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Hanging Out In Latin Heaven  

NippleDaddy69 72M
7 posts
7/19/2021 9:37 am
Hanging Out In Latin Heaven

Summer was just a few weeks to being over and then back to school with all it's drama and fun. I had the house all to myself today with Dad at work and Mom out running errands and shopping. I was just enjoying the alone time without teasing or being spied on. As I was laying on my bed thinking about how wild a summer this had been and how defining it had become for me as a person, the phone rang, bringing me back to the present. I ran down the hall to my parent's bedroom to answer it, since that was the closest phone. It was Rick calling to see what I was up to. I told him nothing really but relaxing and enjoying the alone time. He told me that his mother and father had left town for a couple days to attend a gathering of "friends". Butch, his real name is LeRoy, Darrel and himself were enjoying the alone time too and actually using their Dad's makeshift gym on the patio for a workout. Rick asked if I wanted to come over and workout with them. I said sure and would be over in a little bit. I hung up and turned to leave when I noticed something sticking out from under the bed. It looked like a magazine. I bent over and picked it up. What do we have here? It's my recently acquired smut treasure from the "Gloryhole" restroom, "MONSTER MEN". I had put this several magazines down in my smut pile next to my bed. Obviously, someone went looking through the pile and found this one interesting. Since it was full of huge cocks of all shapes, sizes, and configurations, doing all sorts of graphic things, I wondered which one of my parents found it interesting. Since I found out recently that my father had become interested, and started pursuing cock, it was really hard to decide who was the magazine thief. There was no question that my mother was a cock freak since at the current time, she was getting my father's and mine whenever she wanted. Was she fantasizing for more? Oh well, the only way to know is to leave it where I found it and wait to see who returns it or gets caught looking through it. I put it back where I found it, thinking it was under my father's side of the bed, hum....... Off the to Burke house and some hangout time with my 3 Latin brothers. I did almost consider them brothers since I was an only .

I arrived at the Burke house wearing my surfing shorts, sandals, and a tank top. I walked up the driveway and just as I got to the front door I could hear Latin Rock music playing from inside the house. The lyrics were all in Spanish which reminded me that Rick and his brothers still spoke Spanish and weren't that far removed from their Mexican background.

I reached out to knock but figured they probably couldn't hear me if I did, so I tried the door and it was unlocked. I opened the door and went in closing the door behind me. I leaned against the closed door for a few minutes, looking at the overstuffed leather chair and couch and here came rushing back my Al experience that only he and I knew about. As it played it through my mind, I found myself quickly getting aroused, nipples hard and tingling, cock semi hard and crammed in my surfing shorts. At this point, I had to consider that experience, the hottest of my life so far, with my first restroom sex experience coming in second. I shook it off and headed for the glass door to the patio. Their patio was fairly big and surrounded by a high bamboo fence that blocked the view from any neighbors. Rick told me his parents used the patio as one of the places for their "parties". It was designated the place for men only and where the men could interact sexually with each other. Rick said it was where his Dad spent most of his time. Recently, his Dad had moved all the patio furniture to the garage and set up a makeshift gym using benches, bars, and old fashioned iron plates, so that he could do one of his 2 workouts a day in preparation for the bodybuilding competition coming up.

I walked up to the sliding glass door that was wide open and was greeted with a totally unexpected site. All 3 Burke brothers, completely naked and working out. By the look of their bodies, they were getting into it, because their bodies were covered in sweat and shiny. All 3 were in a state of being semi hard, with their pink cock heads peaking out of their foreskins. It was a site of showing progression to manhood and maturity, from Rick the youngest to Butch the oldest. Cock size ranged from about 8 on Rick, a little over 8 on Darrel, and the lady killer on Butch. No wonder the word around town was Butch was a real stud. The girls and women all went crazy over the Latin Burke boys. All 3 of them never lacked attention. The ladies desired them and the men admired them. All 3 boys liked cock, but Butch and Darrel were still pussy centered, where Rick admitted he preferred cock more, like me. Rick still had to keep up the Latin lover appearances and played around with girls just like he told me I should. Homosexuality wasn't talked about, let alone accepted, even though there seemed to be plenty of man sex going on around us.

I was enjoying looking at them. There naturally dark tan skin, smooth bodies, black hair, piercing brown eyes, really dark nipples and cock color. and all 3 boys shaved their cocks and area around completely smooth. As I was enjoying just watching them move and pump iron, Butch looked up and saw me. He walked over and turned the music down and said, "What are you looking at?" I returned the question by smiling and telling him, "I'm watching 3 hot, sweaty Latin boys work their muscles and get cranked up." Butch smiled broadly and asked me whether I was going to join them or just watch. I told him that I was ready. He told me to strip off and get to pumping. I stripped out of my tank top, my sandals, and my surfing shorts, now naked like my fellow workout buddies. They all looked at me and giggled. Darrel was the first one to speak saying, "You say we are cranked up.......why is your pointer sticking straight out?" I had to admit, I'd been semi hard since I walked in their front door, started thinking about Al, then being presented with 3 hot, naked Latin young men.

Looking from one to the next I slowly walked over to one of the benches and sat down to do some arm curls. It was hard to concentrate with 3 sweaty male bodies all around me. The man sweat smell was becoming overpowering and intoxicating. Everyone was grunting and huffing as they pumped the iron plates through different exercises. Of course Butch was using the heaviest weight and had the most muscular body. In between the sets, Butch looked over at me and said, "I hear you had an encounter with the "Latin Snake." I looked at him with a questioning look, then over at Ric He just shrugged and shook his head from side to side. Was he talking about his father? Had Rick told him about my voyeur experience at the pool? I knew the boys were all real familiar with their father's desires and fetishes. Butch looked me in the eyes and said, "I'm talking about my father and you know it." Somehow he knew something. I decided I better come clean to avoid rumor or twisting of the story. All pumping of weights stopped while I started my explanation and story.

