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the blog of tara 2112
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More Stylisitic Ramblings.
Posted:Oct 10, 2021 10:01 pm
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2022 1:32 pm
it's and this is my Not Bling OwnerNot Bling Owner Okay gangbangers due the high level of traffic after last posting I'm gonna share a little more of my personal life with you because a lot of you seem be genuinely interested.So heres some more of what makes me tick.Around the time I was fully immersed in the site still, but not seeing Paula much anymore because of serious medical problems she was encountering (angioplasty surgery after a heart attack she suffered)I had moved out of the trailer and was living in an actual house in Bothell. A sleepy aristocratic suburb adjacent to Seattle,that was, despite its smaller size,it's own city.The neighbors must been looking the other way when we moved in.The Mercedes Benz I drove at the time helped me to blend in. I was so ready to live in a structure with lode bearing support and solid walls. More often than not in my trailer the whole place would literally shake from my dance routines I was attempting cam for my show.Not mention the size and dimension wise, was cramped say the least. I mean I was knocking shit over just stretching my arms out put a jacket. I used equate it alot living in a tin can. This was a very large house in a very high end neighborhood that I found myself in. And off the beaten path, it was the last house a dead end street,situated in a cul de sac. Very somber till our arrival . Let's just say we were Delta house. Or if your a "Futurama" fan "Robot house!!!" Lol! A large Lesbian woman lived upstairs,and rented the bottom half to and my two room mates,friends of mine that went way back,and that I was out ,so I could live pretty freely Tara. A male/female hetero couple,that despite our friendship, I was at odds with often.This place was perfect for pretty much doing shows the time,which were getting pretty crazy at that point.Shows dealing with knife juggling and fire. Yeah they were a bit off the rail,me trying top my showmanship each time,but that' a whole other kettle of fish,because around the time I was about to leave my residency of said premises,I met a black girl from Lousianna. New Orleans, to be precise. Her was Vanessa,and she was a sexual freak! She shaved her pussy,loved anal a lot ,and was allways wanting try new things. Finally a woman loved for Tara,the first in a fairly long line.She was a lesbian and wanted be with for my feminine wiles and attributes. She was of small stature,a real "spinner" if you catch my drift! She kind of reminded of the actress Kim Fields that played "Tootie" the 80's television show "Facts of Life." And,yeah I supose i should mention she was 20 years younger than me. We were actually working on launching a couples profile on right before our innevitable split.We lived together for eight or months if my memory serves me correct.First in the Bothell house and then when we werre homless for awhile,living in my van I owned at the time.For a black chick she had the biggest rack... but back on target,sorry.Well make a long story short,( I'll tell the whole story some other time) it did not end well,I'll just leave it at that for now. So i steeped myself back in the scene once more,vowing never again,and loving my single life once more, NSA till the end I proclaimed! That is till I met Jayne,a transgender girl,and for a brief time,my fiance. We met at the adult theatre the one me and teddi ,my sub slut slave from awhile back had went to for the first time. Jayne was fairly new to transitiioning,but had been doing it about a year,and I mis took her for a genetic female when I first saw her. We were basically just FWB for the first few years before we even started dating. I'm gonna kind of gloss over a lot of this part cause' "Crazy Jayne" deserves a whole fucking volume the size of War and Peace! She was also,like Vanessa,20 years younger than me. I almost started taking hormones and was so very close to doing HRT,but after seeing what it did to Jayne,and living with the emotional rollercoaster of insanity for years ,I changed my mind. I convinced myself my body was naturally girlish enough and didnt need descend into the madness that bad. I still want tits bit that's neither nor .Sadly, it ended with Jayne having delusions and getting thrown in jail,running over with a car ,and finally attacking and stabbing .Turns out Janey was not mentally sound. I escaped with my life and decided be single again for awhile. I had been going back square one really,,and getting with different girls/guys, and making my vids,and basically living my love again much like at the start.I always had an affinity for clothes and such.I been dressing since I was ten,and had sisters that would put makeup and dress in girls clothes. and my sisters friends little brother.We were like life size dolls they could dress and do make .Plus sisters provided so many clothes I could kipe when i got into dressing more often.Then when I got married it was my wifes clothes, then my daughters.I allways had accsess to girls clothes. Plus I didnt have a father,and being raised by females, it was inevitable what my fate would be. That,and an older brother allways calling faggott, sissy,etc. There are so many varying factors that made how I am.When I started out i convinced myself that I was a trans lez,cause my ideal woman was a chick with a dick,but I eventually got with guys cause my vids. They were , ,a means an end. Then it was," Well i prefer girls but i wanna suck dick,soooo its just temporary." And then I started thinking some guys were cute. It really fucked with my head and confused the fuck out of me at the time.I fell for a guy I met at the theatre for the first time,and fell hard.I don't know what it was about him but he had this crazy sexual energy that sucked me in. Well he turned out be the biggest asshole.I made this guy cookies even,and he broke my heart.I cried my eyes out my sister,not so much because of him,but the mere confusion that i didnt understand what was happening me emotion wise. Emotions that confused and scared me. I tried deny it for the longest time ,but finally rescinded admit i liked guys and girls and was bisexual not a Lez,and so these days,pretty much everyone's fair game.Then I started lowering my standards for guys age wise and going with guys that were alot older like in theyre fifties and sixties.and finally came the point where i dont know where the line is anymore.Guys,trans ,cds ,shemales,ladyboys,ts,tg,trap,tv,females, female lez ,i even got with a female male once,its fair game and I tell myself just let go and let my heart,common sense,and sense of adventure and lonleliness take me wherever it wanted ...So it has come the point where i am jaded i am wise beyond my years. And far myself? i feel im not a guy or a girl , but a third gender ,my two sexual halves having merged,but I identify more with being a girl . .Sometimes its just an ambiguous I'll go with.Sometimes it's dressed the nines. if you take alot of the psychological factors related to my experiences i should be spiralling into dementia right about now,but I am of sound mind and strong body and i just want to wear my slutty clothes ,makeup,and jewelry,and just be who i am without everyone elses baggage.Jayne was a big inspiration me and helped me come into my own facing the public being dressed and all. I figured if she can do i can too. Also it was nice at that point to have a wing girl . i dislike some of the stigma involved in our world.Gurl instead of and just all the stereo types and just plain dumb innuendos,falsehoods,and just plain stupidity on peoples part. Queer or not,some people just cant be pigeonholed and labled.Theres a cross section of life thats too ambiguous and vague and mentally free of oppression that can't be labled one iota.So when i see all the rooms the site and then this one gender room thats supposed encompass us ? Nope,not happening.Ok,that's good for this post,I hope you enjoyed the ramblings of one bad bitch,and I'll leave the standard ten pics for you peruse,and of course I have mention Tina,my wet pet. She is my present submissive slut slave.She is a genetic female,ummmmm,kind of younger than me which seems be the case when comes my companions,and a Lesbian.She has become a big part of who I am right now and I want you know she in her own way completes whether she knows or not. Love you pet! Last two pics are for you! okay,be back real soon,this I promise

