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I m HIS..  

totalbottom50 55M
0 posts
1/22/2022 9:56 pm
I m HIS..

I just got fucked , bye the biggest dick ever inches long and so big around U can't even wrap my hand around . And dominating he said everything ridht. He even slap's my ass right.
[After he finished fucking me he tell.'s take off the rest om my underwear and come with him! so I remove the bra and come with him. I can feel his cum running out of me.He say's and leeve you underwear right and you will not move them. I stoll can not get up. He fucked me so good I can;t hardly move..I think I been fucked by the biggest dick ever.He slap's my ass again. he say's now get up and come. and he ment . I get up and follow him in the kitchen,The first thing he say's now lean over the table and spread you're leg's wide. So I do as told, I feel two finger's in me and then three. Pretty soon his whole hand is in me. I moan it ocure's to me his dick is a big around as his arm.I didn't think he that big!! He telkl's me from now on end you will make you're responce's me in this way yes no and from here on else you will ask get dress unless I say different. He jam's his hand in deep. Do you understand ?? I say yes . Yes!!!!! I screem ias I cum . and cum hard a large load come out so much left a paddle on the floor. He say's now get on down and clean up and use you're mouth and at had better be spotless. He pull's out his hand and I lick all up. As I'm doing that I hear him zipp up. He tell's me come with me do you anymore pantie's ?? I go sure a whole bag full of clothes. He say's well get them and put on a towel around you're waist.I go get a towel and wrap around and get the bag with all the stuff bra and pantie's and a few night shirt's and gown's and a doll. I come back in and give him the bag full of pantie's thong's and bra's. I stand and tell's remove the towel and wait until I'm told to do something.I drop the towel and say "yes".
I'm standing naked. Well let's see what you brought he open's up the bag and pull's out a white see thru bra now isn't this nice and 's inside the bag and pull's out a pair of pink thong's and he say's well i know what you're wearing then next time you put on anything.I will make sure of that. I just grin and down at the floor I not going say anything with his cum still dripping out of me.
He say's well since you are so sub I guess i should be real dominate ? I answer well i should and then big slap a cross my ass. He say's I told to answer me one way understand and he asap's my ass again. I go yes. I going say something else but I just kept my mouth shut. He goes "From here on end you will answer yes I give you and ocasule no but I will tell when that is. I say "yes" now is the you will me and has be a for you. I thinking hole but is long I decided you will be called cum nothing else just cum I will call you cum sponge when I you. And you will call me big dick or just big when is someone else under stand I say yes big dic is alway's come down big dic I niot going say anything still consider his cum is still runing out of pussy. well I guess his pussy be truth full with my self. I am his and is no other way say . I am sub and I like yhat way.He say's "I the next two day's off do you anything do? I answer "No nothing". And I honest no work I going do my clothe's. But since I going be naked anyway really not be nothing. getting dar "well I"m getting hungry do you eat ? "yes' How about some taco's ? "yes' He throw's me the thong put those on. I put on the pantie's and place the dick I a penis is two inch's very . I guess I should describe my self. I am 5'8 tall a 40 inch cest with b titie's a 38 inch wast and 40 inch hip's. Im not but not large either.I pull up the I say will be any thing else He say's bend over . I bend over and he slap's my ass a whole bunch of time's He say's now stand up and follow me .And you will be quite from here on end. I whimper a bit and just stand up my ass is red and has his hand ark's on it.
'He goes outside i follow. JHe stop's and say's Oh you will need a shirt or blouse. A top at anyway. He goes in and he come's out with t shirt. And i mean just barley cover;s my tit's. And i mean barely if i lift up my arm;s or move real fast i am on display he 's me like that.With the shirt on I follow hum down the stair's .And we get into his van, A big green one with window's think fully they all curtin 's they let light thru but you can't see. He say's take off the pantie's and the top when you are with me you will be naked unless I tell you different. No matter what!