Butch and Darrel came over and sat on either side of me on the bench and Rick came and stood in front of me, all waiting for me to tal It was hard being in such close proximity to the 3 sweaty, semi hard, naked young Latins. I started by saying, none of it was planned or arranged. I told them first about my voyeur experience, watching their Dad with 2 men in the pool restroom. Rick already knew about this but Butch and Darrel nodded and showed their recognition that was indeed what their father did. I stopped long enough to ask Butch how he knew or suspected any involvement of me with his father. He said his father never told him anything. Butch overheard his father talking on the phone with one of his buddies saying what a nice young man you were. He just wondered how his father knew you that well. Well, they were going to know. I started by telling that it happened on the day I was supposed to come over and hangout with Rick after he got off wor Rick interrupted to say, "Now I know why my Dad was in such a good mood when I got home and he said you couldn't wait for me to get home and left." I started with the knocking on the door and ended with the cock juice explosions from both of us. Just for emphasis, I told them every graphic detail as I had it imprinted on my brain.

As I was finishing telling the story I felt fingers touch both my now stiff, long nipples. I looked down to see Darrel teasing one nipple and Butch teasing the other. My cock was rock hard and drooling down my shaft and as I looked to my right and left, both Darrel's and Butch's cocks were rock hard with foreskin pulled back and heads wet with cock juice. They were stroking their foreskin back and forth as they teased my nipples, both of them breathing raggedly. Rick was now standing right in front of me doing the same thing to his cock as Butch and Darrel while teasing his now swollen, puffy nipples. I guess Rick felt he needed to give me a little break or support after what I just told everyone, so he confessed that he had been meeting my Dad a couple times a week at one of the park restrooms to suck him off. Rick said it started after he sucked my Dad off the first time on the night he was seen and watched being fucked by me at my house by my parents. Butch and Darrel looked at Rick with a surprised look and I knew we had now opened up a story that was rather complicated and hard to tell. I told them I would explain at a later time but told them everything was consensual and enjoyed by all involved.

I looked up at Rick and asked him which public restroom he had been meeting my Dad at. He described the restroom where I caught my Dad with Daniel. My Dad was a regular visitor and user of men's room for sex. Rick asked me why I wanted to know, which opened another door and I had to tell them about my first restroom sex with my father and Daniel, my neighbor from down the street. By the time I was finished describing that experience, working out was the farthest thing from all our minds and the sweat covering all our bodies was from sexual excitement. Everyone was still stroking their cocks and Darrel and Butch were more aggressively working my nipples. Being the nipple pig that I was and am, the nipple play was putting me in a place where I was ready for anything. Butch leaned forward and looked over at Darrel and then at my swollen, long nipples, and said, " Look at how big and stiff his nipples are.....the more they get played with, the bigger and harder they get." Darrel answered, "His nipples are bigger and harder than any girls I have ever seen, and he loves them played with." My cock was now twitching and jumping in time with their flicking, pinching, and pulling on my nipples. They could tell I was nipple horny and ready to play.

Darrel stood up and walked to the end of the bench, looking at Butch, who stood up, grabbed my legs and lifted them, laying me on my back on the bench. Rick stepped forward and took the hand that was working his swollen puffy, and wrapped it around my cock and started stroking me and himself. Butch was standing at the opposite end of the bench as Darrel, and my head and ass were hanging off both ends. I lifted my head and looked at Butch. He was pulling his foreskin forward and a lake of white cock juice appeared over the head of his coc He stepped forward and I automatically lifted and spread my legs for him. He started rubbing that lake of cock juice around my twitching hole, making it slick and wet. He looked at me and I hissed at him, YES. He started applying pressure to my hole and the slickness allowed him to slide right in. As he buried his inch cock in my ass, I felt Darrel rubbing his wet cock head on my lips. I stuck my tongue out and licked across the cock juice covered head and opened my mouth for him. He slid his cock in my mouth and I started sucking him as Butch started pumping slowly in and out of me, while Rick stroked my coc

As I was now being filled with cock at both ends for the first time, I was lost in the experience. I now knew how Rick felt when I was fucking him and he was sucking my Dad or Daniel felt while I was fucking him while he sucked my Dad. I was just letting the feelings wash over me. I didn't think I could get any higher until I felt Darrel grab both my nipples and start milking them like udders. I was moaning and grunting through Darrel's cock, and loving Butch's big cock pumping in and out. We were all getting beyond the point of control and speeding up or action. I was the first one to loose it as Rick held my cock straight up in the air as it shot squirt after squirt of cock juice into the air, falling back on my cock, his hand and coc That set Rick off and he pointed his cock at my cock and started shooting his cock juice all over my coc The air was heavy now with the smell of man sweat and cock juice. I could feel Darrel's cock start to swell and twitch in my mouth and he next started moaning and cock juice squirted shot after shot and I swallowed it as fast as I could, but some bubbled out around my lips and his coc Butch saw that and moaned and buried his big cock in me, laid forward on me and took a stiff nipple into his mouth and sucked as I felt shot after shot of his cock juice pump into me.

We had all dumped a big load and were drained and worn out. After resting for a few minutes just where we shot off, Darrel pulled his now softening cock out of my mouth and rubbed it on my lips. I licked it and he twitched and pulled away because of the after shoot sensitivity. Next, Butch lifted himself off me as his big cock softened as slipped out of my ass. Rick immediately bent over and started licking his and my cock juice off my coc and I twitched and jumped because of the sensitivity. Rick stood up and the 3 brothers looked at each other and then at me, Butch finally summing it all up saying, "That was a hell of a workout." We all agreed and wondered if this was a start to something more. I hoped so................

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