Blow Bang Gang Banger.
Posted:Sep 22, 2021 1:38 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2021 8:20 am
its and this is my Hey gang! It's your merciless Mistress of many splendored things and this post I am going to give you some more insight into just what makes me tick I joined the site in 2012,March I believe ,and when I started out I was a basic member and a no pic for about the first three weeks until after much flattery, compliments, and validation from tons of members I uploaded my first profile pic. To hasten things a bit I will flash forward to present day and cut to the chase and tell you that i do a cam show on here and have thousands of shows under my belt thousands of members i have hooked up with ,friends that have come and gone, thousands of hours in chat ,have uploaded thousands of pics and 76 vids. I'm an exhibitionist, and the site feeds also feeds my artistic expression for gifs I've made ,fashions and looks I've created etc. A lot of people on here know me and have for quite some time. The site has also been a big support system for me as a fledgling T.V, trap, trans, what have you ( I don't like labels} and i have changed a lot over the years Some of my pics are really old and you can see my evolution throughout all the time I have been a member. I used to have a male half and shaved my head and wore wigs. it took me three years to grow my hair out, and now for the most part I am full time. I am out to everyone, my parents, siblings, friends and even my two who are in they're late twenties. I have no other persona. I'm Tara and that's that. I have walked thousands of miles in high heels and have experienced a lot of what other females experience, and have done a complete 360 on how i feel about women, and what I think of them. I am a totally different person now having lived on the other side of my gender. I had always wanted this for a very long time and I never dreamed i would get this far. I've lots of years spending my time hanging around trans friends, CD friends, traps ,sissies, TS,TG's . etc. I have had so many interactions and time spent immersing myself in all things sexually deviant. Well, deviant by society's standards, as I am only doing what I feel is natural .Back when i started here on the site, I was about a month or so in, when I met a trans woman named Paula on Craig's list. Back when they still had the adult personals. I answered an ad for trans and TV's for friendship and maybe more, and a phone call later I found myself knocking on her door. She was the first transgender person I had ever met. A large portly woman answered the door not at all what I was expecting as she had not provided any pics of herself. She had that stereotypical lisp that you see in T.V. and movies. I had primarily come to dress ,and I don't remember exactly how but the next thing I knew she was giving me the best blow job I had ever had. It felt like I was being sucked off by an angel! I was so thrown off and mind blown from the awesome oral activities just moments earlier, that i totally forgot the reason I had come in the first place I got up and started to leave when she said "Well you came here to dress come on let's see what kind of clothes you got in the bag," So I unzipped my gym bag I had brought and proceeded to show her the few sexy garments that I had thus far amassed from several thrift stores, and other various places We started to talk about clothes and as I showed her each article of clothing we started to really click. I also had a few pairs of sexy thigh high colored fishnets that I got from a place that sells overpriced lingerie', vibrators ,lubricants, handcuffs, etc. Back then I wore wigs, and showed her my brunette wig I had just recently purchased and and my other accessories like my heels from famous footwear's clearance shelf, my big lots jewelry ,and various other items. At the time my were living with me and I didn't have a place to dress, so it was very liberating to be in a place where I could dress out in the open, and not be so anxious they might come bursting in unannounced. Ten minutes later I was fully dressed slinking around looking at my self in the different mirrors she had strategically placed about. Finally a gal pal that I could hang out with, and talk about clothes make up shoes and all things femme like i stated that I was for in my profile. Well after a few more visits our friendship grew. And I found myself returning often. She took me under her wing and unbeknownst to me used me as window dressing and slowly made me the centerpiece for her blow bangs she frequently staged in her modest duplex apt. Paula was a cock hound and my presence would guarantee her a steady stream of men that supplied her favorite meal. The unit next to her was vacant and her sister owned the property letting her live there for free. She had a room mate, a friend she knew from back when she started out, and I suspect it was for extra . She was employed as a receptionist at a 's hospital but just did it P/T. I was told it was a party she was throwing, a TV party and a lot of her friends were going to be there, and I would get a chance to meet them. I thought awesome! I only knew one trans and that was Paula, now I was going to expand my friends list big time and was very excited to be invited to such a thing. She usually put them together once a week but after I came along they expanded to two or three times a week and lasted three to four hours , doing nothing but having a train run on me by strangers. I loved it. I took to sucking cock like a duck takes to water. I never did meet any other girls as it was a ruse to get me to show up at the blowbang.Like a lot of girls on here I decided I was a slut!. My role model on here was a CD named Tammy Fellatrix, her byline was will do anything with anybody anywhere any time. She was the queen of sluts and had tons of hot movies to prove it.I knew I'd made it when shed come watch my cam shows and praise me. So I cut my teeth on hot blow bangs, gang bangs, and lots of spur of the moment sex . Paula also had a vast clientele of middle aged men she had built up over the years so it wasn't all random strangers. This one regular named Jay would always bring a bottle of champagne, Paula would break out the glasses, and within a half hour he would be lit, haphazardly spilling his drink on me from above while I was down below, lost in the act of oral delights. Well at the same time i was also on the site ,which, I don't know what site your reading this on, was It really wasn't but the site wont let me tell you what it was. I was hooking up every chance id get. I had weekends off and would hook up Friday nights Saturday afternoons or evenings and Sunday afternoons. I was obsessed with cramming as much sex into any time I wasn't eating sleeping or working ,as I wanted to log as many encounters as possible. Well I am going to put a pin in this and next blog I will recount some more of what I was up to in those early days. Or I might choose a random topic as none of this is really planned . I just kind of pick something at random and go from there. Oh yeah I promised my wet pet I would post a couple of girl cock pics for her as a reward for her obediance and loyalty of late. So the last two pics are for her. Here you go pet dig in. Okay kits and kaboodles check out the visual vicarious pics of pleasure i have bestowed upon thee and pass around and discuss and I'll be back real quick like, this I promise!

