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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Posted:Jan 14, 2022 8:40 am
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2022 10:50 am

If you read my profile, the first line in the description is Honesty is the best policy. I also make it very clear that I am NOT into married and/or attached men.

Does this mean if you tell me your are married that I will not talk to you, no. But I will make it clear that other than conversation nothing will happen with us.

So along comes this guy who tells me he is not married and we talk, he flirts, I flirt all is well. Until I see him on FB and determine that his wife and I know mutual people.

I confront him about this and he admits he lied. BIG mistake buddy. I do not tolerate liars. Then he tries throwing some conversation he had with some couple in Rome at me saying I knew because we talked on the other profile.

I have NEVER been a part of a couple and never lived in Rome. Not sure who he was talking to but it certainly was not me. I have no other profiles than this one in all the years I have been on this site.

Do not lie to me, it is the fast way to get your ass blocked when I find out the truth and I will eventually find it out.

When you lie to me, you take away my ability to make an informed decision. And it is not like I do not put this on my profile. This should not come as a shock to you when it pisses me off and I want nothing more to do with you.
Posted:Dec 23, 2021 11:40 am
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2021 5:03 am

Having a conversation with someone today and someone else on another day, but advised they are uncircumcised and asked if this bothers me.... No to me it never made a difference one way or another.

Why do some women find this a deal breaker? I would love to know.

To me the feel does not make such a difference that I say no way to an uncircumcised man during sex.

Has anyone women ever explained to a man why they are turned off. I mean I would really like to know.

Please feel free to comment and educate me. I would love to know
Posted:Nov 27, 2021 11:15 am
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2022 7:41 pm

There are many forms of control. Everything form simply restraining hands during foreplay or sex, to the total mind fuck that some can give or receive from others.

I do not mind some control over me, but I will not allow you to mess with my mind. I am too damn stubborn and yes even sometimes arrogant. I know what I like and what I do not and you will not convince me to do something because you want it. If I want to try it, I will but that is my choice not yours.

So I have questions about what some men are turned on about when it comes to control. I know what does and does not turn me on.

I love to be blindfolded and then have your way with me. This does require trust and me knowing you are not going to try anything I am not comfortable with. I love doing to same to a man. I love the control of having him at my mercy and to be able to tease him mercilessly for a long time.

But there are other forms of control that men do not realize that despite what they think, the woman is the one in control and not them.

There is one in particular that I had a conversation about with someone. He wanted to have me after I had sex with another man. I have been approached by this before and never really understood the attraction. You WANT sloppy seconds???

This is only something that could happen IF the woman allows it. So it is all about her control. She is the one that decides to let one man fuck after another has already been there. Neither man is in control of that situation. Again I am not sure I understand the attraction to this situation, but to each their own.

In the above situation, Guy A does his thing and is gone the guy B comes and takes over. Guy A has no clue. Guy B is only told that the woman has already had sex with someone else before he got there. The woman is in control of both men and the timing. Guy B gets a bit more information than Guy A but not much. Just enough to satisfy his fantasy.

Then there is the situation where Guy A wants to watch the woman get fucked by Guy B. Both are present, but again it is the woman's decision if this is going to happen. She controls the man's desires in that situation. Guy A is watching Guy B. There are many options that can occur concurrently or afterwards. Again it's a woman's control on what she allows, letting Guy A just sit and watch or if he gets to participate at all or at certain times or has to wait until afterwards.

My personal tastes in control run at a different angle. I am more of the one man under my thumb type of situation if we are going to do that. I do not need this, but with the right man there is a lot of fun to be had.

I was seeing one man, he had lead a very vanilla lifestyle before we met. He wanted to explore different options but had no clue what he might like. This for me was a lot of fun, because I could test his limits and see what I could do and/or get away with. A HUGE control situation for me. And yes the trust was absolutely there and safe words were set in place. I did not take this responsibility lightly.

We started out slowly, but with each time, we would try new things, test new limits. Some ended quickly as he did not care for them. Others were tested to the limits and pushed him to places he did not know he could go. Some of his orgasms were extremely intense. I loved having him in my control. But is was not something we did all the time. Sometimes when together is was just sex an enjoying each others bodies.

Then there is SOOOOOO much to say about the control a woman has with giving a blow job. A man is literally in her hands and under her control. I can drive a man to the edge of an intense orgasm and then back off and take him back to that edge multiple times. I can let him finish that way if I choose or I can make him wait.

