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Stanzalo 63M
2 posts
4/27/2021 6:18 pm

Blue Eyes, greying dark blond Hair, about equal % from both parents of Swedish and British- English/Scott ethnic ancestry.

I am childless, and have not married. My childhood was in Portland, Oregon, and my parents were grade school teachers.

High School Diploma major Film Production. Associate of General Studies Degree emphasis Physical Education. Associate of Applied Science Degree Radio Broadcasting Technology. Exercise Leader/Aerobics- American College of Sports Medicine.

Lifespan careers: Inventor, Aerobics Instructor, Reporter in Radio and Print, Author.

Political persuasions: Liberal-leftist-libertarian-communalist-collectivist-anarchist leaning.

Religious background, influences, and persuasions: Tibetan Vajrayana Bon-Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shamanism. Adult Baptism Lutheran E.L.C.A. in 1987; Pledged and received: Refuge, Vows, Vase Initiation, and Hui Fa (Mandarin: Wisdom of the Law) from Yuandanchilie Rinpoche in the Saben Lineage of Buddhism in 2010, eventuating with the selection of: Yidam- Vajrapani, Dharma Protecr- Sitatapatra; additional personal practices: Chinnamunda~Chinnamasta Devotee, plus Kurukulla and Bhairavi Yoga-Tantra practices.

No current or prior employment in law enforcement or the military. I don’t gamble. I do not hunt because my survival does not depend on it. Not in a lot of Video gas, but they are fun occasionally. I do not watch commercial broadcast Television- the Internet is bad enough. I do watch Movies occasionally. I am not a frequent sports spectator, but I will watch the Olympic gas.

Interests: Athletics, bicycling, brain science, Tango dancing, ethno-botanical shamanism, inventing, music, paranormal phenona research, sex, siddhis, singing, tantra, writing. Athletic training: Calisthenics, plyometrics, stretching, weight lifting.

Goals: Self-employment proprietorship related to my spiritual practice interests: Tibetan Buddhist Vajrapani Oracle Practice, Chinnamasta-Chinnamunda yoga-tantra practices acquire psychic abilities and Siddhis, study and selectively utilize other methods of Yoga-Tantra and Occult Magick. Design and develop Siddhi-interactive devices and Sacred Sites generate supramundane abilities, paranormal phenomenon, and supernatural events as an aid eviating suffering, enhancing vitality, and assist the achievmeent of enlightenment. Study and utilize methods of healing such as Tibetan Nejang Yoga. Composition and performance of music, song, and dance. Ethno-botananical Shamanism; Acoustics, Artificial Telepathy, Cymatic Yantras, Optics; Scalar Field Enhancement, Orgone Energy, Biological Energetics, and Synthetic Biology. Research and application of brain & mind neuroscience studies wards eviation of suffering, enhance vitality, and realized manifestation of enlightenment.

Regarding substance use, including Alcohol, Caffeine, Cannabis, Nicotine, and other psychedelic sacraments: Related my Chinnamasta practice, with so flexibility sort of a 1 or 2 drinks or another sacrant either @ Sunset / Midnight / Sunrise & @ Full / New / Crescent Moons + Solstices + Equinoxes + Minimums + Maximums. But I do not like the act of smoking anything, nor using nicotine daily, my magic works better on you if I am not already half-spun-sprung. I can understand the use of Cannabis edibles and Nicotine Lozenges in dical issues and shamanic journeying but please dont smoke, nicotine gak, or otherwise always be intoxicated while with because my magic works better on you if you are not already half-spun-sprung. Use substances at auspicious times then well do it right but the rest of the ti lets try be edifying for each other. That being said, desperate times lead desperate measures, so I dont blame anyone for being loaded half the time in this prison planet: You dont seem understand: Im not locked in here with you, youre locked in here with !- Rorschach, The Watchmen.

I strive for: A peaceful disposition, an attitude of gratitude, a loving heart, a sense of humor, an open mind, a creative spirit, health conscious, value meaningful work that benefits other people, and curiosity about our World.

My Heroes: U.: Rich H richplanet . net, Andrew Johnson checktheevidence . Com, U.S.A.: Dane Wiggingn geoengineeringwatch . org, John Rappaport nomorefakenews . Com, and be your own Hero at smashwords dot com search engine window type I am a Vampire.