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Random Deviant Rainbow Rebound.
Posted:Sep 11, 2021 6:24 am
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2021 8:22 am
hi gang it's and plus its my Hey gangbangers! It's time for some more self servitude and do I have just the pics! But before "show and tell" I would like to address something I said at the close of last post. I mentioned something about Random Deviant White Girls. I thought about it and I DID NOT want it to sound like it had racist connotations of any kind what so ever. Tara Firma loves all colors and creeds. I had a black gf, I have lots of diversified friends, I get with a Latino in Tara Firma gets firmly fucked. .Hell I had a hot hook up last month with a hot Asian "T". Shout out to Min! Holler Min! Anyways I just said random deviant "white" girl cause .......I hate to break it to you folks, but I'm white. I did not mean to exclude any other races, cause' I'm sure there's random deviant black girls, red girls, yellow etc. I did not mean for it to come off as a white girls club clique. Like the Ashlie's from Recess. Or the movie "Heathers" Remember that movie? With Christian Slater? What a Hottie! Anyway I guess I should try to stay on target by saying I am going to amend it to be Random Deviant Rainbow Girls be everywhere. It just doesn't sound as catchy, but oh well I'll try to use both, and see which people prefer. It will be an ongoing social experiment of sorts. And I am not here trying to defend myself, I don't need validation from anyone for anything I know how I feel about the ol' race card issue, and it's a very touchy subject with some but I just wanted to clear the air for anyone thinking of trying to take my term "Random Deviant White Girl" out of context, and going any further with it, I'm firm in my convictions and stand by them, Rainbow Kizzes to all my brothers and sisters. Ok with having said all that I wanted to mention my wet pet, she was the focus of the posting before that last one. I was gonna post some tara tv pics but for my wet pet, I am going to post some more pics from the series I just posted 3 pics onto my profile from . look. For lack of a better term I titled them that because I was trying out some of my patented " looks". It's this thing I do. Anyways pets still a basic and so am I so I have not been able to get her many pics lately and she's been so obedient lately, even in the face of a family crisis she has remained steadfast and vigilant waiting for her mistress like a good obedient pet should. So pet here you go you spoiled thing, but I figure this will keep you wet, so it's a win win. Plus it gives her an excuse to use that giant vibrator she named "Lady Tara". Yes, It's true, it sit's in a glass case as we speak, waiting, gleaming with a glint of maliciousness, delicious maliciousness, the type you just d,,, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, pet work that hot gash for Mistress Tara as you peruse the following files of visual delight! And better bring a box of kleenex or roll of Bounty or something, cause they are hotter than a Mexican's lunch! Ummm a Random Deviant Mexican Girls lunch! So pass the pics around class and discuss and I'll be back real quick like! This I promise!