I set and do not say anything just be quite and nuge. He must a subversion clothes. At least someone like me wearing them. Hw tell's me bend over the littlu table in between the seat's . I'm bent over my ass right for him as he stick's in his first four finger's. all the way in. I just moan .. He drives a way out into the country he pull's over and get's out and come's to ny door open's and say's get out. I step out and I just stand . He close's the door and open's up the back and get's in a moment latter he say'y well get in and close the door. I climb in and stand . He tell's me get on my knee''s and suck him off and just listen what he got say. I get down and take out his dick and start suck even soft is big. He start's get into . he say's now let's set I get out and sqautsome rule's. Mo more game's I will be you're master but is a few thing's I expect of you ! I will demand is just a few thing's one is you;re two you will alway's do what I say no matterv what. That mean's waer or do anything.Well i guess short I thought this going be longer. Now you're answer is you will turn around and be ready get fucked. I turn around and stick my ass up. He get's behind me and slap's my ass and he stick's his dick into me. And I almost cum imediatly a few thrust and I do cum I geuss when I cum I must of squeez him right be cause he cum also and I can feel him pump into me must of been a gallon . I just stay and he pull's out slap's my ass and say's Get out and llet all drain out, and squat bye the van and let him drain out of me. when done I stand up and get back into the van . He goes now bend over and face the front. I do as told and he shoves into me a huge burr plug. Now from here on you're end you will alway's thing in you. at all time's. Now get into the front and be quite.I climb in and be quiet I can feel my as hole throbing deep inside me. I will get the food and yhou just cover you're penis and wait. He drives the taco shop and climb out now wait and I will be bac He disapear inside . I can see thru the mirro and he orser's and stat's talking someone. After a lille bit I see him come out but is someone following him. They come the van on dither side the door's. The guy climb's into the back and I feei my underwear thown to me And he say's put these on. I pull up the pantie's past the butt plug and put them on.and sit down like he say's.
he guy say's from the back "hi i'm jack ' now come back here and get me off. I top him and he say's well get into the back and get done' I climb into the back and get on my kneee's and just suck hyim off he shoves his cock into my mouth holding on to my head and cum's deep into my throut. and all I can do is swallow he so deep into my throut. he finally let go of me and I cough and say thsnk you I really ment itas I gasping for air.
I turn around and say Is anything you me do?' 'You will do anything that jack's ' I feel my pantie's pull thye side and feel his cock go deep inside me And I mean deep all the way his base . He stay a couple of minutes and I almost cum from he start's pumping in and out of my pussy
. He 's me for a couple of minutes and I cum into my pantie's.and a litle bit he cum's into me. He pull's out and say's "just pull over here and let me out" He pull's over and you sure is alot of fucking do yet.' He say's 'no need I got off into this bitch'. A couple of more time's and would be just air. He get's vout and hr lean's in the door with my ass open the world 'I'm still dripping cum his and mine. I will be over later the bitch some more. talk you later.
He shut's the door and start's walking away My master say's " take off the pantie's and clomb up here!I pull off the pantie's and climd up into the front. The front seat has a towel on I sit down and at him and ask's' something you ask?' I go will you be sharing me all the time?
He says' sure any time I see fit. you are mine or wear anything I see fit&quot.
He say's 'You wull do anything I and there will be no questtion's about it . At all.I just sit there and ask to my self he just said. I his and he is the boss of me . I will like it or be gone well there is no clothes should I just to leave an d atleast I understand my place in the role i'm suppose to do.WE pull up to hs place he say'g 'get out and go to her front door and wait for mr I will get the food and drink's. I go up to the front door ad the butt plug is still in me . He come's up and unlock's the door and tell'smewell git in and git down on the floor and you can not remove you're self from the floor on you're knee's from here on end and I mean youu're end . If you get up with out my permission. I will beat you're ass.And you will alway's have you're ass pluged or covered up at all time's unless I tell you differant. you can move around the house but it will alway's be on you're knee's . and to make the point he swat's my ass as he say's it.And you will do what I noi matter what!!! after a bit a couple of month on my knee's he told me I can gat up and walk around I must of suck his dick a hundred time's in the because I at the right height. I had so much cum in me I swear schlosed . but even when I could git up I bent over all the time. Taking his dick but I not mad sore but not mad he would fuck me and I wou7ld cum and not judt cum it would be real hard I mean I could barely move after he would finish in me.
