a woman’s body so many different kinds of orgasms?
I studied books. I was , while all my buddies were getting laid I was studying. Eventually I got lucky, and woman gossip & they talk one another. One time I asked some women what was more important THEM. Was that a man had be a good dancer or a good lover in bed. Did he like a movie star or was him being a good lover in bed more important them. They all said a good lover in bed, nothing else really personally mattered them, that if he was a good lover in bed.
I asked them them so why do you always pick men that always disappoint you in the bed if that is What is important you. They told me to buzz off ( in not that politely a term tho)
I heard later from a woman was a 1,000 Orgasms A WEEK CLUB member
She walked up her friends at the table and heard them talking about what some jerk said. And she asked them were they talking about. One said some loser and the other said a real jerk. And she said oh some man was talking us just before you got back.
She pointed & said THATS HIM, that man over , yeah THATS him a real lame loser.
She said that really lame jerk loser,bad dancer is the man that you ALL said you all always wanted meet.
That is the man got me in the 00 ORHASMS A WEEK CLUB,I had over 25 orgasms every time we made love, over 200 orgasms a day.
I don’t care if he is a bad dancer or not if he wants dance that’s fine with me, if it makes him happy, I WILL dance with him & I will get what I want later, my reward for dancing with a bad dancer. It’s Friday night I will get 400 before Sunday night. She came up me and we danced then said I want you meet some friends of mine they been wanting meet you for a long time. She walked me over they were NOW acting like totally different people. I just listened. Finally the one danced with with me Said I am going with him and I am going get 400 orgasms They stated makings fun of her and me.
I said I met you friends earlier I don’t want anything do with them. It’s still early, if we leave now ( just show them )
You can 450 orgasms if your body stills remembers how do and we left the good looking mean witches.
Monday at work she walked funny and her friends noticed it.
They started kidding her and said did you get your
400 ORGASMS? And she looked at the floor hung her head down and said NO. Then her friends really started making fun of her and she just listened after a couple of minutes she said you’re right I did not get 400 ORGASMS, I got 475 ORGASMS. And one of them a bean counter. Said you did not get 475 orgasms in a weekend, thats more than most women get in an entire year, that’s more than one a day. She Replied YES why do think I am walking funny, we started on Friday night so I was able get a few extra in. He was right about y’all. You sleep with 1 2 orgasms wonder lover’s. I know this cause she shared all the details with me during Monday night’s pillow talk.

All a true stories. I got on this website to find a woman I could teach and
give 61 orgasms in 60 minutes... so far nothing I am still stuck at my record of
Giving a woman 50 orgasms in 50 minutes even 61 orgasms in 60 minutes is low. Yes I know it’s a low of orgasms for women . ’s just own personal best record I want set. And I thought this would be the best place find a woman is heart healthy and in good shape and would like learn how & learn how experience multiple orgasms at least here in Lindale Texas
So far no one is interested. honestly tell you the truth I am kinda ashamed of
giving a woman just 50 orgasms in 50 minutes, ’s nothing really brag about other than ’s more than most men, Numbers I am hearing about from men will open up & will talk about me.
me, yes I can be proud of giving a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, ’s just my own personal goal. Something I could be proud of. I know the woman got 50 was a high point for her in her life and she had the best time in her life, memories she will never forget, she told me so, she felt bad for me that she didn’t get to help me reach my record and she really wanted to. Spending time with me & her having a high stress job. And being so mellowed out so much at work, showing no stress like others before that had her job. She got promoted and moved away. She didn’t want to go, I told her go it’s bigger paycheck, more and you will be happy.
I even had thoughts of doing a team of women. some ( except they get flighty won’t stick with it and then some older women workout and do cardio be in good hear shape. did younger women the older ones would day well she is younger and if I did order women then some younger ones would say well if she can do I can do
So has be a range of ages so does not like a one time fluke chance. If a team of women had 61 orgasms in 60 minutes several women experiencing then might hold water then. And might be a few don’t want set a record with me that high.
Well I am still gonna need some practice practice practice time my self get my orgasm giving muscles back in shape do this. A team of women here in Lindale or really close by would be nice practice with giving them multiple orgasms cause I am gonna need the practice time for sure. This ain’t no government funded data just me by myself and I don’t want be paying big gasoline bills just go give a woman multiple orgasms. Do I need a bunch close me and are a couple on this are on here snd I don’t any eay yo contact them. So ’s back square one. Not looking go out on dates. Just come over and give a woman orgasms repeatedly that’s all. I don’t think that’s asking too much.
After all they just got to lay and orgasms, they will climax more than me for sure I will get mine later.

I not met a woman on here yet I could teach how multiple orgasms. I fear will make local men mad at me the point of violence towards me because if women started denying men unless they give the woman several orgasm first, the men would not like me causing that kind of trouble for them for not getting anything and they don’t want put out the effort. They want, what they want, when they want & lots of big talk
and low performance out put.
Everyone hates Change.
I Don’t any one give orgasms .
’s not a pity party it’s just the truth!


I am an Old Fashion Lover
I still USE A FEATHER in 4,

I am a non-paying member her so unless your some super-duper high paying member here I. can’t read any messages sent me or even at some one profile that flirted with me. a few stumbled across stuff I wrote on giving women more orgasms. Heck I can’t get any on read my profile. I think women just like read about multiple orgasms in magazines when getting their hair done. In real life they do not believe .
I do
Clit orgasm
Double orgasm
G-Spot Orgasm
Squirting orgasm
Later on
Google it up read several links on
I even learned the extremely difficult and rare
“Monroe Orgasms”
What’s That? Well you can forget about Google ’s that rare snd I do
You know how good a clit orgasm feels
You know how good a G-Spot orgasm feels
Well a MONROE ORGASM is having BOTH OF THEM TIMED EXACTLY GO OFF ST THE EXACT TIME...and you GOTTA BE Heart Healthy handle JUST 1 of those.