Random Deviant White Girl be everywhere.
Posted:Aug 28, 2021 1:28 am
Last Updated:Sep 21, 2021 6:40 am
its Tara Firma and this is my

Okay ,why have this bling if you can't use it? So pondering the basic fundamentals rather than the much more obscure and "out there " mainstays of my modern existence in my self created universe and my place in it, I pondered the word diva. Was I or had I ever chose to identify with ,aspire to, or think of my self as the aforementioned word? It is something that I had always compared myself to on an obscure humorous tangent maybe. I recall there was a time when I was doing a lot of selfies pics with me holding my tablet, as the Polaroid tablets camera did not have a timer, or one I could figure out I don't really remember. but I had just started uploading content to the site. Pics and vids, the latter being a result of Paula's weekly blow bangs. When I say weekly, I use the term lightly, as I was pulling two or three a week, any one of which could be five hours long. A veritable goldmine for content to upload to the site in the form of amateur porn vids I was starting string together, from footage of whoever was willing to let me film them that previous week. Ok I'm getting off target, but suffice it say I was living in a trailer in my sisters driveway kind of in between places, and I'd relish the fact that when I was feeling pissy I could proclaim," If anyone want's to debate about this I'll be in my trailer" like some excess driven diva bitch, the remark was taken from. it was the perfect sentiment, because that was where I usually was Just me and my lap top,38 inch big screen monitor, my Polaroid brand tablet for taking my selfies ,my moderately sized wardrobe I had thus far amassed, and Iona, my mannequin ,and cam partner, she was a good listener, and usually giving me the silent treatment, a better presence than any living thing ever could be, no contest. Usually dressed in my look of the week and whatever odd accsessories I'd bestowed upon her that day, and that's about it. I cooked and showered inside my sisters house, so the trailer was in essence my "room". My getaway ,from the rigors and modern foils of life itself, if those walls could talk, OMG some of the hottest cam shows hook ups you name it I did it in the confines of that trailer. White Trash Theatre presents Tara Firma, the classiest of the trashiest, and her silent brooding friend Iona vibrator, and 101 costume changes, and whatever indecent acts that shall be contained within! Or something like that. Well, I am now going to find my way back onto target by saying I had never knew the actual definition of diva I had just heard the word bandied about so much all my life it lost context. Well there are three definitions I believe? So here's the overall definition of the word It's Latin for goddess and can also be used refer a celebrated female singer ,a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera and by extension the theatre, cinema, and popular music. The meaning when referring an actress is closely related that of prima donna. Ok well i am not really on the level of any of that in the sense I'm still kind of a novice when it comes my porn vids they are amateurish at best, so I guess I can not really ever lay claim that word as a title. I mean there's tons of bitches out there calling themselves diva's but come on,, the proof is in the pudding. I mean Cher ,and Madonna come to mind as all time great diva's but don't discount people before that like Ella, and Aretha, and Tina, etc. and I don't get into opera, although I can appreciate the art form, and things like the music of Carmen, Queen, and the way Jeff Lynn intertwined it with the music of E.L.O, and of course the Bugs Bunny cartoon, "What's Opera Doc" but i digress ,I don't know the names of any famous opera singers. But my eye caught something at the tail end of one of the definitions, and that was an example, i t said "she is much more the dedicated maverick than the petulant diva" well that seems to be the opposite of diva, the dedicated maverick. I kind of like the sound of that, it has a nice ring to it. Well if I cant be diva then the next best thing is that, and fuck striving for it that phrase has all the connotations I believe to best describe my work and aspirations over the last 8 or so odd years since I first found myself this odd odyssey. Well I hope my ramblings have been informative of some of my early endeavors. Sometime I plan make a timeline of sorts that will enlighten myself more than anything .So this posting is kind of long but no longer than any of my more recent pieces, I guess with age and experience I just have a lot more to say these days! I have been trying get more of the sluttutivness aesthetic down on paper/computer ,whatever, for posterity. But I have got a bunch of new pics i want to share so my next post after this one won't be too far off I picked the torch back up again and have been trying see how much i can burn up so speak, so btw I have evolved into my next thing, which is i am and always will be Tara Firma, An attraction without a parallel, but I am also one of many of what I call Random Deviant White Girls. and we be everywhere, so maybe your a random deviant white girl too? I know I am and I will see you real soon! the pics this time are from my vacay and this is just one of various shoots I did in various different outfits or lack there of so I plan on trying post a lot more because my contents getting backed so, pass and discuss, ,you know the drill! and see ya soon, this I promise!