That feeling of being in control while I have a man in my mouth is like no other. I have heard there are women that do not like giving blowjobs, but damn do they not know they can have almost anything they want at that moment in time.

Men will agree to many things when you are keeping them from cumming because of the control you have. They want that orgasm and they are thinking about the price they are willing to pay for it. Again depending on the situation what that price may be, but we woman set the market on that. And the better you are with that blowjob, the more a man is going to give.

And the thing I find funny from a conversation with a man, the thinks he is the one on control in that scenario. He said he won't take me to dinner. One blowjob later, we are in his truck going to the restaurant of my choice. He thinks he he won, but damn man, do you not realize I made all the choices. I wanted to go, wanted him to take me and knew just how to make him do it. My control not his. Without even knowing it he caved to everything I wanted. Was a nice dinner as well

Yes we women can use sex as a weapon. The true beauty of control is using it in a way that men think they are the ones in control and then they are happy, When in reality darling, we are absolutely the ones in control. We just let you think you are.

There may be some women that read this and hate me for spilling their secrets, but even knowing the truth, men will continue to be controlled by women, because of their desires.

Yes there is abuse of that control and I am dead set against that. This kind of control does benefit both. The men in my life have never complained about a blowjob for whatever reason. Whether it was because I wanted you to take me to dinner or just because I wanted you to fuck me.

I like control in its many forms. Yes we both benefit from it, but in the end if I am not in the mood, once again, my control. You are shit out of luck until next time.
How deep?
Posted:Nov 22, 2021 3:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 23, 2021 1:46 pm
Funny because is true!
1 comment
Posted:Nov 20, 2021 2:18 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2021 6:30 am

We all have them, whether we admit them or not. Maybe some do not think of them as fetishes. I have one I will openly admit to. My boots. I have them for all occasions, all sizes (in reference to heels, the actual size fits my foot silly) and all styles and colors.

I have work boots for outside in the summer doing yard work. I have winter boots for when I need to go out and deal with the feet of snow that piles up. I have dress boots when I need to look classy for special occasions.

My most common and comfortable boots are my cowboy boots. I wear them the most. Going to lunch with the girls, jeans and those boots. Got to run to the store, those boots. They are nothing spectacular to look at but I love them. As a matter of fact, wore tennis shoes to the store the other day and felt naked without my boots. It was just not right.

Now do I have other fetishes, maybe yes maybe no. Not sure I would call some preferences a fetish, but there are things I enjoy more than others.

But I recently had a conversation with someone (he admits he reads my blog, so he will know who he is) about combination fetishes. In this case he was talking about showers (real not golden) and heels. Now this one upon thinking more about it, could be detrimental to someone's safety. Certain heels are just not safe in water and no one wants to fall on their ass in the shower. Even if someone is there to help pick them up and laugh at them while they do. Flat square heels might work but not sure they are as sexy as what most men consider with stilettos. So for this one, it is iffy at best.

But this got me thinking about other possibilities. Now there are some that just go together without any issues. Blindfolds and well... anything can be pared with a blindfold and be a whole lot of fun. So that one is a yes and super easy.

So what are combo fetishes that someone might not think of but might actually work together. The world of fetishes are wide open. If you can imagine it and it turns you on and you can incorporate into your sex life, more power to you.

Since my boot fetish is pretty basic, I can admit yes I have had sex with some of them on, not that makes a difference in the sex, but it can be fun in the right circumstances. Had one guy, wanted me to wear nothing but my cowboy boots and my cowboy hat (yes a real one) and nothing else. I was happy to oblige him. It was fun for us both. Yes he was ridden well that night. No he did not neigh like a . However the tag line save a ride a cowboy was mentioned. So maybe I saved a that night.

A common fetish, is a foot fetish. For me, not a turn on. There are a lot of fetishes that could be paired with that one, but one that makes me just shake my head and say no would be food. Sorry do not care how clean your feet are, keep them away from any food you want me to taste. So that one for me is a hard NO.