I can’t read nothing.
If anyone sends me a , a flirt all I see is big black X’s and blurry . Can’t chat
Still though being an old fashioned lover
I STILL use a FEATHER in my 4
This is my blog and no one is going at .
So why did I write it? Not giving away or getting any and I was bored..and I am not a boring man

***** UPDATE *****
I might as well tell a woman how get more orgasms for themself.
I sure ain’t getting any from here. So yeah in my other blogs I tell you how how double and triple the amount of orgasms a woman gets for herself now. So keep on reading, is not difficult fora woman double or triple the of orgasms she is getting now.
Go fun.
Longer Lasting SEX For Women - How to
Posted:Aug 25, 2021 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2021 7:56 pm
This is real simple
Do Not Give Him a Blow Job.
Before intercourse
You do not have read anymore
Women are in a race with a man, who cums first and 99% they are going to lose that race.
Do not give him a HEAD start
BLOW HIM afterwards and get him hard again and YOU get at least one more orgasm for yourself
Women DESERVE more Orgasms
And they are not getting them like they should get got all that they do in their lives and sacrifice so much,
Women need more Orgasms
* There IS A WAY for a woman to get more orgasms for herself
Well there are several ways, the easiest way at is in one of my other blogs and I tell you exactly how to do it so the next time you make love
You the woman get more orgasms than your getting now.
This is not a commercial for you to read my my other blogs. I just over this one and thought might as well tell a female how to get more orgasms for for herself.
I am sure not getting any from here.
You can go look and read it for yourself, well if your already getting to many orgasms for yourself then do not read it, no one other than Kelly is reading my work any way so no big deal. If you some more orgasms for yourself, then go find it And read it. If not, it is okay, no one is reading it anyway.
Posted:Jun 3, 2020 1:31 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2021 6:12 am

AFTER you have actually caught the corona virus and you have been tested and you have it, I suggest you do this. Do what your medical doctor says to do.

Get a bottle of OIL OF ORGANO ( 85% CARVACROL, or higher 85% will work )

Add 20 drops into a gallon of water, shake it up, oil and water do not mix well together. Shake it up again each time before you drink it.
For the next 7 days, when you get thirsty, you ONLY drink this water.
NO FRUIT, sugar, sweets, candy, chocolate, nothing sweet to eat for 7 days.
( Do not complain, so you will survive not eating sweets for 7 days, so do not complain about it )
When ever you get thirsty, you ONLY drink THIS water that you made up.
When you use it up, make another gallon of it, make some more.
Drink ONLY this water for 7 days when you get thirsty.

In 7 days it will have killed the corona virus in your body and you will excrete it out by normal means.

OIL OF OREGANO or OREGANO OIL ( two different names for the same item) Buy it ahead of time and have it on hand ready to use.
Amazon sells it, look at the comments about it you will be amazed.
Your local health food store sells it, call ahead to see if they have some in stock before making the drive to go get it. I had the problem of all of them being sold out of it, even Walmart online was sold out. Finally found it at a expensive health food store.

I do not know about coffee and tea if you make it with this water.
Those items are normally sweetened anyway.
That answers that question, NO COFFEE or TEA.
( I did that cause I knew some one was going to ask to try and get around it )
Drink this water ONLY that has the Oil of Oregano in it.

I would suggest not drinking anything else, ONLY this water that you made up. No beer and soda water drinks.
You got the corona virus, it kills people.
You can go with out a few pleasant things for a week, it will not kill you.
The corona virus will.

It works on pneumonia also, he said, speaking from personal experience.
Drink only this water, you made up with the oregano oil in it and you will get well.

I got this from someone who use to work in Military Bio-warfare.

I am not a doctor, I do not play one on tv, radio, newspaper, internet, blogs or whatever.
Just passing on to you what someone who WAS in the Bio-Warfare program passed on to a group of people. Do not ask, I do not tell.

He did not say anything about staying home in bed or anything like that.
That would make sense to rest up.
Do what your medical doctor instructs you to do.
Once you find out that you have it stay home in isolation.
You have seen people who have the virus go out and spread it do not be one of those people.

Do not get me in trouble for sharing this with you.
Amazon sells Oil of Oregano, if you do not want leave your home to get it.

I do not have any other information about it other than this. Again do not ask.
I do not know if taking small doses would prevent you from catching it.
He did not say. So do not ask me, I do not know.
Telling you this in advance so you will not ask me later.
From watching the news, if you catch it one time, you can later catch it again later.
So have some on hand, ready to go. If you catch it. Then have some made up for each member of the family. I do not know if it works on pets, so do not ask.

Personally I would take this PLUS what ever a medical doctor instructed to do. YES, do what your medical doctor says to do. They are medical doctors who are trained to deal with this, I am not a medical doctor and neither was he.
That should cover my rear end good enough.

He just worked in the bio-ware program and knew about this and used it on himself before for pneumonia. Most likely a drug company would not like this. You can share it and take ALL the credit. I do not want the credit. Will only have this up for a short while here, till some one else picks it up and runs with it.

Tests to see if you have corona virus are free at a doctor office or where your doctor says to go get checked for the corona virus.

They may want you to take a online test first, at least my doctor did.
I got a email on it.
I had to spend more time on writing what NOT to do and try to answer questions before they are even asked, because I do not have those answers.

I told you everything that was shared with me on this. So now you know.

I do not have the corona virus, nor do I want it.


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