All That Glitters Is Not Gold, But It Just May Be a Wet Slut Slave Pet.
Posted:Aug 20, 2021 12:01 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2022 6:01 pm
its me and my Well I usually don't do the kind of post I'm about to do ,well actually looking way back through hundreds of posts I did when I did a special blog dedicated to my past sub slut slave teddi_,bare she's a member on this site still, and you can see vids of me and her on my videos page on my profile, but i digress that's neither here nor there. but my point was one previous time a long time ago I did a post like this ,but not in a long while has someone genuinely touched my life as much as this person did when she came barreling into it at breakneck speed unassuming and unannounced .We met awhile back when I was on vacay and she's a member on this site actually, and loves to leave comments on my pics and movies all the time, usually ,in very descriptive words words to describe just how she feels about me, and I tell her back in innuendo and double entendre how I feel back,lobbing the comment back at her just like we were playing a hot game of ping pong,but with words,if that makes any sense ..We got this kind of comment banter we engage in and I love it Well I love all comments ,but hers especially. I'm not going to tell you her name because I don't know if she would want me to. Well I will tell you what I call her ,she's my pet. My wet pet. My wet slut slave pet in fact. Yes she's kind of my sub, and she would stop at nothing to please her Mistress. I mean this lady's devotion to me knows no bounds. Well we have probably sent hundreds, I don't know maybe thousands of messages back and forth, not to mention as many pics, well at least from my end, but her hotness makes up for the lower quantity on her end but regardless ,what Im trying to convey here is we spend a lot of time together, virtually at least. Well to make a long story short(hah! fat chance of that ever happening) I was telling her that I was wearing a dress I had bought some time back but had not ;worn it in awhile and how i had forgotten how adorbs it was That's gangster slang for adorable btw. and btw is gangster sla....oh never mind i'm going off target, so I gave a very alluring description what I was wearing along with this dress. This dress by the way is soooo cute It's aqua color ,and is very stretchy ,and clingy and just shows off all my assets in the best way, and the brand is BEBE. I own a few other garments by them and its all quality stuff .Well I told her I was going to take some pics and send em' so she could see for herself. Well I been gold for the last three months, I think I paid like 60 bucks for three months and that was about three months ago So yeah, just as I was sending her these pics ,wouldn't you know it I noticed I had let my gold run out. Well my wet pet was heart broken .Here I got her all worked up on the description of me in said garment ,and now I couldn't deliver the goods. Well me being the attention that I am could not let this stand. So I wracked my brain and well ,it was actually a no brainer neither of us are gold we are both basics. me a basic slut /mistress, and she a basic wet slut slave pet. But one things basics can do is read the blogs of site members. So I had this idea to surprise her with this special post just for her my wet pet. So without further stalling here are those pics I couldn't send you pet you mean a lot to me and all subs deserve a reward every now and then from they're Mistress .I am a harsh ,but fair Mistress. And you have earned it with your undying devotion ,and pure heart. So enjoy baby girl, may they make you the wettest pet on the whole set! You know if we were making a porno and we were on set. Anyways I'm sure all you passerbys and onlookers and plain old watchers and followers of my blog will enjoy them too. So pass em' round and discuss, oh I also threw a pic of me showing off my new handcuffs I just recently procured from the local sex shop .Theyre Jim Dandy! Okay I will be back real soon cause I have tons of new content I have been wanting to share with you,vacay pics, screen shots from the show etc etc,so tc,stay sexy and see ya soon,this I promise!