Underwear fetishes... had a guy offer to pay me for the panties I was wearing while we chatted. I politely said not, there were multiple reasons for that offer being turned down. But recently had a man offer to buy me the type of underwear he finds sexy if I would model it for him. There are a lot of options for combine with this one. Put some of that underwear on the feet? Maybe put some type of food in the underwear? I do not know all the options.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, on this one I want to hear all of your ideas. Please tell me what combo fetishes would you like to try (or have tried) that are not something normally thought of as going together? Please tell me, I am dying to know.
1 comment
Posted:Nov 17, 2021 9:56 pm
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2021 2:46 am
A fun night
Posted:Nov 10, 2021 9:58 am
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2022 7:42 pm

He was tall, just how I really liked them. I mean really tall he is 6'7, so a full 9 inches taller than my 5'10. I love that I could put on my 4 inch heels and he is still much taller than me. He was a turn on just in height alone.

He took me out to dinner and then we went dancing. I loved the way he moved and held me on the dance floor. I had worn a long skirt and he leaned over and whispered in my ear during one dance that he like the way it flowed around my hips.

After a while, the dancing and flirting had us both thinking of other things and we agreed to leave. It was not a long drive to my house. So we hopped into his truck and headed out. I slid over to the middle of the seat and let my fingers do the walking up and down his arm and his chest.

At one point he actually growled at me to stop before he crashed. If I could not wait 10 minutes he was going to have to pull the truck over and take me right there. I sat back and pretended to pout. He laughed at me.

When we got to my house, we went in and as soon as the door was closed, he pulled me to him and started kissing me. He told me I could resume my exploring. I did not hesitate. My hands were immediately under his shirt and running up and down his chest.

Neither of us wanted to wait, we had been flirting and actively involved in mental foreplay all night. We were both eager for the physical relief. We walked over to the chair that was was closest. I was undoing his pants as he was trying to unbutton my blouse.

I grabbed his hard length and started stroking him. He bent forwarded and started sucking on one of my nipples. It felt amazing but I wanted so much more. I grabbed his hand and placed it between my legs. Taking one of his fingers and sliding it into me. I was wet and I wanted him to feel that.

Guiding his hand, I stroke myself using his fingers, I moved him just how I wanted to and then I looked up at him and just grinned as I came all over his hand. When the tremors finally passed I pulled his hand out and moved it up to his mouth. I took the finger that was in me and put it in his mouth. I smiled and told him now you can taste me.

While he sucked on his finger, I told him to sit in the chair. He did as he was told and I took my panties off. I then moved to straddle him with my skirt spread around us. I took one of my breasts and shoved it into his face. He took his hand from his face and grabbed it and started sucking on it. I lowered myself down on to him.

I grabbed his shoulders to brace myself and started rocking my hips back and forth. A slow and steady rhythm. He tried to grab my hips, but I told him he needs to stay focused on his task of giving my breasts his undivided attention and let me take care of everything else.

I proceeded to ride him, increasing the pace and soon I was cumming again. I slowed down and leaned against him. He tried moving within me and I looked at him and told him NO. I am the one that decides when you can cum. He looked at me and smiled and said yes ma'am.

When I felt like I would be able to stand I got up off him, pulled him up off the chair and turned. This time I sat down with him standing in front of me. I pulled him to me and looked all the way up and told him it was my turn to taste me all over him.

I took him in my mouth, suckling the head and then moving down the full length of him. Back up and then licking him from top to bottom. Then I took him back in my mouth again. I started sucking on him up and down slowly but steady. He moaned and tried to push into me. I stopped and told him if he does not behave he will not be rewarded with an orgasm.

I then resumed my dedication to giving him the attention he was due. He tried to remain as still as he could but I knew my mouth and hands were bringing him to the end. I picked up the pace and and continued to suck on him harder. He was just about to cum and I took him all the way into my mouth and sucked even harder on him.

He lost all control and came, I could feel him pumping into the back of my throat. I swallowed all that he had to give me. When he was finally done, I got up off the chair, grabbed him and pulled him down to kiss me. I wanted him to taste himself in my mouth.
The Handyman's smile
Posted:Nov 6, 2021 9:46 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2021 4:03 am

When he got out of his truck and started walking towards , I knew I was in trouble already. His eyes were mesmerizing and that smile said he was confident but also mischievous. I was going to have a difficult time behaving myself.

I showed him the work that needed to be done and he started taking some measurements. I was fascinated by his efficiency and movements. He was my height and well built. This is a man that takes care of himself. He had a note pad and was writing info down on it as he went.

