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Things about me
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Blow Job questions
Posted:Feb 28, 2021 1:28 pm
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2022 4:48 am
A few questions about Blow Jobs I ran across

How old were you the first time that you gave a blowjob? 58

When was the last time you gave a blowjob? 20

Do you like giving blowjobs? Yes

Have you given a BJ in car while he is driving? No

Have you given a BJ in a boat? No…but I would love to, especially if being watched

Have you given a BJ in public? No…see above answer

In broad daylight? No…see 2 answers above

Have you given a BJ in a bar? No

Have you given a BJ in a movie theater? No, but have in a bathhouse, but in a private room

Have you given a BJ in a restaurant? No

Do you prefer the lights on or off? On

Have you ever been part of a .."two girl.."(or gurl) BJ? No

Have you ever given a BJ after sex? No

Have you given BJ After anal sex? No

What’s the most BJ's you've given at one time? 1

Have you given a BJ to someone more than 10 years older than you? No

10 years ? No

Have you ever swallowed? Yes

Have you ever spat? No

Which do you prefer? Swallow if sucking…but do love to see a forceful cum shot!!

Do you like the taste of cum? It depends, do like pre-cum better

Have you ever gotten a facial? No, but would love to receive one

Where do you like the guy to cum? Depends on what we’re doing…

Have you ever had two cocks in your mouth at once? No

Have you ever given a BJ in an airplane? No

What’s the longest BJ you have given? 20 minutes…but most last less than that

How many guys have you given a blowjob to? A few Less than 10…still fairly new to this

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Looking to retire
Posted:Jan 31, 2021 6:57 am
Last Updated:Oct 2, 2021 3:21 am

Well a stroke of luck came my way...I will be officially retired at the end of October 2021 as the company did an offer of early retirement and since I was already going to do so in January of 2022 I jumped on it. Now I'm retiring 3 months earlier and still getting paid as if I were working up to my original retirement date. Yeah me!!!


As stands now I am hoping retire at the end of January right at one year from now. I am really hoping that by that time I have all my ducks in a row and am able pretty much do what I want at that time. I for sure will not be rich and able travel the world (if ever gets back normal), but should be able live comfortably as I do now. I plan on trying find a FWB hang out with a few days a month and have some fun.

I am open taking in a few sporting events, concerts and things like that as well as 'personal' fun times with that person. I have been to concerts at bigger venues and smaller ones in Austin, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and willing do so in other locations within reason. I enjoy watching the Dallas Mavericks usually only on TV. Would rather catch a college game be basketball, baseball or volleyball. I do not have a team I really follow but something I enjoy.

My free now time is usually restricted weekends or the occasional day off but that rarely works out on such a tight schedule. I should be free as far as arrangements once I retire as my obligations will be fewer. Not wanting an every day thing, just as I mentioned before, a FWB for a few times a month be great going 2 an event. Not a hanger on type or want someone that will be. Just a casual friend for fun every now and then.
Updated info
Posted:Dec 6, 2020 6:23 am
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2022 7:14 pm
I am a standard member so I can not read messages and most of the time I can not initiate Instant Messages. If you do want 2 chat on IM let me know here and tell me when you are generally on IM so I can save my points for those I know want 2 chat. It is frustrating using points 2 chat with someone and then get no response at all and then my points are gone. I generally am on Passion in the early mornings & evenings and on the weekends when I more time.

Just let you know...I can not host - am not a top - am not fem looking or acting, just enjoy wearing panties. If you any questions from those that are somewhat local that could lead 2 a meeting I will be glad 2 answer them. By local I mean within the DFW area or places I travel such as Austin, Tulsa, Ok City, Lubbock and other places within 300 miles give or take.

I will be retiring at the end of October 2021 (updated date) so hopefully it will be easier making connections since my obligations will be fewer.

Bi Friendly Beaches in Florida Panhandle
Posted:Nov 20, 2020 2:44 am
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2021 4:49 am

I am hoping when this covid thing is over and it is safe again to travel, to finally take a vacation. I would really like to visit the panhandle of Florida for a couple of days and was wondering if the locals know of any bi-friendly beaches in the Pensacola to Panama Beach areas that you would recommend. As of now it will be the summer of 2022 as things are not where they need to be for me at this time. If you know of any nice places to enjoy the sun and fun leave me a message on here. Thanks!
Tired of this social distancing
Posted:Aug 16, 2020 2:39 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2021 7:38 am
this point I don't go other than to work (am lucky so far in that it hasn't caused my place of work to shut down), the grocery store and maybe Lowes or Home Depot if I need something. Other than that I pretty much stay home. I know it's for the best at this point in time and will continue to do so but just want to blow off some steam about it I guess.