Ayahuasca drinker, Blood drinker, Vampire. My Vampirism is the biological type: I’ve had the rabid ‘Bite Fever’ of the Vampire Pathogen infection; I want drink the Blood, Breast Milk, Saliva, Sweat, Tears, and Vaginal Secretions of a pregnant or recently post-pregnant Woman, casuy, or, preferably with a playmate or partner, or even as a part of procreation; and I would consume a Mans Blood and Sen as the Energetic part of causing Vampirism in said Man.

I am in the second half of my Life, and if you are significantly younger, I tell you now that regarding significantly younger partners I subscribe to the Campsite Rule, and I encourage you have sex with younger people whos life force energies sh strengthen your life force energy, upon which I want feed. Share the love.

I am a Primal Switch: Predator / Slave. Rule #1. Respect: The Woman must make the first move, I obey her rules, and no means no. Rule #2. I satiate and satisfy her prior to my attempting orgasm. Rule #3. Regardless of what does or does not happen, we are as guests in each others hos; like when we first liked each other, without expectations.

I love Coitus, Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Foreplay, Petting, Sodomy, Tantric Sex Magick, and I am open to exploring Pain and / or Blood drinking with Sex. I like consume my Playmates Blood, Breast Milk, Saliva, Sweat, Tears, and Vaginal Secretions before, during, and after Sex. I want eat your Period.

I would like worship your body as my Sex Goddess, sort of a combination of the goddesses Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, and Kurukulla; may we be worthy.

I seek a Seductress whom enjoys teasing enticing and exciting with her radiant ure and flirtatious charm get as hot as possible then enjoy hotter sex together.

I crave frequent sex with an Amazon Vixen; I desire a polyamorous or monogamous playmate or partner; please be amorous, libidinous, and great fun to be with. You are of any race, exercise regularly, and enjoy swallowing and / or spitting jizz in my Mouth. If you like, I can be a primal dominant Predator, my weapon is seduction by attentive romantic flirtatious charm, love-bombing, and getting physical woo you in sex; otherwise and / or at other times I am your Slave.

I have always been happy with Vanilla Sex but if you would like to explore Rough Sex then I would like to explore that with you, and I am happy to let you do all of the beating and have your way with me, but if you want me to reciprocate in any ways then we would need to first discuss whats OK and not OK. Seriously, absolutely no sociopaths or criminal violence; consensual aggression OK but no injuries requiring medical professionals, no biting scratching or punching genitals face neck or hands, no prolonged choking, do not strike without first agreeing on limits. Playmates may inflict pain during foreplay and sex such as bite, choke, pinch, scratch, shove, slap, spank; cry, cuss, groan, growl, grunt, pee, scream, sing, spit, squirt, swear, tease, yell; use sex toys on us, masturbate, etcetera. If you bite or scratch me hard enough to draw blood, then feel free drink it. Tell me what to do or help yourself what you want. Talk sexy - naughty but nice, provocative and sweet, dirty obscene profane vulgar is OK., but lets not let it get rude; let us be civil and courteous with each other.

If being an Enchantress Seductress Nymphomaniac Succubus appeals you but sounds difficult initiate, then let me take the lead, I know you will turn it around. Please indulge your primal passions; think, Let go crazy on you- Heart.

I like to start our playtime by giving you a massage, whats your pleasure? Underworld, Underground, Occult, Kink, Fetish, BDSM, Sex Toys, and Cosplay friendly. Vampires, other Underworlders, and Tango Dancers intrigue me, and I am open to Magic.

Underworld Access granted, I bid you welcome in my Nightmare. Intromission and Bloodletting by mutual desires and consents.

A Love Letter from Prometheus

I, Prometheus, wish seduce you, so I send you this Love Letter:

I am an Ugly Boy ala the band Die Antwoord, and I like you. You are hot, I have a crush on you, and I want see if we like being together.

Your visage brings joy, and when you are not hurting I can see that you are a joyous person. Your fierce Eyes remind of one of the 108 names for the Mahavidya goddess Chinnamasta, name #99 Drstisamharakarini- she whom is capable of destroying with her gaze ॐ दृष्टिसंहारकारिण्यै नमः Mantra #99: Om Drishtisamharakarinyai Namah.

You are my Sex Goddess that I live provide for, worship, and pleasure. When you shine your Light it illuminates my mind, when your Eyes light up I feel joy. Your Blood is a Fountain of youth, your Pussy juice is divine ambrosia nectar, and your Spirit is my source of Life. I exist impregnate you and provide for you, I live for your love, and I want sex you and feed on you. You are my pain relief.

