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Woman #3  

Italianguy05 40M  
2 posts
2/24/2021 7:05 pm
Woman #3

Woman #3

When I was finishing a jog in a park about minutes from my apartment the time, I ran into a sexy 29-year-old Latina woman. Woman #3 was a mix of Mexican and Puerto Rican. I started a conversation with her about her outfit, which was a tight athletic outfit, very revealing which showed that she was in shape but curvy, very curvy. After talking for a bit, we exchanged numbers thinking we could have dinner at some point. So, I went home to shower and to enjoy my weekend.

After I got out of my shower, I got a from her saying that she was “intrigued” and that she wanted to talk over the phone. So, I her and we started talking. She is super flirty and makes subtle jabs about my heritage (She knows I’m Italian). After talking for about minutes she finally asks a personal question, specifically about my past relationships and how they went and I liked date. I had be honest and say that I usually date athletic, intelligent women. She obviously is excited cause this basically describes her. But then she cuts . She admits that she is engaged but her husband be is basically infertile. She asks if I am fertile, I immediately know where this is going. She then asks if I can “borrow” some of my “swimmers” she asks. She also admits that she is in mode and wants a large family. this point I tell her that I actually have “donated” and that I am very fertile. I hear an immediate excitement spring in her voice, was super cute actually. After that she abruptly had go cause her fiancé just got home and that she would later. So, I wait…

I finally get a late that night, just about as I’m about fall asleep. “ Papi” she answers. So, I ask her about what we talked about earlier in the and she basically wanted start a family and have lots of but her fiancé is infertile and wants father them as I like him. As you have read before from Woman #1 and Woman #2, I have done this a few times now and agree as long as I am not responsible for them and that they are hers and her fiancés. She agrees. So, we setup a time try for the first time, we decided for a few weeks as that’s when she would be ovulating.

The that we decided meet was on a rainy on Friday night after work. I get home take my work cloths of after a rather boring week, my phone rings. ’s Woman #3, she is crying. She said that her husband is going a business event tonight and I have to go. I’m sorry she says. I ask her of curiosity what restaurant, it turns it’s a place to eat a few blocks away from my apartment. So, I decided to surprise her at the restaurant. I get changed back into business casual cloths and walk to this really nice Vietnamese restaurant. I Woman #3, and tell her that I’m outside the front of the restaurant. I can hear her excitement, she says REALLY? A few seconds later I see her walk out is a stunning dark green dress with beautiful earrings on. She pops a big smile and hugs me. Did you drive here just to say she wonders? I told her that I just walked here from my apartment. The biggest devilish smile creeps up on her . One minute she says. She goes in and then comes back outside. I just told my husband that I have to take an Uber and go to work, she worked in medicine as a nurse. So, to complete the deception, she orders an Uber just to take us a few blocks with me sneaking around the other side of the car, so her husband can’t potentially see us get in the car together. It apparently worked, we drove away without him knowing, a common theme.

We started making in the back seat of the Uber as we pulled away. I can tell how she held and the passion in her touch that she wanted it so badly. a few minutes later we pull up to my apartment and go upstairs. When I shut my door, she ripped off her dress and went right for my pants on her knees. With a giant smile on her , she buried her on my cock. As she is fingering herself, she is trying to suck my life away, damn she was so good that. After several minutes, she gets up. Your pretty big she says, as she stands up. She asks, Are you going to impregnate this Latin pussy papi?

I didn’t say anything after that, I was done. I picked her up and put her down on my bed and started grabbing her very voluptuous tits. As she moaned with delight, nibbled on her ear talked dirty to her as she seemed to enjoy that sort of thing. You want to take my seed honey? You want to breed for the next couple of years nonstop? She just smiled and grabbed me my hair forced her mouth to mine. I slipped my cock inside her and we started slowly spoon to the side, she did all the work here. Her hips thrusted back like she was born for this. We then moved to doggie quickly as she mentioned to me before we started that she wanted to take my doggie style every time, apparently she loves this position, as did I. Her ass made is almost impossible for me to go more than minutes, it was almost perfect in shape, size and how passionately she loved this. I came SUPER hard the first time; I did not anticipate her pussy to feel to good. I exploded inside of her as I pulled her hair so hard. After I was done, she just got up put her clothes on and said you last pretty long, most guys don’t last 5 minutes. I told her I was embarrassed how short I lasted. She smiled with approval.

After a little while she got home, I got a from her You need to work on your endurance 😉 jokingly. A few weeks later she texted saying that she got pregnant. She was having a little girl. She was extremely grateful as you can imagine. However she wanted to keep having sex and work on my stamina, so she still kept showing up every week. We fucked constantly until she finally gave birth our (their) . After she got home from the hospital, I congratulated her on becoming a . She called later that day in tears thanking what I did for her. I’ve never heard something so genuine in my life. She was so grateful that she insisted I keep breeding her to father all her , all 5 of them. Maybe she just enjoyed my company while doing this I do not know lol. She initially wanted 2 start but ended with 5, the first girl , twin boys and then twin girls. She messages me every now and then with pictures of them playing the yard or park saying thank you every time. Needless say I improved my stamina with her, a lot.

me let me know what you think! Am I bad person for doing this? Am I a good person? I ask myself this all the time honestly.

Until next time.


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