I think a lot about finding a friend or small circle of friends where we could hang out and watch a game, play cards or just watch TV and when the mood hits, we could enjoy each other. I've never played in a but I would think 3-5 guys including would be very entertaining if everyone clicked and got along. The problem with this is first...finding that friend or circle of friends and then one of them being able to host which is a big problem as we all know. For as long as I've been on this site and others, it's always timing and hosting and that's after you've found a potential 'play partner' or partners. I wish I could host but in my case it's just not possible. The other problem is being able to communicate on the site as they really limit that.

I feel that a lot of other members that view my full profile or just the pop-up profile feel I may be fem acting or looking and that might help in certain instances or hurt in others but the fact is I am not fem looking or acting and not trying to be. For those that are that is fine with me as not here to judge. only into wearing panties as a fetish and enjoy others that wear also or if you don't then that's fine too. I just know I enjoy seeing a nice hard cock in panties or otherwise. I am also not a kisser or cuddle type person as I am not attracted to men...I am attracted to cocks to put it bluntly.

As far as M/F couples is concerned I would not be interested in topping the wife if that scenario came about but would be interested in the female watching as I sucked her bf or husbands cock. I guess there is a bit of exhibitionist in me that would enjoy the humiliation of sucking off a cock while in my panties with a female watching...or if other males were watching. I guess I could be watched if I went to a ABS or such but not really into a of strangers, I'd rather be in a situation where I had at least communicated via email or messaging and got a feel for the other person(s) before I acted on any play as I do want to play safe and stay that way.

I guess rambling a bit here so will end it for now as I may edit and add to this post from time to time, but PantiedMale55 is waiting on you so give a shout.

1 comment
My bucket list
Posted:Mar 8, 2020 6:21 am
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2022 5:47 pm
I haven't done much in regard bi activities but have enjoyed most of the ones I've had. I tend be selective in the person(s) I meet with as I want be safe and figure most feel the same way, so I figure that's why I haven't been able do many of the things on my list. That and I can't host which is another thing that many of us have deal with. Anyway, I thought I'd post this and let others see how it matches up with their list and if they've had way more experience than , which I figure most have.
My first time to suck a cock
Posted:Feb 29, 2020 6:01 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2022 5:36 am
I am a late cummer to the act of sucking cock as I was 58, but now enjoy it when I can. I used to visit the old Yahoo Chat Rooms and would find myself in the different rooms at times and started ending up in the bi-rooms. At that time, I wasn't really curious about the actual act of sucking cock as that was the last thing I thought I'd ever do, but was more curious about the guys in the rooms that sucked. The more time I spent in the rooms and reading the chats and being chatted to the more I begin to be drawn to what was going on. Also, when pics were shared and seeing more and more hard cocks and the others reactions to them, I guess I started to be more curious.

After a while I became hooked on seeing hard cocks and then when I saw them in panties it really peaked my interest. After the Yahoo Rooms were shut down, I then found Passion and started chatting with a guy in the DFW area. We would chat off and on and after several months we finally decided to meet. Am sure some of you can imagine how nervous I was but am the type that if I've chatted with you a few times and feel comfortable and say I'm going to meet then I will follow through. Well on New Year’s Eve of 20 in the afternoon I drove to this guy’s apartment and met with him. I'm a panty wearer as I'm sure you can tell ID, but am not a fem looking or acting type, just a fetish me. We chatted several minutes and then he asked if I was wearing under jeans and I said yes, so he asked to see them. I undid belt etc. and took off jeans and was standing in front of him in just panties and a t-shirt and then he started feeling me up. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt and he led me to the couch and he undid his pants and took them off and he was wearing too. We sat next to each other and he started really rubbing me and it wasn't long before he had cock pulled out the side of panties and had started sucking me. I had no clue when I went over to this guy’s place what I would be willing to do, but I found myself without hesitation, pulling the waistband of his panties down and leaning over to put my mouth on my first cock ever. If felt right and it felt amazing with the firmness and the silky-smooth skin in my mouth.

He stopped and said let's go to the bedroom so we did and took off our shirts and only had our panties on. We rather quickly got into a 69 and started fully sucking each other. I was still nervous, but extremely excited and enjoying the experience. I don't recall how long this went but I know he seemed to be really enjoying my cock and it felt so good that I came and he eagerly swallowed every drop. Almost immediately he started cumming and the first squirt was in my mouth and then I let go and he actually shot a cpl of ropes right in front of was an awesome sight to see that and I really loved it. It was an amazing experience me and wish I could have met with him again but he has since dropped off the sight and I have no contact with him.

I now consider myself bi and love to suck when I get the chance but not being able to host is a real problem.

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