To answer the questions: Am I an ageist, a racist, and a sexist? In a way, yes; sex with won of different ages, races, ethnicities, somatotypes, sizes, and figures gets hot in different ways and for different reasons, of which I urge you take advantage.

To answer the question, Why do you wish seduce ? I wish seduce you because you are a Amazon Vixen Sex Goddess. Please reciprocate my seduction; be my Enchantress Seductress Nymphomaniac Succubus, and consume me.

To answer the question, How shall I seduce you? I shall seduce you with attentive, romantic, flirtatious charm, love bombing, and getting physical to woo you in sex. I love Women, I love sex with Women, and I want Pussy. I like how you present sexual desirability. I want to feed on your love and your bodies love juices, and I want you to feed on my love and my body. Please focus your lust for carnal fornication on me.

To answer the question, Whats my sexual fantasy? My sexual fantasy is to turn you in a Vampire, then we drink each other’s Blood, then we have sex.

My fantasy is to satiate you with whatever combination or sequence of coitus and / or cunnilingus and / or fellatio and / or sodomy that you desire. Any thing you want or need, you get, just keep it real with me.

My Monkey Mind has a Monkey on my Back and Shit flies out of my Butt like Monkeys. My Mortal Mind is craven, carnal, and voracious. I lust for fornication, I crave sinful indulgences and I want that which is illegal, immoral, and fattening. My impulsive predatory nature is like Sperm seeking Ovum so I seek Pussy with my romantic charm muse and Alpha Predator motif. I affect confident competition as my Avatar Prometheus the Titan Warrior, and my persona is as the Shambhala Warrior Hui Fa- Wisdom of the Law, now Sayer of the Law. I sacrifice as your Slave my Sweetie my Honey my Sex Goddess I am voracious for your body and hungry for your love.

My yummy juicy wet dream Queen: You are so sexy. You are so hot. You are so beautiful. I want your sex. I want your love. I want you. If you tease me I jizz in my Pants, so please put out of my misery and do me, make love with by having Sex with me.

I want Kiss you, and put my tongue in your Mouth, and then kiss you over your Body. I sh whisper sweet obscenities in your Ear, and then stick my tongue in your Ear. I will lick your Arm Pits while you sweat, because you smell good. I will suck your es until they curl, then I sh lick you over your Body. I want Cum between your Tits, then rub my Cum on your Chest with my Hands.

I want to Cum in your Mouth. Please suck me until I Cum in your Mouth, and please swallow my Cum. I want to eat your Pussy and make you Cum. And when you do Cum, please squirt your Cum Juice in my Mouth. I promise I shall swallow your Cum Juice. I want to eat your Pussy all night long because you taste good. I want to drink your Blood, Breast Milk, Saliva, Sweat, Tears, and Vaginal Secretions before, during, and after sex. I want to eat your Period. Blind-fold me, gag me, tie me down, and have your way with me.

I want to make you Cum. I want to Cum inside your Pussy. I have The Piston-Action Ram-Rod Magic Stick I want to cum in your pussy while my tongue is thrust in your Mouth and my Hands are grabbing your Butt and Breast. Sit on my Face, suck me dry, jump my bones fuck me silly and screw my Brains out. I will pound your Pussy, and Throat fuck you. And if it makes you happy, I shall rim your Butt, then peg you in your Butt. My love hurts so good.

Sex is Magickal, please be my Enchantress Seductress nymphomaniac Succubus and consume me.

“Let’s give them something talk about, how about love?”- Bonnie Raitt.

Please feel free contact at your earliest convenience or as soon as possible, whichever cos first. Best wishes, cordially, Ciao, ‘Agent Sandoval’- (Earth Final Conflict).

(ciao /CHou/ informal exclamation: ciao used as a greeting at meeting or parting, quote: see you later—ciao! Origin: Italian, dialect alteration of schiavo ‘(I am your) slave’, from medieval Latin sclavus ‘slave’.)

SomewhereSE 66M
336 posts
4/27/2021 7:53 pm

You can’t copyright anything you post, read the TOS, YOU GAVE ALL RIGHTS TO THE SITE..

Stanzalo replies on 7/12/2021 3:09 pm:
Mind your own business.

13128 posts
4/27/2021 7:15 pm

Is there a Zen-ness to powerwashing ?

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