One time I cum and couldn't move at all I just roled over and laid ther I couldn't do anything else. And eould he fuc I alway's had a butt full of cum leaking out of me.He let up on the butt plug he said I open for him all the time.He even ler me wear a dress lateer on he would ocasionaly make me gat naked but after awhile he just let me wear one all the time, Un less we were fucking I naked and there no other way about it.And I mean nothing what so ever I going to be naked Weather it a blow jod or just jacking him off or fuckibg and boy thrtr a lot of that .He would sink his cock in and I would cum and cum I think I would have cum a third time but he cum.!! I must be some kind of slut because I would cum with him fucking me. He would stick his dick in and I would cum not just once in awhile but every time I started to love it when we would fuck with just the thought of him fucking me I would get hard and leak cum. I a total slut for him after a little while I was naked he tello's me to be ready tonight to just wear the see thru dress when you put a light behind it you can really see everything.. I wonder were we are going so I clean the house and wash up and shave not a hair on my body. I put on a little<b> perfume </font></b>and the dress. And in the light you can see everything. He come's home and say's 'you look good, now let's go.' We go out to the van Get in and leave going out to the country we come to a place with a house and a few cabin's I can see some of the guest are naked and the other one's are dressed and there is male and female slave's just getting drink's or what ever they want.He tell's me to get out take off my dress and put it in the seat and just wait for him.I do as I am told. He come's around and place's on my penis a and ball's a loop that tighten's up with just a little tug. He say 'now you will do any command that you are told from the other master's there will be no exption's on this. you will do everything that is wanted of you.
He walk's over to the party and say's hi to everyone with me in tow.
I just stand there and one of the guy's say's since everyone is here we can get our clothes to wear.they all get up and grad a green smock off of the wall.And put it on there slave's and it's fitted it judt cover the middle of everyone. So were all covered of sort's and there is a couple loop's down each side for something.The outfitt even made my small tit's look bigger.Now go to the pen and we will call you as we want.we all go in and taik amongst out self. I go I hope there well be some kind of entertainment A small good looking woman say's oh there will be us. Oh I see you are with him? I go yeah he's my master. Yeah he was mine for a little bit but we brook up . toward's the end he become real controling I couldm't do anything because he took all of my clothes away.If someone came over or to repair something I was naked.And he could cum a hugh amount and every time there was so much of it I would have to let drain out. But he could fuck I think I cum every time.front or rear. Yeah me too. He just stick's it in and I cum not a bad deal teo or three time's a day.If he want's me to be naked I will be. And he will come home and check on ocaision. So you do what he want's no matter what it is. He is controllong and dominating as you can tell. He come's in to the pen and remove's the leash and choker from my person and leeve's After awhile one of the master's say's now put you're arm's thru the loop's on you're sides.we all do it now you will go to you're master and he will securerrR you up. we all go out and get in front of our master. He turn's me around and take's the strap's and pull's and latch's them to the back. And he pull's up the top loop's he say's well there is alot loop's for securing you to anything.Well now come over here and lean over in front of the railing I lean over and while he is locking me to it say's in hush tones you will be fucked by everyone here one by one and there is nothing you can do.He stand's up and laugh out laud and he grab's some lube and stick's his finger's in to me.WE are tied to the railing with our ass out I am not embaressed I have been naked all of this time. WE all just wait for the master's to decide when they want to fuck us.And when it started you couldn't stop them. at first they all stuck there dick's in to us and then they would rotate to each one of us just stick it in and move to the next person And on and on he started to cum one by one and they would cum where ever they finished at , there was one gril she must of cum in her four time's just cum running out of her And we was so lose that everyone was leaking out of our ass.I know most of us are leaking cum. and we are all lose and open stretched out.They moved us around the pen then after we were all fuck as much as they wanted to. they let us up and back in to thr pen.I was glad to stand up for a little while. And the girl was brought in and we started to talk some more.WE were going to get the fucking of our live's and they didn't lye. yes I think i couldn't have taken one more.We all just let out a sigh of relief. but we can not be done we still have to go to the cabins and perfrom for our master's.tomarrow we will be sore! Oh I did not think of that.And if I remember each cabin has a bed and a pully system.So we can be trussed up anyway that he want's to be. He like's to tie me up and make's me face the wall strung up with my ass out.

>>!....have a great night

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