A hot town in the old time tonight!
Posted:Jul 2, 2021 3:02 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2021 11:31 pm
So the last time I was here I promissed I was gonna talk about the theatre next post so here we are next post so I guess I gotta recall what was so special that night. Well for one it was a few literal years since I had gone. I think the last time I had gone was the time Jayne was in hood canal for the fourth of july! and I joined her down there a week after she'd left,but not before visiting the theatre on my own. I walked many miles in high heels that night ,and ummmm wait did I forget all the bling stuff? Ok hold a tickill get something goingand a nice big artsy pic here whoops lesbians close enough i spose Ok so I walked all the way to the theatere at like midnight alone in heels because I was craving the hot action of anon sex. Well tom let me in for free but soon recanted his offer and 86'd me for life lets go back a min and let me talk about the theatre. Now some people have pre concieved notions about the theatre. Well theyre all different animals. For one due to popular belief this one did not have glory holes. I've never had the pleasure of visiting or engaging in one but not for lack of trying ,but a lack of said hole. They just don't have em' here. Theyre illegal I believe but thats neither here nor there. Christ I can tell I'm rambling allready stay on target Tara. So let me describe this one Well its in the basement of a place called hollywood erotic video they sell overpriced lingerie' and sex toys and of course rent xxx vids you pay your admission upstairs its like 12 bucks or something and you go to the back part of the store go through this door which leads to an outside stairwell you go down the stairs and at the bottom theyres a door you go in and its like most basements in that the floor is cement its dark except for the light coming from porn on big screen tvs they got one main room thats decent sized,and another room next to that and as you go into that next room i just mentioned you go past a third lil room with a big screen tv with trans porn then kitty corner to that away from the second room is a fourth smaller room with gay porn on a big screen so every room has a big screen and lots of metal folding chairs all over . I see girls like me there once in awhile,but its usually guys and ocassionally females but theyre pretty rare or are with theyre bf's and some of the guys are only cruising other guys so theyll just ignore you but i dont really approach people if they think your hot theyll come to you sometimes theyre shy and theyll come sit next to me and are afraid to say anything so i gotta say hi and kinda be agressive and get the ball rolling and then theyres the guys who will just grab your ass and start feeling on you and molesting you with out even saying hi its a real mixed bag but ive had a dick in each hand and two in my mouth many times i been fucked 69d ive fucked etc etc you name it . it can be pretty awesome if your a slut,which I am yeah some people are respectfull and mind theyre own buisness but others like to watch from a distance voyeurs , but yeah its four diff rooms with action going on in all of em, ,i was in a three way w me my ex gf a trans girl and a cd and it was so hot peop,le were filming it on they're phones So yeah this theatre is one of a kind that's for sure. I used to have a bunch of stuff I filmed there that I was working into a short black and white documentary film about the place but the footage got lost when my comp crashed so maybe again someday. IDK that was a lot of footage lost but anyways so that's the theatre so now my next part of the post will tell you I started out kinda slow but it mos def picked up this last time quick. I got with a and gave him oral while his ho was out making him money. And small world he knew Domidani and Paige early site friends I havn't seen in so long. I got with Sergio when I ran into him outside and helped him sneak in. He's that BBC guy Jayne introduced me to and stars in my vid friends of T. So it was weird i told Sergio what had happened with me and Jayne a few years back and he was stunned he said "you two were insepperable" Yeah till stabbing do us part! lol anyways I hung with Sergio made a few new friends saw old ones it was a regular fuck basement bargain bin blow out! I hadn't been in years well that takes me back to Tom 86ing me a bullshit move on his part fuckin prick! So when I went i didn't know if he'd remember that? or? Well im getting there! He thankfully was no longer employed there which was like OMG? really? Yay and Yah Fuckin Hoo! Everybody hated this guy! Well that's another story for another time I've gone kinda long this post and I hope you can follow and pick up what I laid down I'm sure i'll gotta proofread and edit ad infinitum but oh yeah I got brand new pics from last nights shoot. I'm currently writing this aka typing in the crown motel the shit stains of motels. I'll wax nostalgic about it sometime but this time just one simple awesome hook up w looking4fun I told you about him last time the Ballard guy and no theatre i gotta drive back to Moses in mere hours so im gonna post those pics and then i gotta pack. I got me some wild wild life fo sho! seeya gang bangers! adidas oh yeah pass and discuss You see? The theatre post was a wholle blog post in and of itself,nailed it!