As we talked about supplies and what needed to be done and when, I was having some naughty thoughts about him, tools and projects that had nothing to do with the work I was hiring him for. I had to keep telling myself that this man was here for the job at hand and not to be sexually harassed by me.

We did a walk through the house to the back room, where there was more work to be done. We passed my bedroom and I was embarrassed that I had not made my bed this morning. I quickly pulled the door closed hoping he had not noticed one of my toys sitting there on my dresser.

After showing him what needed to be done I turned quickly and almost bumped right into him standing there. I felt stupid just staring into his eyes. He asked me a question, but I had no idea what he said. I gave myself a mental shake and ask what? Knowing I sounded like a moron and he could probably figure out why. This man was sexy from the word go and he knew it.

He then asked me what was behind the other closed door, and I just replied a spare bedroom, but you would not be interested in that. Nothing to do in there. He quietly said you might be surprised. I turned and looked at him again, once again thinking I sounded stupid asking what. This time I had heard him, but was not sure what he meant.

He chuckled and smiled and said there is always plenty to do in any bedroom. I was sure my mouth was hanging open at this point. Not sure what to do, I stood there just looking at him.

He moved so quickly, I was not prepared and his lips were on mine. The kiss caught me off guard and when he opened his mouth and put his tongue in mine I did not resist. I might have even moaned a bit. The kiss quickly became much deeper and he was exploring my mouth and I felt his hands on my sides.

I shivered, the excitement was shooting through my entire body and if I had not been before because of those eyes, that kiss totally did it for me. He pulled back and looked at me asking if I was ok. I could not speak. I wondered what he must really think of me.

He took a step back and towards my closed bedroom door. He turned grabbed my hand as he pushed it open and pulled me in and turned to me and said we are going to mess that bed up even more than it is. I hope you are ready for it. I nervously said I was very ready.

He pulled me toward him and lifted my shirt up and over my head. His head dipped between my breasts and started kissing and licking me. I could not hold back the moan that escaped. He reached behind and unhooked my bra, pulling it off my shoulders. He then took one of my nipples in his mouth suckling on it while he used his other hand to massage the other breast. Then he switched.

He then smiled with his mouth merely an inch from the nipple he had in his mouth and told me I should use my hands to touch him. I immediat4ely grabbed the bottom of his shirt and slid my hands underneath it. I could feel the soft hair of his chest in my fingers. I ran them all over his chest and grabbed his nipples and started playing with them.

Once again he stopped, stepped back and pulled off his shirt. I was feeling a bit exposed, standing there with no shirt on. He then smiled at me again, that smile could melt the polar ice caps. He grabbed the front of my jeans and started undoing them. Once they were unzipped, he told me to take them off. As I did, he was undoing his as well.

Now we were standing complete naked in front of each other and he turned me, pushed me back until the bed was against the back of my legs. One more push and I was now sitting on the bed. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back again, I was lying on the bed looking up at him.

He grabbed my legs and spread them open, Before I had any more time to think, his mouth was on me. His tongue found my clit and immediately started playing with it. I could not help but squirm. He grabbed my hips and held me while he worked his magic. I was cumming in no time. The release was hard and fast and I could not help but yell out as it happened. He did not stop, he kept going and before one orgasm finished, the next was right on its heels. I soon lost count of how many times this happened. I could not think.

All of a sudden, he was moving up the length of my body and kissing my lips. I could taste me in his mouth. His face was covered in my orgasms. Then I felt him, slowly push himself into me. He was rock hard and filled me nicely. I knew it would not take much for me to cum again.

He was moving in and out of me with a steady and rhythmic pace that kept me right on the edge of yet another orgasm. He pulled back a little and put my legs on his shoulders so that he could have more control of the movements and increased the pace. I let him know I was going to cum He just smiled and continued. Yet another orgasm ripped through me and he rode it out with that smile on his face.

When the trembling subsided a bit, he pulled out, turned me over onto my knees and came up behind me and once again I felt him push all the way into me. He grabbed my hips and leaned over me whispering in my ear, now I am really going to fuck you.

He was hard, fast and deep and I could not help but cum again shortly. At one point he had grabbed my hair pulling me back onto him as much as he could while pumping in and out of me. The pace increased even more, I did not think it was possible, but what a sight it must have been to see him in and out of me so fast.

