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The Holiday Party  

mustluv2kiss 58M
2 posts
1/5/2022 10:11 am
The Holiday Party

We are at your company's Christmas party. You are wearing that red dress, a little over the knees, hangs around the shoulders with just a hint of cleavage showing. It's not overly revealing but it fits you like you were dipped into it. You know it's my favorite because every time you tried it on, it never stayed on long.

We walk into the party and you introduce me to your boss and a few co-workers. You always draw a crowd around you and I smile because you are definitely in your element. I notice the bar at the back of the room and whisper to you that I will be right back, going to get us a drink.

Two guys are leaning with their back against the bar and I squeeze past them and order our drinks. I can't help but overhear them talking about a women at the party. Typical male talking, can you believe that ass, god what I wouldn't do to see those tits, bet she is incredible in bed. I smile and shake my head, wondering who they are talking about. Then I hear, man, I would rip that red dress of her so fast, she wouldn't know what hit her. Bet she can go all night.

Part of me wants to just turn and punch them right in the face, but the other part of me just laughs. I walk past them and whisper, "she can go all week, and then some." Their mouths drop as I walk up to you, hand you the drink and kiss your shoulder. You're a hit, darling, those guys at the bar want to take turns with you. You look over my shoulder to see who I am talking about and smile. Too bad for them, huh you giggle and kiss me.

We mingle with the crowd for a while. You introduce me to everyone but after a while, all of the names start to blend. You excuse yourself to go to the ladies room and as you walk across the room, every head turns, even the ladies. I look at the two guys and they are watching your every step, shaking their heads. I laugh and think, god, she DOES look great, can't believe how lucky I am.

The dj starts to play some song as you walk back into the room and I meet you halfway. Can I have this dance, baby? "Thought you would never ask handsome", you say smiling. It's a slow song, some older Marvin Gaye song and I put my arms around you. You put your head on my shoulder and the<b> perfume </font></b>just fills my nostrils with that incredibly sexy smell I love. Are they watching?, you ask and I look over your shoulder at the two guys. Five more minutes of this and they will be jerking off all night thinking about you gorgeous. How about when we get home, you let me jerk you for a while?, you whisper. Ready when you are baby I say as I lean to kiss you.

We stay for another hour and then say our goodbyes. The guys are still standing at the bar. We walk past them and I can't help but say, have fun tonight guys, we will. We both laugh as we walk out the door.

We laugh about the party and the guys on the drive home. You are leaning against the door, facing me and I am having a hard time concentrating on the road. You spread your legs to show me you are not wearing panties and start rubbing your self. I start to speed up, wanting to get home as soon as possible. You tell me to slow down, what's the hurry as you lean toward me and undo my zipper. Hey, I would like to get us home in one piece darling, I say but you slide your hand into my pants and slide my cock out. Get in the right hand lane and go slow baby, we don't want to get pulled over now, do we? you say as you slowly slide me into your mouth. You are purposely going nice and slow, teasing me, making me build the excitement but not wanting to finish me, at least not yet. OK, never mind, get us home, I am sooo fucking horney, I can't stand it as you sit back up and kiss my neck.

We pull into the driveway and head into the house. I barely turn the lights on and lock the door when I turn and you are already grabbing my hand leading me up the stairs. We get into the bedroom and you turn and kiss me again, slow, passionately, the way you know drives me absolutely insane. You slide my jacket off, undo my tie and start to unbutton my shirt. You kiss my neck, my chest, my nipple and start to slower to your knees. I do believe it's my turn baby, I say as I raise you back up. I kiss you again as my hand finds the zipper on the back of your dress and slowly slide it down. The dress instantly slides off your shoulders, exposing your breasts. I cup both of them and take turns kissing and licking each one. Your hands are holding my head and you start to make those sounds I love so much. I continue to slide the dress lower, following it with my mouth. It drops around your ankles and you step out of it. I guide you toward the bed and sit you on the edge. I get undressed as you watch me.

You grab a few pillows to prop your head as I drop to my knees. I lift your thighs and put them on my shoulder as I slowly kiss and lick the inside of your thighs. You start playing with your nipples as my lips find that sweet spot. I gently kiss your pussy, teasing you, letting you feel my warm breath, sliding a finger in and out while my tongue enters you. One hand leaves your breast and finds its way into my hair. My tongue slides up and down, repeatedly, slowly, making sure I get every inch of you. œ"God, I LOVE the way you eat me", you whisper. I find your clit with my teeth and very gently bite it, flicking it with my tongue, shaking my head like a puppy with a new toy. You say something that I can't understand, not a real word in English but more of a moan. You press my head hard against you, your legs tightening around my head. I slide my hands under you as to lift you slightly off the bed as I suck your pussy deep down my throat. My mouth starts to fill with your sweet nectar, and I know you are ready for me. I loosen your thighs around me and slowly, ever slowly kiss above your pussy, your navel, sliding my body upward as my lips climb you. I bury my face in your tits, kissing them, licking them, flicking your nipple with my tongue. Still working upward, I find the spot on your neck that makes your toes curl. Your arms are wrapped tightly around me, like you never want to let me go. I lift my head and look into your eyes, those eyes I adore, the ones that let me know how wonderful you think I am. I slowly put my lips on yours as I enter you. Just the tip at first, making sure you are ready to accept me. You are so wet, I slide in easily. You wrap your legs around me, still holding my head in your hands as I start to pump a little faster and deeper. Our lips are still touching, not so much kissing as just resting on each other, breathing into each others mouth.

Suddenly, you push me off of you onto my back and you climb on top of me, sliding me back inside of you. You put your hands on my chest as you grind down hard on me, rocking back and forth. I grab your ass and help guide you up and down my shaft. Your eyes are half closed, glazed as I feel your wetness sliding down me, slowly starting to puddle. I grab both nipples with my fingertips, twisting them gently, as you push your self down hard against me. I can feel your muscles tighten against my shaft as you continue to cum. I just can't believe how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have you in my life. I can't hold it any longer and I start to spurt. This just makes you cum even harder and you tighten against me and press down even harder. I grab your waist and hold you, filling you with my cum, both of our juices mixing and sliding down my shaft. You lean toward me, kissing me softly. "Do you know how much I love you, you whisper". "If it is half as much as I love you, I am the happiest guy on earth, I whisper back. You put your head on my shoulder and we fall asleep with me still inside of you.

BiSussi 63F
1405 posts
1/5/2022 5:07 pm

What a wonderful Xmas party

Thank you for sharing

Oh yes, [post 4433177] to SEX, all I can think about isMaking Babies when I am in love How about you?OVER 30 YEARS of making love without condoms and not once ended up with an STD risk management & being selective, believing in LOVE & not F@&# every nice looking and sounding man does pay off

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

mustluv2kiss replies on 1/6/2022 12:20 pm:
So glad you enjoyed it. Just wish I had the right lady to reenact the story with. I would love to know more about you, maybe I should take a trip

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