Posted:May 25, 2021 7:53 am
Last Updated:Feb 21, 2022 1:14 am

Ok I think thats enough bling. I used write with bling letters but as I get older,It's just too much time.You have to post each letter as its own seperate bling,and if I'm trying to write Tara firma' dirty sexy slut blog blog,well that's hella letters,and i have just been of the mindset latley to manage my time a little better.So I have got to apologize for not posting sooner.It hadn't been too long,but I just had too much on my plate,and had to take prioritys.The blog I do for fun,so,,,Hey,how come fun is never a priority? I't shou;ld be, I submit. But then things would be even more fucked up than they allready are,so ,I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere,I just don't give a fawk So, having got all that bitching out of the way,I shall proceed.I don't even know where begin. I don't believe I blogged after my month vacay last feb,so thats a whole other kettle of fish.So I'm gonna leave a gap in the timeline,cause I Like to live in the now! LOL I'm Just playing..But yeah all the stuff that's happened this week v.s last month, I got more deviant sex with so many different people in one week that I hardly matched it in one month in Febuary .Weird how things work out some times, Yes just this last week I got with the guy I had gotten with last month. This guy is definitly one of the most genuine people ive never met.Hes mos def in a class all of his own. The class of....class.Or having class,or being know what I mean. Yes very awesome love making all times,especially the last time.. And I hooked up from the site again with a girl named Kaye. Now. I have known Kay for a real long time. We go way back to a time when I was making my videos at Paula's so she's been around for a awhile. And shes been on the site way longer than I have,but regardless I was going hook up with her and. we kept missing each other, So later ,were taking in chat and she brought it up. She said "Tara we should make a vid".And I told her if we made a vid it'd definitly go viral. One thing led to another and she was very serious about hooking up this time,So I kinda pushed her into it,hoping that yes shed come by. Well I got 41 mintes of some of the hottest 69'ing ive been able to capture in a while. The last being my gf and co star Annabelle In "stara 69",my 69th video.. I'd like to thank Kaye here on my blog for reachingout to me and letting me make her a star! LOL The star of a lot of horny older married perv's wet dreams that's for damn sure! We love you Kaye! And then right before Kaye ,I met a guy from my old neighborhood of Ballard off the site.I had known him for awhile,having spoken with him via the IM,letters,and chat ,So it was another "hey ;s been too much time missing windows" and ",were gonna move heaven and earth if we have to to line up some windows.So, much like Kaye, he made an effort to come all the way to me.So kudos lookin4fun,and not the candy bar! lol I know that is a stupid old dated joke,but I still get a chuckle,ummm did I say chuckle? Sorry folks I have this sneaking suspicion age is creeping up on me. I find myself saying stuff my grandma used to say,like the expression,"sheesh" .like jinx the cat or something.But in my nind she predated him.Ok I'm getting off topic,I know. So before fun and I were done, Kaye showed up,and did her makeup and clothes while we finished. Yeah it was some tignt timing, just like I had kind of kinda planned. I was trying to manaage my time better beacause I only had a week And then,llets see Chris 3 times ,fun,Kaye,Rikki allmost came down,but had some rikki luck befall her like most often does involving her sons car and her phone.and of course a random motel.And a hit on me,we had a kind of a slut rapport between us,her and I did, and flirted back and forth I told her I was low on funds,I wasn;I just didnt want to tell her it was because she's a dirty .But a nice one nontheless. And very pretty,mm she reminded me of my ex gf vanessa ,i think that;s why i was checking her out subconciously,and she had the coolest pair of fishnets on,with this colorful glitter imbedded in them,I was almost gonna try and barter with her for them they were so damn cute.And the third in line not hook up with me was the front desk guy at the motel I stayed In .That guys got it bad for me,But he's just not my type,and is a really a neat guy He told me he was gay right out of the gate.Which i thought was odd,cause I'd never met him before but thought well i tink hes prolly crushing on me But ,I think he just likes guys.Well the final icing on the cake was the theatre on Saturday night.That's gonna be next posting cause It's a whole blog post in and of itself.So this post was kinda different than my last postings as Tara Firma,in the sense that i wasnt as jokey and making the sexual slut puns,and what not,I figured I' try and just be myself which is real,and I'm trying to show you the other side of the coin than the one you allways see here. well I gotta get a llot of stuff done,take care ,stay sexy,and rainbow kizzes! -Tara Firma Oh yeah i forgot I'm gonna post some brand new pics,pass em' around and discuss, youknow the drill ciao!