I knew his orgasm was building and I was excited about feeling him explode inside of me. I let him know I wanted to feel him, all of him deep in me. He did not disappoint me. One last deep and hard thrust and I could feel his release. He stayed still and I could feel him moving in me as his orgasm kept him pulsing.

He slowly slid out of me and I literally fell down on the bed and he layed down beside me. we were both covered in sweat. I looked at him and again that smile was right there. He laughed and said I hope that was as good for you as it was for me. This time it was my turn to just smile.

My new handyman is getting a lot of work done around the house for me. But he is also taking care of some more personal needs each time he visits me. That smile never disappoints.
Posted:Oct 7, 2021 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 2:17 pm

Do women ask men what size is their dick in first conversations? Has any man been asked that right off the bat? Or at all? Do women ask that at all?

I think I might start asking. I think my new approach is going to be if you ask my breast size I am going to ask for your dick size. And if you a picture of mine showing you how big they are, you can expect I am going to ask for a pic of your dick next to a ruler, so we can both see a true size. (cause we know men would NEVER lie about that).

New conversation starter:

Him: Hi
Me: Hi
Him: How are you?
Me: Good and you?
Him: I like your pics, how big are your breasts?
Me: How big is your dick? In truth, do not exaggerate the length and width. I only real measurements please. And a pic with it by a ruler is preferred for the proof.

Of course I know this is going to result in some dick pics that I do not really . But it makes me wonder how many men would be taken back by that?

Beta testing is about to begin... results will be posted later.
1 comment
So True
Posted:Oct 1, 2021 5:51 am
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2021 3:57 am
Me!!! Especially this time of year.
Are you good in bed?
Posted:Aug 2, 2021 1:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 2:18 pm

I was asked this question today and I was perplexed on how to answer that. If I say the best ever, I am sure that is a lie. I certainly do not feel like I am horrible either.

This is such a scalable question, how does one honestly answer this?

I am never going to be the best everyone has ever had. I am not that unrealistic. I am also not the worst either that most men who have been with me would say. (At least I think based on some of the compliments I have gotten).

I have some pretty damn amazing sex at times. Even great sex one time with someone might not be that awesome next time depending on the mood.

I have also had some really disappointing sex as well. Does that mean I am bad or the person I was with was? Because I have had great sex other times. I can't be all bad then, so must have been the guy, right? I do not think that would be a fair assessment either.

So again, I circle back to how do I honestly answer that question?

My decision.... I am not completely bad nor am I probably going to be the best you have ever had. But based on how you are, it will directly reflect on how I am and vice versa. Together we can make what happens good for both based on discussion of what you and I both like and work from there. There may be some trial and error but overall, we get out of it what we put in.

So if you do not put in any effort, chances are I am not going to put much in either and it is not going to be great (yes there are exceptions to this thought). Because no lie, despite what you have been told guys, size does make a difference. It does not mean bad sex, it just means there needs to be some consideration for what you can and cannot do with it.

But if we both try together, I am pretty sure what happens will be enjoyable and good for both. So in the bigger picture of all of this, my final answer is...

I AM good in bed! Want proof? You need to meet me half way on that adventure.
This is just funny but true
Posted:Jul 30, 2021 6:09 pm
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2021 7:57 am
Very true when you think about it!
1 comment
Reporting a member
Posted:Jul 21, 2021 6:07 am
Last Updated:Jul 30, 2021 6:33 pm

I have never reported a member before, but I did today. This man contacted me a couple days ago and I politely told him I was not interested as he is married. He seemed to be ok with that and we politely said good luck to you and left the conversation.

Today I wake up to messages from him telling me I am an ugly ass bitch (his first contact to me was hey beautiful), a racist (saying I am rejecting him because he is black) and a that sleeps with everyone, so there is no reason I should not sleep with him as well.

He even tried posting a testimonial on profile saying I hide my face because my body looks like a train hit it. He has NEVER seen anything other than the pics on my profile. Which if you look, are my eyes and a cleavage shot. You cannot really tell what my body looks like from those.

I know some do not handle rejection well and I have occasionally gotten a rude or nasty message in reply, but most of the time, I ignore them and move on. This man has been persistent this morning and continually sending me messages that are disgusting in their hate and anger.

He has been blocked, banned from my profile and reported for his inappropriate behavior and slander of my character. You cannot define me from one less than 5 minute conversation. It still amazes me to this day that some people cannot handle being told no.
1 comment

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