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Triple (or More) Your Success on the Site!   by Lisa Chavez with Justron9000

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"We are not all Brad Pitt, so you have to bring something else to the table" --Justron9000.

We love reading Justron9000's short, witty comments (with the after kick) on our member-driven Advice Lines (scroll down the left-hand column of the magazine to find them). We were curious to know if participating in the Advice Lines might have improved his success on the site, so we decided to interview him and find out. Even WE were surprised at the numbers. Here's our interview:
--- What are your goals on Adult FriendFinder?

JUSTRON9000: I am wife shopping here. Before I meet that person, I’m looking for women who are as equally depraved in mortal fortitude as I am. I’ve had a great deal of success on both fronts. You're one of the more frequent contributors to the Magazine Advice Lines currently. What do you like about the Advice Lines?

JUSTRON9000: I love the Advice Lines. There are so many people who I agree and disagree with. There are people who ask really good advice questions to the members. Then there are the people who come home after last call and feel a need to post questions. I like those questions best. Since there are members from all over the world, every hour seems to have its share of last call participants. Some people say the Advice Lines is addictive. How would you describe the experience in your own words?

JUSTRON9000: Lets see... I get up in the morning and open the laptop cover. The screen comes on and it is right where I left it, on the Advice Lines. I check for new questions, before and after I shower. During my lunch break I check, then again after work... Yeah, I’d say it's addictive. I have found myself check the Advice Lines while in my car, on my cell phone. Have you made any friends through your postings on the advice line? Do people ever email your profile as a result of your comments?

JUSTRON9000: I get lots of email from my Advice Lines comments. Lots of thumbs up, and a few thumbs down. But, hey, if they are respectful, who cares, I love the attention. I have been invited to join a number of groups because of my Advice Lines participation. That has really led to meeting the friends that I will know for life. I have met three women who simply wanted to talk more about something I posted. So, we met...
and one thing led to another... You have a great, wry sense of humor. I love when you asked to see the Cliff notes for someone's very long post. As a participant and observer of the goings on at Adult FriendFinder, what things particularly strike your funny bone?

JUSTRON9000: Me. I strike my funny bone. I try to say what I think everyone else wants to say, but won’t. Then I like to come back the next day and see if I hit the group’s consensus, or if I’m standing out there alone on my own. There are so really cool responses from lot of the other members. However, I think some of them take themselves too seriously, or use way too many words to answer a question. Heck, it doesn’t take 4,000 words to tell someone, don’t cheat on your spouse. With the same sense of humor, you've fielded racially based questions and relationship questions. Have you ever read anything that surprises you in these areas?

JUSTRON9000: I remain surprised that people come to the foremost Adults and Swingers site and get bent out of shape because someone wants to try something different. People continue to call other members racist if they post anything related to race. People have preferences in what they like. Me, I like black hair. Some people have life experiences that have caused them to form opinions about large groups of people. If these people state a racial preference based on life experiences I don’t think it is fair to pull out the Racist Card on them. Choices or preferences based our experiences are not the same as ignorant prejudice. So, when some one comes on and says I’d like to meet white, black or what ever, I don’t think that makes them a racist. I don’t like blond hair, what does that make me? Is there a way you might say that your participation in the Advice Line has improved your success on the site?

JUSTRON9000: The Advice Lines totally changed my batting average. I had gone about a year and a half and had met 2 people. I’ve been in the advice lines for about 6 months now and have had "first contact" with 11 members. There is no doubt about it, the Advice Lines have put me out there. What kind of success have you had overall in terms of reaching your goals?

JUSTRON9000: Well, I’m not married yet, but I’m having so much fun that I’ve kind of put that on the back burner. Besides, would it really be fair to stick some one with me, for life? Where on the site do you think the most action happens?

JUSTRON9000: I guess that depends on what "action" you are looking for. I spend a lot of time in the two groups "The Likeminded Ones" and "Frankengroup." These people are my friends. However, it seems like I meet my buddies as a response to the Advice Lines. I have to tell you, it’s a lot easier to respond to the e-mails than it is to shop around with cupid settings. I’ve tried the chat rooms, but heck, they all type too fast for me. What do you think the secret to success is on the site? (Even we're trying to figure this out).

JUSTRON9000: For me, it was taking off my mask and just being myself. What kind of question can you simply not resist responding to?

JUSTRON9000: Poorly written questions by people who are just trying to gain points. Those folks are walking around with a target on their backs. They are easy to spot because that person has usually posted about 5 or 6 questions in a row. It is apparent that they posted their best question first. It's usually a good question, but scroll down the list and there is a plum waiting to be picked. (If not picked on.) The answer will be obvious to all. It's just a matter of answering it with the first thing that comes to your mind, before you filter it with political correctness. Would you say the Advice Line is a community? If so how would you describe that community?

JUSTRON9000: We are a collection of some of the smartest, coolest people I have ever met. Especially, many of the people I just don’t agree with. You've posted one question, which was also very funny, especially the sour grapes joke [that got you in trouble -- but I probably won't print this part -- YOU SHOULD]. [So we did.] Do you feel that some people go to the Advice Line to post questions while others go to post answers, or do people generally do both?

JUSTRON9000: I think after a while most people gravitate to one side or the other. I’ll post questions in the groups, but for the most part, I am a respondent. I posted a question in the Advice Lines once and the ladies promptly boxed my ears. A lot of people here think I’m a smart ass, so they saw it as a chance to make sure that I took, as well as I give. Hey, call me a pig, just do it with respect please. They were respectful. I love the Advice Lines ladies. People often complain that they feel there are no "real" people on the site. As an advice liner, how would you advise them to find the "real" people?

JUSTRON9000: Real people tend to be in the places where too many people lurk. If you are reading the Advice Lines, but not posting, no one knows you are there. If you don't talk in a Chat Room or a group, it is just mental masturbation. You have to get your face and personality out there. You can not leave it to your profile alone. People will go to your profile if you strike their fancy in the Advice Lines, the Groups and the Chat Rooms. We are not all Brad Pitt, so you have to bring something else to the table. You have to give them a reason to want to go and look at your profile. What would you like to say to people out there who don't know about the Advice Line?

JUSTRON9000: Hey people: "We’re Over Here!!!!" and try to format your questions at about two in the morning after a really wild night. What would you like to say to your fellow advice liners?

JUSTRON9000: Ha ha, I got to do this interview.