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Serendipity Doo Dah!
Posted:Nov 30, 2020 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2020 1:11 pm
Hi again all my Tara biters out there it's your secret friend Tara Firma aka tara 2112 here once more to revel in some more of my self inflicted self servitude by serving up some more of those new fangled star spangled,soon to be bang holed,,,,ummmm where was I going with this again? Oh yeah i got some more tara tv screen shots to show ya! Yes im up to show seventeen now and things are going swimmingly in the ol' ocean of motion that is my everyday standard.I've kinda gone through all the screenshots and curated what i think are some of the best shots from various shows I've got under my belt thus far.At least the more recent shows I've done in 2020.For pics of past shows check out older posts on this blog and my profile pics. Okay,okay I'll stop running my mouth for one sec and present to you without further adieu,........those screenshots chilax take a load (mmmm load)off and peruse these miracles of modern technology! Okay I gotta bail but will be back quick as a rocket,any one of which I jiust may have in my pocket! This I promise! Rainbow kizzes!

Back in the Saddle,
Posted:Oct 30, 2020 8:11 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2020 9:16 pm
Hi of you Firma followers out there! This is your good friend Tara Firma back for some more self servitude. Sorry its been quite awhile since my last post. I got caught in life and of its many splendor! Well Ol' Tara's going solo again as things didn't quite work out between and my girlfriend Jayne, So what's a single girl do? Well why not a show? It had been some time since i last cammed but took to it like i had never left! I"m camming in yet another new room yay! And as luck would have it, i just happened to garner some screen shots of said show that ill leave for you to check out, I"m allready show 7 so its going like gang busters! Or gangbang busters which kinda sounds hot! but I"m getting way off track i digress. So heres those pics, pass em" around and discuss class and I"ll be back quick as a rocket! This I promise

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now thats what I call a blog post!
Posted:Jun 21, 2018 12:39 am
Last Updated:Jun 17, 2021 3:34 am
Not Bling Owner Not Bling OwnerNot Bling Owner Yes it is I,your secret sexual degenerate Tara "firm wear"Firma, aka tara21,with another one of my sexy, sultry,warm,and wet,(and a lil slippery,mmmmmm)blog post hole things! Ive been very busy what with my new girlfriend Jayne, and still trying get pics and vids and fresh content and what not. So anyway you know Jayne from the handfull of vids of mine shes appeared in,plus we've cammed a few times and its a match made in ummmm somewhere hot! Its gone very well so far,as we have a good rapport and Jayne has big breasts,so everyone wins.Well I thought for this posting I would throw some screen shots from the Tara Firma show out there let you get a kind of feel of the dynamic we both present. ,She's a sharp cookie! But we really do make a good couple,that's evident right outta the gate! Yes she just may be that one parallel I may have,damn we go good together! So lets light this candle! Here are screen shots of me and my baby doll Jayne! Pass em" around and discuss,I will be back real quick like,this I promise!

Sounds like it looks.
Posted:Jan 30, 2018 2:50 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2021 1:20 am
Hi friends and lovers it is I,your malevolent facetious maiden of ceremonies Tara "one of four sisters who can raise a few blisters" Firma,coming to you once again through this new fangled net .com thing they got goin"! Sorry I haven"t posted in a few,been real busy with my vids,work,and other projects.Plus I needed a break after that whole"this girl that I know" thing. But I could not be kept away from my adoring public for one second longer!. Iv'e brought along a few screenshots to show you and a few odds and ends and what nots. Why? Because my public should not suffer because of my lazyness and be shortchanged and deprived of images of their favorite Diva,that which is... she ...of the Firma.....or something to that effect. So without any further delay on my part I give you...blah blah blah, you get the gist of it. enjoy! Be back real soon,this I promise! oh yeah I almost forgot the whole header,here you go,sorry,Kizzes!

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Nine? Yes! It's part 9 of girl!
Posted:Nov 22, 2017 1:56 am
Last Updated:Aug 11, 2021 3:17 am
Hi gang! I usually don't post so close together like this but I wanna get this thing in the can as soon as possible.It's been a long and arduous process,and I had no idea it was gonna take this many installments to finish this thing.Nor did I realise the immense task I was taking on.I mean the screen shots and then rendering of said screenshots.etc,has kept me quite busy with this thing.Also I never removed the watermark,so I had to open each shot in paint to edit that out,and then rendering issues that forced me to change the artwork half way through...but I digress ,I really should have thought this thing out a little more before.... oh well that's neither here nor there,always one to finish what I started (which I believe is a noble attribute...just saying} I've stuck by this thing and am gonna see it to the end!!! Okay light girl,lights!!! Let's finish this bitch!!!

yay it's part eight of girl!
Posted:Nov 21, 2017 9:20 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2017 1:00 am
Hiya gang! Thanx for being patient this things almost over! I'm proud to announce the film "This girl that I know" that this whole thing is derived from is not only on FB now but also you tube! Just punch the title into the search engine over there. Okay,lights!


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