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A Hand in the Bush: A Review
by Miranda Alvarez

A Hand in the Bush The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting Greenery Press This book is as fun as the Vagina Monologues -- you get to read the word "cunt" over and over on every page. Author Deborah Addington does not believe in technical language; nor will she stoop to using euphemisms. In other words, a cunt is a cunt is a cunt. And Addington's book tells you all you need to know to get a fist into one, and then, more interestingly, how to get it out. For example, we are told that after an orgasmic fisting session, the vaginal opening can form a seal around the fister's wrist. A sticky situation to say the l

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Ma goodness - what size of pussy (no: cunt, cunt!) do they
Fun reading about the emergency room freak show -hahaha!
Ok, if they had a baby before, then I can understand it.
All in all: not for me, freaks, thanks, noooooo!

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Met a gal who had worked up to fisting-- she said it wasn't

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wow. that is somethign i havewanted to try on a girl. might
get the book, you definately make me want to buy it just because
of its content.

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I think I would love to have that done but have to read on exaclty
how I might go get the book!

pliskin 45 M
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I'll have to see if the libary has a copy lol